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Glasgow Caledonian University

PhD Research Project Opportunity

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Power and Energy Research Group

Research Discipline areas

Research Theme

Project Title

Investigation of the mutu
al interactions between Electrical Vehicles (EV’s) and
smart grid

Research Project Area

Distribution networks are typically designed for specific electrical loads using
assumptions based on typical load profiles in the most common known sub
s e.g. industrial, commercial and residential. Battery charging of
Electric Vehicles (EVs) will increase the power demand in transmission and
distribution networks, large scale implementation of electric transport will
require an efficient management of t
he electricity supply infrastructure.
Unconstrained charging of EVs could, depending on the location and times
the Electric Vehicles are plugged in, cause violation to statutory constraints on
the grid. If the load in particular areas is not constrained t
hen the power
demand will lead to excess thermal stress on cable infrastructure. This
project is exciting opportunity to investigate multiple impacts and generate
modifying strategies to limit damage to the electrical supply network through;

Studying the
impacts of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) on the power network
performance and utilization of decentralized low
carbon power
generation, mainly from embedded, distributed, renewable energy

Testing and analysis of Electric Vehicle battery characteristics d
charge/discharge cycle to evaluate the impact of V2G on battery life

Analysis of the impacts of slow (low current), fast (high current) and
smart (optimum current and starting time) charging regimes on the
EV’s battery life cycle.

Analysis of
the impact of V2G systems on harmonic components on
electrical supply network.

Analysis of impact of load variation on cable insulation stress

Investigate the use of Comsol/Matlab for modelling battery aging

Investigate the use of Comsol/Matlab f
or modelling of variation in
cable stress (e.g. harmonic and thermal cycling) on lifetime

Analysis of the cost/benefit of Demand Response control mechanisms
from Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s), EV owners and
neighbourhoods point of view

Supervisory Team

Dr M E A Farrag

Dr Donald Hepburn

taff Contact

Dr M E A Farrag;