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Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework
Asked by
on 2013-04-08T03:50:57-04:00
Is it possible to use visual studio 2010 and .NET Framework 1.4.322 on Windows 7? When I create
a new project I can only choose .NET framework v2.0 or later. Is it possible to use v1.1.4.322 and
where can I find it?

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Answer by
Guru Kara
on 2013-04-08T04:05:47-04:00
Here is a small chart of the Visual Studio and .NET Framework targeting, and short answer is NO

Source http://www.perceler.com/articles1.php?art=dotnet1

Apr 8th, 2013
Week 15, 2013
April, 2013
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Answer by
Erik Schierboom
on 2013-04-08T03:52:29-04:00
You can find the SDK for v1.1 here:

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