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OCED 5483: Digital and Virtual

VR Research Articles Presentation

Carissa Foster Riser

OCED 5233: Advanced Instructional
Procedures PowerPoint Slide

The Potential and Uniqueness of Virtual
Environments for Education

by Leslie A. Bennett

The purpose of this article was to describe the unique
characteristics of VEs that make them an effective
venue for online learning. These characteristics include:

Virtual Reality for Interactive Training: an
Industrial Practitioner’s Viewpoint

by Robert Stone

This article explores the uses of virtual reality in
training situations.

The purpose of this article was to review some of the
human performance results to emerge from the
academic and commercial application of VR

Stone begins by drawing attention to a study done by Fletcher (1996) in which
he showed that the use of “interactive multimedia instruction” resulted in
impressive performance figures, which suggest an improvement in
attainment from the 50th to 75th percentile.

In fact, other studies show that when compared to conventional delivery
techniques, computer
based instruction is associated with a reduction of
about 30% in the time required to achieve course objectives.

In more recent studies of VR simulators where trainees are learning to
maintain and repair equipment using simulated equipment compared to
actual equipment, performance improvements from the 50th to 66th
percentile were reported.