Student Application for UVM IGERT Program

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Student Application

for UVM IGERT Program

Student Name

Current Email Address

Intended UVM Program of Study

Country of Citizenship

(all IGERT trainees must be US citizens):

Previous Educational Experiences
: List major, university, dates of study,
Also i
nclude previous studies at UVM, if applicable.

Intended adviser(s) for PhD study (if known)

We advise you to talk about your educational interests with one of the participating
faculty on the IGERT grant. While not required,

support from a participating faculty
member can be a significant factor in the award decision.

Participating faculty are:

Josh Bongard (Computer Science)

Chris Danforth (Mathematics)

Margaret Eppstein (Computer Science)

Jeff Frolik (Electrical Engineering)


Stephen Higgins (Psychiatry)

Paul Hines (Electrical Engineering)

Chris Koliba (Community Development and Appl
ied Economics)

Jeffrey Marshall (Mechanical Engineering)

Kurt Oughstun (Electrical Engineering)

Donna Rizzo (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Christian Skalka (Computer Science)

Sara Solni
ck (Economics)

Xindong Wu (Computer Science)

Asim Zia (Community Development and Applied Economics)

: Provide a description of why you want to participate in the UVM Smart Grid
IGERT program. If you have an idea of the research that you want to do, please also
provide a brief description of this research and its re
levance to complex systems and
smart grids. (max 1 page)

Attach a pdf copy of your UVM graduate application file, including complete graduate
application, letters of recommendation, transcripts and GRE scores. If you are a current

UVM graduate student, include both your UVM graduate application file at the time of
your initial application into your current program of study and a copy of your current
UVM transcripts.

Please send the completed application electronically to
Prof. Jef
frey Marshall