Senior Design II General Meeting Attendance

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Meeting Attendance

By department regulations attendance to general meetings is mandatory

In case of absence provide valid proof of reasons to you mentor

Project Title

Smart Grid of Outlets

Team #:


Team Leader:



Team name:


Team Member:

Emmanuel Stimphil


Faisal Kaleem

Team Member:

Mark Stone

Team Members in yellow did not
attend the meeting

Team Member:

Jaime Badui

Team Member:

Dainier Marti

Please write a paragraph detailing

ect status

Currently we are working on the programing of the
beagle bone

are trying to figure out how to make the
boards communicate with each other in order to transfer data from one serve to the other. We have alre
programmed the beagle bone

to read and display output currents and voltage consumed by an appliance. We
also order most of the electrical components needed to build the int
erior of the outlet which will


with the beagle bone

in order to control the Smart Grid of Outlet.
An o
verall overview of the project so far it
has been going smoothly all team members are putting maximum effort in the development of the Smart
Grid of Outlets.

Please write a paragraph detailing
Expectation of project completion by the demonstration dat

As of right now we are in good condition in the aspect of time, we have been completing all of our goals
we’ve set and we all are putting maximum effort to assure these task get done. AS of now we have several
task at hand which we plan to have solved

and have working properly by the first week of February which is
the 5

or the 6

to have both beagle boards communicating to each other; we also have plans to complete
the electrical configuration by the second week of

February which is the 13

or 14

day. Overall we will be
done with the Smart Grid of Outlets prototype before demonstration day.

Please write a paragraph detailing

What are your main worries at this time

At this time our ma
in worries are the beagle bone

communicating to each o
ther because those are like the
brains of the entire system and without them working properly we cannot move forward to work out any
other bugs we may encounter before demonstration day. We have a great team and are very optimistic that
we will have this p
roblem solved before the first week of February. After we figure out this problem hopefully
all the other problems are minor and we can solve in a day or two.

Team Members Participation

Alejandro Loreto has programmed the beagle bone

with the help of D
ainier Marti; t
hey have been working
on the code so the
beagle bone can display the output current and voltage. The only problem they have
encountered has been making the beagle bone communicate with each other. Emmanuel Stimphil had been
in charge of orde
ring the components and collecting the funds needed to keep the project moving forward.
Mark Stone has been doing his research on each components to analyze the pros and cons of each
components needed to develop the smart grid of outlets. Jaime has been do
ing rigorous research on how to
get the boards to communicate to each other. Overall we all are putting maximum effort in the development
of the Smart Grid of Outlets.