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The Lexile Framework® for Reading is a
tool that makes it possible to place readers
and text on the same scale. The Lexile
Framework was built on the common
knowledge that text can be ordered as to
difficulty, and readers can be ordered as
to reading ability.
The Lexile Framework gives teachers a "map" of reading
materials that are well suited to their students at specific skill
levels. The Lexile Scale is a developmental scale that ranges
from 200L to above 1700L.
Within the Lexile Framework, the readability of a text is
determined by examining the whole text to measure such
characteristics as sentence length and word frequency —
characteristics that are highly related to overall reading
For more information, visit www.lexile.com.
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940L 315 11.667 3.128
910L 310 11.481 3.174
1140L 438 15.103 3.101
1200L 176 17.600 3.235
1090L 325 14.773 3.187
1150L 272 15.111 3.077
1010L 57 11.400 2.906
1030L 222 13.059 3.109
Food- Crops
Food- Livestock
Food- Traditional
Medicine- DNA
Medicine- Gene Therapy
Medicine- Pharming
Word Count
Mean Sentence
Mean Log Word
Web site Lexile® measures
The State's Stake
Farming's Future
Feed the World
Jurassic Park
The Race for a Cure
Genetic Testing
Tinkering with Nature
Word Count
Mean Sentence
Mean Log Word
940L 283 12.864 3.311
970L 299 13.591 3.337
1050L 272 15.111 3.332
1230L 339 18.833 3.285
1260L 418 19.000 3.225
1090L 379 16.478 3.392
1290L 199 19.900 3.235
1320L 216 21.600 3.312
980L 149 13.545 3.305
GE Basics
Recombinant DNA
Insulin Example
Word Count
Mean Sentence
Mean Log Word
870L 601 11.558 3.289
970L 321 14.591 3.470
1040L 367 14.115 3.230
1040L 270 14.211 3.242
Grade Text Measures
1 200L to 400L
2 300L to 500L
3 500L to 700L
4 650L to 850L
5 750L to 950L
6 850L to 1050L
7 950L to 1075L
8 1000L to 1100L
9 1050L to 1150L
10 1100L to 1200L
11 and 12 1100L to 1300L
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Please note that the Lexile measures calculated for this handout do not consider chapter
or paragraph headings, data tables, illustrations, graphic organizers, lists, thought
questions, glossary links, and other strategic reading support embedded within Explore
More Web site text.
MetaMetrics® Inc. notes that the level of support you provide during reading instruction
and the motivation of the reader impact the reading experience. Students who are
interested in reading about a specific topic (and therefore motivated) are able to read
text that is at a higher level than his or her reading level (about 100L).
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