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How Far Should We Take Genetic Engineering
Section One: Opposing Viewpoints on Genetic
Viewpoint One: Genetic Engineering Benefits Humans 14
Russell Blackford
Viewpoint Two: Genetic Engineering Threatens
Humans 22
Samuel Hensley
Viewpoint Three: Genetically Modified Foods
Are Dangerous 29
Brian Tokar
Viewpoint Four: Genetically Modified Foods
Are Beneficial 38
Center for Biotechnology Information
Viewpoint Five: Animals Should Be Genetically
Engineered 47
Lester Crawford
Viewpoint Six: Animals Should Not Be Genetically
Engineered 54
Jeremy Rifkin
WCE Genetic Engineering.indd 3
WCE Genetic Engineering.indd 3
10/29/07 7:31:15 PM
10/29/07 7:31:15 PM
Section Two: Model Essays and Writing Exercises
Preface A: The Five-Paragraph Essay 62
Preface B: The Expository Essay 64
Essay One: Genetic Engineering is Unethical 67
Exercise 1A: Create an Outline from an Existing Essay 71
Essay Two: Genetic Engineering Can Reduce Disease 73
Exercise 2A: Create an Outline from an
Existing Essay 77
Exercise 2B: Create an Outline for Your Own Essay 77
Essay Three: How Genetically Engineered Crops
Keep Countries Hungry 80
Exercise 3A: Examining Introductions
and Conclusions 87
Exercise 3B: Using Quotations to Enliven
Your Essay 89
Final Writing Challenge: Write Your Own Expository
Five-Paragraph Essay 90
Section Three: Supporting Research Material
Appendix A: Facts About Genetic Engineering 94
Appendix B: Finding and Using Sources of Information 99
Appendix C: Using MLA to Create a Works Cited List 103
Appendix D: Sample Essay Topics 106
Organizations to Contact 108
Bibliography 115
Index 120
Picture Credits 128
About the Editor 128
WCE Genetic Engineering.indd 4
WCE Genetic Engineering.indd 4
10/29/07 7:31:15 PM
10/29/07 7:31:15 PM