ELS 3118: Computational Approaches to the Analysis of English words Course description

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ELS 3118: Computational Approaches to the Analysis of English words

Course description

The course aims at studying English from a computational perspective. It involves studying the
following: Concepts and theories related to natural language processing;

based and
based natural language processing systems; applications of natural language
processing: word segmentation, part
speech tagging, information retrieval, parsing, machine
translation. The course will also involve practical exerc
ises and or a project that can be
developed further by the student.

Course objectives


To equip students with the fundamentals of computational analysis of English language


To engage students in the practical building of basic English language resources

analysis required in natural language processing

Course Outline


Basics in computational linguistics


Overview of projects in the computational analysis of English language


theoretical computational models and practical applications


based systems


Part of speech tagging systems




systems for morphological analysis of English


introduction to finite
state automata


state transducers with applications in English morphology


computational frameworks for English morphological dis

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course a student should be able to:


show basic abilities in using a computer system to build an English language processing


Understand some machine
human interaction tools that exist and can be used in

different English language structures

Method of Delivery

Lectures, tutorials and Practical


A written Makerere University approved examination taken after the official 15 weeks of
lectures will be marked out 70%, and coursework assign
ments and/or project will contribute 30%
of the final mark.

Reading List

Beesley, K. R. & Karttunen, L.
Finite State Morphology
. CSLI Publications

Jurafsky, Daniel & Martin, James H. (2008).
An Introduction to Natural Language

Processing, Compu
tational Linguistics, and Speech Recognition 2


Prentice Hall.

Ruslan Mitkov (2003)
The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics.


Oxford University Press