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Business Intelligence

BI Architecture

BO History

World Wide

BO History


BO Architecture

Tools Overview

Server Management



Web Client

Web Server

Web Application Server

Event Server

Crystal Report Cache

Desktop Intelligence Cache Server

Input File Repository Server

Output File Repository Server

Program Job Server

Destination Server

LOV Job Server

Crystal Report Page Server

Crystal Report Job Server

Desktop Intelligence Job Server

Desktop Intelligen
ce Report Server

Web Intelligence Job Server

Web Intelligence Report Server

Connection Server

Report Application Server

Central Management Console

3 Hour

Understand the Business Objects

Enterprise interface & architecture

Login Parameters

Managing User Accounts

User Security/Rights

Managing Groups

Group Security/Rights

Objects Security/Rights

Folders Creation

Folders Security/Rights

Categories Creation

Categories Security/Rights

Profiles Creation

Profiles Security/Rights

Managing Applicatio

Servers Management

Universe Desig

6 hour

Understanding Business Objects Universes

Creating the Course Universe

Building the Universe Structure

Creating Dimension Objects

Creating Measure Objects

Resolving Loops in a Universe

SQL Traps

Using List of Values

Applying Restrictions on Objects

Using @Functions with Objects

Using Hierarchies

Deriving Tables & Indexes

Working with Aggregate Awareness

Designing Advanced Objects

Creating Predefined Condition

LOVs & Joins

Securing Univer

Implementing Universe Life Cycle Mgmt

Maintaining & Optimizing Universes

Creating Universe from Other Data sources

Bex Query Universe Creation

Desktop Intelligence

6 hour

Creating reports using flat files

Selecting Universe

Using the Query Panel

Editing a Query

Building a Query

Running a Query

Saving Queries

Simple Conditions

Filtering Data

Sorting Data

Ranking Data

Using Alerters

Inserting Simple Calculations

Tables, Crosstabs and Charts

Creating Report Using
Multiple Dataproviders

Overview of common errors

Creating Variables

Merge Dimensions

Scope of Analysis


Displaying data in charts

Displaying data in free
standing cells

Web intelligence



Understand concepts of Web intelligence

e Web Intelligence documents with Queries

Restrict data returned by a query

Design a report

Enhance the presentation of data in reports

Format a report

Calculate data with formulas and variables

Use multiple data sources

Analyze data

Manage and share Web I
ntelligence documents

Work with Advanced Query techniques

Work with calculation contexts

Create formulas with character & date string functions

Use "If" logic

Work with additional reporting techniques

Create hyperlinks

rich Client



talling Web Intelligence Rich Client

Web Intelligence Rich Client working modes

Launching Web Intelligence Rich Client

To set user preferences in Web Intelligence Rich Client

Working with documents

Working with universes in Web Intelligence Rich Client

essing Web Intelligence from InfoView

Working with queries in Web Intelligence Rich Client

Working with reports

Crystal Reports



Planning a Report

Selecting Records

Formatting a Report

Representing Data Visually

Distributing Reports

ating Basic Formulas

Organizing Data on a Report

Applying Section Formatting

Applying Conditional Reporting

Using the Repository

Using Report Templates

Creating Formulas

Summarizing Data with Cross

Using Report Sections

Managing Reports

Dashboard Design)



Creating a Model

Adding Interactivity to a Model

Creating a Connected Model

Using the Chart components

Using the Container components

Using the Selector components

Using the Single Value components

Using the Text components

sing the Other components

Using the Art and Background components

Exporting Xcelsius 2008 Visualizations

Security Implementation

1.5 Hour

Creating Secured users & group

Creation secured connections

Creation of Secured objects

Creation of security a
t object

row level

Comparison of all BO Ver
sions (6.5/

0.5 Hour

Architecture changes

Report creation charges

Universe level changes

Security level changes

Addition of new feature