Speak easy with voice recognition - East Herts Council

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Call the council on 01279 655261
Speak easy with
voice recognition
We all know how frustrating it can
be when you phone up a big
organisation to be faced with a
series of options and buttons to
press, none of which quite
matches what you’re after.
The good news is that from next
January it will be much easier to
get straight through to the person
or service you’re after at East Herts
Council – because we’re
introducing a voice recognition
Even if you don’t know the service
you need, the system will
recognise key words such as
rubbish or council tax, and you’ll
still be put through to the right
The system is used in more than
70 local authorities in England, and
more than 100 NHS trusts.
s an easier way to contact the
council quickly and it will save
The system is capable of much
more. For example it is replacing
the out-of-house system that allows
people to challenge a penalty
charge notice by telephone, saving
£8,000 annually
Your views
We had a good response to
the residents’ survey which
went to 1,000 representative
homes across the district in
September. The survey is
carried out by independent
pollsters, ORS, and we’ve just
received the headline results.
We’ll be making the findings
public in spring once councillors
have considered the findings.