Multivariate comparison of voxel-based versus morphometric analysis

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Multivariate comparison of voxel
based versus morphometric analysis


The need for a better understanding of brain atrophy in normal and pathological conditions has
motivated the development of models derived from anatomical brain images such
as Magnetic
Resonance Imaging (MRI).

based morphometry (VBM) is a well
established technique for medical image processing
and analysis. It allows the comparison of focal differences in brain anatomy by applying statistical
parametric mapping (SPM) ba
sed on general linear modeling (GLM) to obtain probability maps of
significant difference between groups of patients (Ashburner and Friston, 2000).

FreeSurfer is an automated pipeline that produces regional cortical thickness and volumetric
measures (Fisch
l et al., 2002). This segmentation approach has been successfully applied for
multivariate classification of Alzheimer's disease subjects and healthy controls (Westman et al.,


Compare anatomical features obtained from FreeSurfer versus sel
ected features derived from VBM
applying multivariate statistics and demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages.


Get familiar with
oftware used in neuroscience research, such as SPM, FreeSurfer, FSL, or

Get familiar with state
multivariate statistical techniques such as: SVM and OPLS.

Feature selection should be implemented using any of validated approaches, for example,
SVM, weights from linear classifiers, principal component analysis, among others.

Comparison of classi
fication performance in a sample consisting of two groups (normal and
abnormal) based on accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, area under the ROC curve.

Start of project March 2012


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Eric Westman