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Biotechnology Safety Contract

Safety Statement

Health and Safety are basic values in the sciences. Personal and environmental safety is the
most basic pre
condition for responsible and successful work in the science laboratory and it will
be taught an
d practiced in the biotechnology program. Personal safety reflects concern for your
own health and well
being so as to avoid any mishaps. Environmental safety reflects concern for
not only the people within the laboratory but in the community at large. Cr
eation of a safe
laboratory environment is the responsibility of each biotechnology student. It is required that
students adhere to all prescribed safety rules and that they encourage their lab
mates to do so as
well. Any intended misuse of any equipment a
nd/or materials (including the computer system) will
result in disqualification from this course.

Students are required to demonstrate a 100% competence in personal laboratory safety and
environmental safety prior to working in the laboratory. Additional
ly, students will be required to
demonstrate safe laboratory practices for laboratory equipment and materials prior to their use. A
student unable to meet these qualifications will not be able to participate in all or part of the
laboratory exercise.

dents will be working with chemicals and biological materials. Some of these materials are
potentially hazardous if handled improperly. The microorganisms that will be used in our studies
will be low risk and are generally within Biosafety Level
1 guidelin
es. (BSL
1, as classified by the
Centers for Disease Control: well
characterized strains of living microorganisms that are not
known to cause disease in healthy adult humans.) Untreated human blood and tissue products
are excluded from the use in the high

school classroom.

A safety enforcement system exists to ensure safe laboratory practices. Safe laboratory practices
will repeatedly be studied in class and practiced in the laboratory. In the case that laboratory
behavior is

for whatever reason

ed unsafe, Safety Violation Cards will be issued. The
Safety Violation Card System outlined below is part of the Safety Contract, which is to be signed
by each student and a parent or guardian. The signature verifies that both student and parent /

have read, understood and agree to all safety rules.


Lab Safety Rules


Use common sense.


No work is to be done without the instructor present.


Nothing will be brought into or taken out of the laboratory without the instructor’s
expressed permission.


tudents will have a complete understanding of all materials and protocols prior to
working in the lab. This includes a thorough understanding of potential risks and safe
handling practices for all materials and equipment being used.


Students will be fami
liar with the location and proper use of all safety apparatus such as
safety blanket, fire extinguisher, eye wash station, the safety shower and the spill kit.


Lab coats will be worn at all times.


Safety glasses will be worn at all times.


toed shoes

will be worn.


Tie back loose hair.


Gloves will be worn whenever working with potentially hazardous biologicals or
chemicals. Never touch head, face, door knobs or light switches with gloves. Replace
contaminated gloves.


Food, drinks, gum / drops of any k
ind, cosmetics or medications (including but not limited
to eye drops or inhalers) are NOT allowed in the lab.


Wash hands before and after working in the laboratory.


Sterilize bench tops and all suspected areas of contamination with the prepared
nt solution before and after all lab work.


Avoid unnecessary activities in the lab as excessive movement can lead to contamination
of the experiment. NO ROUGH PLAY such as running, hitting, throwing, squirting, or
unnecessary noise!


Never eat, inhale (deep
ly smell) or unnecessarily handle lab agents.


Discard all materials as instructed by the teacher.


Make sure hot plates, gas, water and vacuum lines are turned off when not in use.
check and check your neighbors too!


EVERY lab incident must be repor
ted immediately to the teacher, no matter how small or
large. Do not endanger yourself or others by waiting or by covering up an accident.




Safety Violation Card System, see below

The safety contract exists to ensure the safety of every
body participating in the biotechnology program

all laboratory areas as well as in the classroom. Intended misuse of any classroom or laboratory equipment
and/or materials including computers will lead to disqualification from the course. In case of v
iolation of
safety rules or rules concerning the use of any materials in the Biotechnology program, a safety card will be
issued. These cards will document each incident in which the student is involved. The student will take part
in a discussion with the
instructor regarding the incident. The discussion will conclude with the student
having a complete understanding of the measures that are necessary to correct future occurrences. This
understanding will be fully documented. Should a student gather 3 viol
ation cards, they will be suspended
from the lab for the remainder of the year. Suspended students maybe granted the option to work
individually on “dry” labs outside the laboratory.


I have read, understand and agree to the Biotechnology Contract includi
ng the
Biotechnology Safety Rules and the Safety Violation Card System.


Parent / Guardian’s

Please, check if student does NOT have internet access on daily basis


Preferred way to be contacted (
Your email and/or phone


Your Questions/Concerns/Comments/Science Contacts for clas


Dear parent or guardian:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Nashua Technology Center’s 1
2 year
Biotechnology program, which
started with a first year class in 2002/03. The program was initiated since
there is an identified need in the United States to offer Biotechnology as the ideal alternative to traditional
science. Universities and employers look favorably upon individuals
with the kind of experience your child
will gain. The first year class focuses on basics in molecular biology and microbiology. The second year
class expands on research and manufacturing applications in the field of molecular biology.

Topics in biotechnol
ogy will be presented in traditional and new and innovative ways and will
encourage student

based learning with an emphasis on interaction and "hands
on" participation. This is an
especially exciting time in that we have new facilities and laboratory tech
nology for the students to take
advantage of. Some of the major topics we will cover are: microbiology, plant and animal cell culture,
genetics, oncology, virology, immunology, forensics, lab safety and regulations, experimental design, writing
of advanced

lab reports, and the working world of biotechnology.

I welcome contact with you during the year. If you have any questions or interests about the class, the
facility or your student, please contact me. Parents or acquaintances working in the science field

and who
feel that they could help in the learning experience are also warmly encouraged to call me. Parents and
community members from the field play an important role in the school to work connection.

I can be reached at the school by dialing:
740 or by e
mail at:

In an effort to save paper, fewer copies will be sent home and more on
line resources will be used in
class and for homework. Please let me know if your student does

have daily access to a computer at
home or elsewhere. I am working on making links available through my website or the sharepoint portal, and
I will keep students up
dated on the progress with that. Web address:

Sharepoint link:


go over the Safety Contract and Class Expectations with your student,
complete the
Biotechnology Contract signature

portion and return it with your student. Thank you, and encourage your

to take a
dvantage of the opportunites being handed to them.


Dr. Liane Marciano