2.05b Foundation of Information Technology

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Foundation of Information Technology



Data Glove


Immersive Virtual Reality

Shared Virtual Environments


Binocular Omni

Orientation Monitor

A head coupled


display device

How it works

The user looks into the box through two holes

Sees the virtual world

The user can guide the box to any position within the
operational volume of the device

Head tracking is accomplished via sensors in
the links of the arm that holds the box

Cave Automatic Virtual


Developed at the University of Illinois, Chicago

Gives an illusion of immersion by projecting
stereo images on the walls and floor of a room
sized cube

Several persons wearing lightweight stereo
glasses can enter CAVE and walk freely

A head tracking system continuously adjusts the
stereo projection to the current position of the
leading viewer

Allows for interactions with the
virtual world through hand and

Head Mounted Display

Consists of

Two miniature display screens, and

An optical system

The optical system channels images from the screens
to the eyes, presenting a stereo view of a virtual world

Uses a motion tracker that

continuously measures the position and orientation of the
user’s head

Allows the image generating computer to adjust the scene
representation to the current view.

The viewer can look around and walk through the
surrounding virtual environment

The user becomes fully immersed in
an artificial, three dimensional
world that is completely generated
by a computer.

Three networked users at different locations
meet in the same virtual world by using

Boom Device

Cave System, and

Mounted Display

The users can be anywhere in the world

All users see the same virtual environment
form their point of view

Each user is presented as a virtual human
(avatar) to the other participants.

Users can…

See each other

with each other

Interact with the
virtual world as a