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Joint Tech Advisory
March 5, 2008

eSIS update
I. aal has pointed out that as part of our contract requires that any documentation
needs to be somehow behind a secured password protected website so the
NWRESD will be putting our documentation behind a password protected site.
a. NWRESD will announce before we do it that we will be protecting the
information that tells you how to run esis. eSIS will be log in and VIEW
will be password. That’s what Clack & PPSD currently use.
b. NWRESD will be encouraging everyone to use the same user name/log in.
If you need help password protecting the FAQ’s and other documentation
we have people that can help you do that.
c. Working on security and how often to require eSIS passwords to be reset,
the strength of the password and how many pw’s you need to go through
before you can use a derivative of the original password. Will let you
know what it is going to be before it’s implemented.
II. Bob Brown is out doing training almost every day. If people that don’t feel like
they know what they’re doing we do have training that’s more one on one based.
III. eSIS is believed to have a “time out” feature on the log in, this will be verified.
a. Believe that the “time out” is set for one day. Did have time out set at
one time to 30 min at one point but teachers did not like it.
b. Action item: Rich will check on if there is a time out for eSIS log in.
IV. Would like to know if eSIS has “lock” feature or is set to lock after a time of
inactivity that will allow teachers to lock the program from unauthorized access.
a. Will verify if this feature is available.
b. Action item: Rich will look at eSIS and see if it will lock after a certain
amount of time.
V. IE v 7 has compatibility issues with eSIS.
a. The problem seems to be with JAVA however the issues experienced do
not seem to be consistent. Some groups report that it is working fine with
IE 7 while other groups are reporting errors. No one has been able to
quantify why it does that.
b. FG has found that eSIS isn’t running on IE at all out in the “real world”.
Telling his staff to use it in Firefox at home.
c. Thanh is working on browser compatibility today. Have several machines
that seem to work fine and several that don’t.
VI. Other programs and eSIS. There are programs that have an interoperability with
eSIS and other programs.
a. Principalm- HSD has tested it but not using it. It’s out there and who ever
wants to use it can use it.
b. There are a lot of downloads available through the ESD, if you want to use
it call Rich and he will work with Thanh.
c. Synrevoice plugs directly into eSIS if you’re looking at implementing a
dialer of any kind.
VII. We will be migrating eSIS to 10.1 over spring break.
a. It’s yet to be determined how many days it’s going to be down but hoping
that it will be just Sunday.
b. Looked at everyone else grading period and only Jewell is the one that
will be right up against that. Will be able to test sped advanced after
spring break.

NW Partnership webpage
I. NWRESD will be moving our FAQ’s into a pw protected section.
II. Will let everyone know before any changes are implemented.

I. Working fine for jewel.
II. Tillamook ran into some disconnects.
III. Sherwood has been getting disconnects a couple times. But it was the last days of
first round testing.
IV. ESD has no way of knowing what’s going on “after us”.
V. Once in a while it’s a little slow and then it picks up.
VI. Some kids are hitting enter twice after their session has been approved. Kids will
want to double click because they’re impatient or they’re just click happy. This
causes it to freeze the test. ONLY CLICK ONCE

Network Bandwidth Monitoring
I. Chad would like to know if there’s a program that he can use that will be cost
a. Looking for something simple that will be give basic port utilization and is
more proactive in monitoring the network.
II. The ESD is using Cacti and What’s Up.
a. Cacti is free.
b. What’s Up runs about $1800. It monitors for network errors and usage
and have a version that can restart services if it see it goes down. It does
about 100 different things. It can do interface utilization. Will show you
the last day and can trend it over a longer time.
III. HSD is looking at NetMRI.
IV. Other possibilities:
a. Packeteer
b. Symphonic
c. Zenos –open source

Infinite Visions Fiscal system update
I. ESD is just hosting, support is provided by CSA.
a. If any issues belong to the ESD, CSA will route back to us.
b. CSA has been very responsive. Biggest challenge is that they didn’t have
the familiarity with a more enterprise. Windsor the parent company has
more experience; issue has been CSA’s willingness to push issues to
II. Issue with dual monitor, pop-up’s appear in the middle. It’s only the enterprise
version. Doesn’t seem to realize that it’s a dual monitor setup.
III. Jewell had some conversion problems, things kind of got mixed up for the way
payroll was set up, some was supposed to be automatic and some weren’t
supposed to be.

I. It’s running well.
a. About a month ago Adam restored it to a snapshot.
II. When you have a SpedEZ account, also have to have a Citrix account.
a. Rich doesn’t have a good way to manage when people leave from the
b. Has printed off everyone who has a SpedEZ account in your districts on a
piece of paper.
i. Would like it if group could give this sheet to who is in charge of it
so they can edit it and send to Rich so that accounts that aren’t in
use can be removed.
ii. Would like to do this on a regular basis. Rich can send it out over
e-mail. Rich will send to Gail & Jon in HSD electronically.
Action Item: Rich will send these out to them individually so
they can respond with whom needs to be deleted.
iii. Don’t really have a good way to know if there’s a termination out
there in the districts. Know if it’s someone important or high level
but if it’s a low level person don’t know.
iv. Will try and get this streamlined and do this every 4-6 months.
III. SpedEZ will be switched over to Sped Advanced Jan 09.
a. July 1
of 09 will try to make it so SpedEZ will be read only.
b. Hoping to give test accounts to the three most active people. From what
Rich can see sped advanced does more things that SpedEZ. Can’t use
sped advanced in eSIS unless the child is in the school. Rich will be
working with that.

Spam Filtering
I. It’s working well.
II. Some groups not getting the reports
a. Action items: Ironport Reports there are still people not getting this.
Some were getting it at the beginning of the year but it went away.
Adam will follow this up [Editor’s note: this should now be working for

Internet filters
I. Dan’s guardian is now functional but the web GUI isn’t working very well.
Jonathan is looking at finding another one.
a. The latest one is deployed in Vernonia and is running flawlessly.

Network Changes
I. Adam not aware of any major things to bring up.
II. The ESD is talking to LS networks about if they can provide an Ethernet solution
to the coast.
a. They have priced out each district and if anyone wants the pricing Rick
can send it out to the group. Action Item: Rick will send the prices.
b. Some districts are very reasonably priced and others are very unreasonably
priced and that’s because they have to build the entire infrastructure out.
It is currently on hold until a way to absorb the cost can be found.
c. There is Senate Bill that will require all hospitals be on fiber [editor’s
note: cannot find senate bill, however, there is a Senate Joint Resolution
19 which states, “It is the policy of the State of Oregon to promote,
facilitate and encourage activities, projects and businesses that improve
Oregon’s Internet Protocol network infrastructure, performance and
connectivity to the Internet backbone network and World Wide Web for
the benefit of Oregon’s commercial, educational, governmental and
individual users.”] Seaside is waiting for that to pass so they can piggy
back onto hospital network. Wondering if bill implies that the state would
shoulder some of the cost? Is there a rough timeline?
d. Rick believes that Light Speed can build out fairly quickly but doesn’t
have a timeline yet.

Training Opportunities
I. Bob will be putting on a Active Directory class March 20
a. It’s a very full class. $35 for books. Lunch is provided.
II. Rich has included 10k in next year’s budget for training.
a. Quick poll on what time of year training would be best. Consensus is
October will be a good month to do training.
b. OETC offers training Rich will talk to them about hosting the training.

Metadot webhosting/Webhosting
I. Paul is moving people from Metadot to Drupal.
a. Have someone who will migrate content.
b. Paul is thinking of moving each district to their own Moodle site. Only
down side is it would eliminate the ease looking at each other’s sites and
getting ideas.
c. Moving to Drupal because it’s more user friendly.
i. Drupal is very easy to use for an end user who’s just going to type
where it’s going to go and click and it goes there.
ii. Moodle is a little more complex.
iii. Can create calendars & download those calendars into Outlook on
Drupal. Can download into outlook calendars as well as other
tools that make it flexible.
iv. Drupal really took the lead and has more modules for content
management and a lot of themes and it’s fairly easy to make it look
really nice.
v. Not trying to push people off Metadot but the logical successor is
Drupal. There seems to be fewer problems when people are
updating the pages

Smartfind Express Subfinder
I. ESD is providing this service for Banks & Gaston.
II. NWRESD is swapping out hardware.
III. Forest Grove is scheduled to be using the system March 10. Haven’t heard an
exact date for the switch over. Action item: Rick will check on switch over date
for FG. [editors note: FGSD live date is scheduled for March 24]
IV. Current system has been 4 line web and database system all in one. New will be a
12 line web and database system separate.

Video Streaming
I. Right now pay 50k a year for everyone to have access to Discovery Education.
II. Just got a quote from Discovery Education for 100K. Their quote is one of 5 that
was received.
III. Min contract length is going to be 3 years hope for 5. Hope to have other ESD’s
sign on so the price will go down.
IV. On March 12-18
all 5 companies will be doing demonstrations at the ESD.
a. Before spring break we hope that the media people will have filled out a
b. Invitation will be sent out to the tech people as well.
c. If can’t come to ESD can watch via webinar and if can’t do that it will be
video taped.
d. End of Life on Discovery Education is June 30
V. State has agreed to help with the cost if all the ESD’s agree.

Google Student e-mail
I. Action item: Eve- remove from agenda

I. Library & text book manager was upgraded to version 8 on February 3
. The
upgrade was contingent upon SQL service pack installation performed on January
a. Some of the new features included:
i. Library Book Reviews
ii. Enhanced reports
iii. The capability to e-mail class overdue and fine reports to teachers.
II. There’s a 3 tiered pricing system for small, medium, and large districts. 16.52 for
small districts to 14.88 for medium districts, and 13.48 for large districts.
III. The destiny program has a lot of features that’s not in the current systems such as
Amazon type book preview, and Boolean search.
IV. Pay for the licenses over 4 years and the price drops after that. Cost includes
licensing, Andrea’s time, the hardware, and maintenance cost.

MACC Grant
I. Reminder Grant is due April 2
at 4 pm.

Calendar- Just a reminder- April 1
is the next meeting in Gaston for Urban. Rural will
be in Jewell.

I. The conference is full. If you haven’t got in already you’re not going to.

Table Go Round-
I. Scott is talking to principals about the Oregon virtual school districts. Did an
install of server 2008 for a trail. Thinks that they might go to exchange. Will
need some recommendations on pricing and hardware and all that stuff.

I. Still recovering from being gone for a while and playing catch up. It’s going
pretty well just haven’t had any time to dive into any projects.
II. The jail seems to be ok. Has been able to do everything that the jail asks for

Gary - Banks
I. Starting to look at projects for next year.
II. Curious if anyone is doing any wireless other than CISCO. Looking at some of
the other vendors out there.
III. Other thing is e-mailing archiving. Defender is working very well. Thinks that
we’re pulling out the stuff we need. Only using hard drives and retaining for one
IV. Action Item: Paul has link to the e-mail retention policy send out to group.

Don Mespelt - Sea Side
I. Don’t have anything going on.

Jon - Hillsboro
I. Ongoing VoIP project, department should get phones in two weeks. First site to
get phones will be transportation. Received a 2 million bond to do VoIP. Can
call extensions with PBX system will be the same way with the VoIP system. The
users won’t notice a lot of difference. Will do voice mail through exchange.
Need some additional storage with the redesign of exchange.
II. Hopefully in a month to two months will be on Exchange 07. There’s a little
delay on mail processing and retrieval. It comes back to disk utilization on our
SAN. Don’t have enough spindles to handle the requests. Sometimes an 18
second delay on the requests. 2500 active users now. Using a fiber channel SAN.
Looking at utilization on management running at about 98%. In cached mode as
deploying 07.
III. High schools will migrate over to outlook 07 over the summer. Haven’t heard of
any calendaring issues with outlook.
IV. 3 new elementary schools coming online this summer. Will be getting VoIP
phones right away. Wireless is other piece. Goal is to have wireless in all 3 new
schools as well. Technology Hands classroom. Small pilot in Christmas break.
Got some good feedback. Chose promethean over smart board.

Ed- St. Helens
I. Reconfiguring schools to a K6 have a committee to set boundaries. Using
planware to create the boundaries. Plan GIS software name.

Chas - Tillamook
I. Doing a lot of the promethean boards
II. Won’t be doing a big PC purchase next year.
III. Sounds like might be spending a lot on the archiving thing.

I. Put out PA and alert now information. Parents have been very supportive. Setup
a kiosk at last parent teacher conference. Finished up wireless in the school with

Tracey - Sherwood
I. Continuing on VoIP project expects it to be out on the 14
of this month. Will
implement over the summer.
II. Have construction ongoing on the new elementary/middle school campus & High
school. In theory high school should be done this summer.
III. Wireless for high school has been approved. Will be going with CISCO.
IV. Most of energy is being spent on instructional technology. Have interactive
whiteboard in classrooms.
V. Spending a lot of time on that data and planning for wide scale deployment.

Brian -Forest Grove
I. Most of VoIP have been using Mac grants to get the top end Cisco stuff. Don’t
believe anymore controllers will go in at this point. Once we get to high school
more controllers will go in. Once more of the grant money comes in will be able
to lay a lot of the ground work.
II. Getting ready to turn on websense filter. Had it on Monday and had a few issues.
Trying to get the policies and the categories straightened out. Trying to figure out
why people are getting an isa page block.
III. Have a server roll out over spring break.

Scott- Gaston
I. Put a projector and document camera in every classroom.
II. Put 37 more computers in the classrooms.
III. Over Christmas break brought up a terabyte of storage. Adding a new LTO tape
IV. Looking into VoIP may be rolling out this summer.
V. Doing a lot of online education. Had 20 kids during summer doing summer
school. Have a lab built for this. Using Odyssey ware for the program.

I. Password change April 2
will be sending out a password change. Will be
sending a note out soon. NW partnership discussed this and decided that we
will change passwords twice a year. April 2
& November 2
. Still working
on the type of restrictions that will be in place. There will be a way to reset
the password. [editor’s note: this password reset has been pushed back to
II. Parent Assist has the “I forgot password” now. Action Item: Rich: Helpdesk
help after password reset for eSIS.
III. Will have training for recognizing child abuse. Will be done in April. All ESD’s
in state are pooling their money so it’s the same for the whole state.
IV. NW Partnership districts will be getting together to discuss the data warehouse
requirements. It’s a heads up if you have any questions then direct them to Rick.
The state will mandate that every district in the state have some data warehouse
associated with it.

V-tels –
I. Some districts use the V-Tels every day. The equipment is getting a little old.
a. Rich put in budget to start replacing with Polycoms.
b. Tell supers that the video-conference units will need to be replaced.
Possible to leverage a region wide purchase?
II. Only thing that Sherwood uses them for is for the ODE trainings. Jewell uses it
for Spanish every day. FG would like to see if there’s some way of reusing the

Final thoughts
I. Metro partnership is looking at centralizing the NCU to the Pittock. Would
probably have Roxanne do all the scheduling across the region.
II. Are the Comotiv systems being used? Some districts are using. NWRESD
superintendant is behind Comotiv, there’s some coordination between the ESD’s
that need to happen.