New Products For Smart Grid

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New Products For Smart Grid

Nov. 10, 2010 (Market News Publishing)


New Products For Smart

China Keli Electric Company Ltd. ("China Keli" or the "Company") is
pleased to announce that two important new produc
ts developed by its
operating subsidiary, Zhuhai Keli Electric Co., Ltd. ("Zhuhai Keli"), have
passed national standards tests for the People's Republic of China
("PRC"), qualifying these products for sale in the Chinese market.

40kA Metal
clad Removable Metal High

Testing of this new product was carried out at the Chinese national
authorized institution for high
voltage switchgear testing, Xian High
Voltage Apparatus Research Institution. The Company's product was

at very high electric current of 40,000 Amps. As a result, Zhuhai
Keli became one of the few manufactures in the PRC that can produce
switchgears capable of handling this high
current level.

current level switchgears are directly related to the reli
ability of
power grids and electricity supply, and thus are very important for the
building and operation of Smart Grid in the PRC.

Neutral Grounding Resistor 1kA/10.5kV

Testing of this product was carried out at another Chinese national
authorized insti
tution for resistor testing, Shanghai Power
Transmission & Distribution Testing Center. The Company's product
surpassed all the testing performance criteria.

Neutral grounding resistors are used in power distribution stations for
neutral grounding of gene
rator and transformer windings. When a fault
occurs, the neutral grounding resistor limits the current that flows from
ground back to the transformer. This is of critical importance for the
effective operation of the Smart Grid system. Zhuhai Keli is now a
the few Chinese manufactures that can produce this type of high
quality resistors in the PRC.

The successful performance of the Company's new products in passing
national standards tests demonstrates the Company's expertise in
leading edge R&D and pr
oduct development, and its commitment to
quality. These new products will accelerate market penetration in the
fast growing Chinese market, especially in future Smart Grid projects.
Recently, the Chinese Central Government announced billions of
dollars in
support of building out Smart Grid power distribution in
China, and set a completion date of 2020.

About China Keli Electric Company Ltd.

China Keli manufactures and installs electrical components and
equipment, including preassembled mini
substations, e
controllers, pressurized/vacuumed switchgears and circuitbreakers in
the People's Republic of China.


Mr. Lou Meng Cheong, CEO

Mr. Kai Hong Chan, Secretary

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looking state
ments within the
meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
looking statements address future events and conditions and
therefore, involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may
differ materially from those curre
ntly anticipated in such statements.

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