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Voiceprint Authentication:

Financial institutions that need to allow mobile access to confidential, private and mission critical information need to
authenticate users uniquely before granting access. User authentication methods can be broadly classified as:
1. What you know? – User ID and Password, Challenge questions.
2. What you have? – SideSafe™, security tokens, Hardware One-Time Passwords (OTP) and software OTP
where the mobile device is used as the second factor device
3. Who you are? – Voice Recognition, Retina Scans, Finger Print Recognition
Financial institutions requiring users to apply authentication methods in addition to "what-you-know" can use voice
for elevated security to accomplish objectives, such as: regulatory compliance, internal compliance (e.g. geography of
access), information restriction and system access restriction.

NO1 has developed and implemented a voice print recognition solution (who-you-are) as a cost-effective and
powerful second or third factor authentication solution.
Voiceprint Enrollment:

User enrollment for the voice print authentication service is necessary to capture a unique voiceprint of the user. The
financial institution can define the sensitivity the verification needs to match. The voice print sensitivity parameter is
set on the server side and can be unique for each institution. The process is as follows:

• User records their voice, as prompted, by reading out a Phrase
displayed on the screen 3 consecutive times.
• The Phrase can be defined to be any set of words for a specified
• Submit the sample voice prints to the iCashe authentication server.
• Once voice samples are submitted, User will receive an email
verification link and a response to that will complete the enrollment

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Use Case 1 – Secure Login (Corporate Banking):

Access to Corporate Banking accounts requires Users to authenticate themselves using more than one of
the financial institution defined authentication methods.
In this use case the following 2 methods are being described.
1. User ID and Password (what-you-have).
2. Voice Recognition (who-you-are).

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• User enters User ID and Password and speak into the
microphone to provide Voice Sample and submits
them for logging into the system

• User ID/PIN and the Voice sample sent to the server
for authentication

• Access will be granted once the server authenticates
the above factors. Should that process fail, the
financial institution CSR will call the User to verify

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Use Case 2 – Layered Authentication:

The financial institution may not require multifactor
authentication to basic data (e.g. Account Balance), hence
a user ID and password may suffice for successful
completion of the inquiry.

Functions such as funds transfer, Bill Pay, etc. that move
money within or between users and systems may require
multifactor authentication, such as voice recognition

The process for a use case (e.g. funds transfer) that would
require a layered authentication, possibly after initial log in
but upon execution of a secure function, is described

Select FROM Account and TO Account

Enter the amount to be transferred

Press microphone icon and speak the phrase shown on the
Mobile Screen

Press the transfer button.

Voice print will be sent to server for authentication

Once the authentication process is successful the fund
transfer function will be completed.

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