Meet the Virtual Business Solutions Team

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Laura Gonzalez
is a Business, Website & Social Media Consultant and Coach, Founder and President of Virtual
Business Solutions and Virtual Meet & Greet. With over 18 years of experience, Laura works with companies
to help them run and grow their business. She specializes in analyzing a company’s business needs and
implementing solutions specifically tailored for each customer.

Diane Carter
is an accomplished graphic designer with over 27 years of experience of professional sales,
advertising, marketing and branding experience. She creates high
impact design tools to market your
business including brand identities to stamp your business and make it outstanding.

Heidi Vanyo
has an extensive software engineering background which launched her in becoming a specialist
in creating websites using
content management systems. Creating a site with
can be done by many, but customizing it to meet your needs is where Heidi
Additionally, Heidi is an expert at creating blogs using
. Heidi modifies or customizes
extensions and add
ons to meet the needs of the client. She will also customize
themes to get the desired
look they want.

Craig Bevelheimer
has over ten years of experience as a freelance motion graphic designer, video editor,
director and consultant for some of America’s top broadcasting companies and advertising agencies; MTV,
The History Channel,
Network, Time Warner Entertainment, A&E, TV Guide Networks, National
, CBS and
. Craig can create original, cutting edge videos that instantaneously convey your
business message to your viewing audience.

Sharon Higgins
has over 15 years experience in copywriting, conceptual ad design, business writing, editing,
event planning and marketing strategy. She has worked with a gamut of businesses and industries from large
corporations to non
profits. From crafting original content to editing existing material, Sharon creates
compelling content that speaks to your target audience.

Darlene Fatica
is a graphic designer with 28 years experience in print, digital design and prepress. She
specializes in full
color production of magazines, postcards, newsletters and brand identity. Darlene is also
highly skilled at creating digital media kits and flipbooks.

Penny Haynes
is an audio/video producer and trainer, as well as a multimedia web and software
programmer. She provides professional narration, editing of audio podcasts and
, as well as video
creation and editing. Penny was one of the first podcasting consultants in 2005, and was hired by Lifetime
Television for Women as their Podcasting Consultant in 2006. She developed RSS
based Directory software, a
multimedia creation suite for novices, as well as an application that takes RSS feeds and instantly creates

Rita Greiner
has an extensive background in Accounting and Business Administration include holding
essential positions in such industries as banking, property management, retail, healthcare and non
Rita is highly skilled in AP, AR, reconciliations and is also a QuickBooks
. She brings practical,
bottom line knowledge to our clients, as well as, a broad understanding of the day
day operations of
running a business. For clients looking for an international edge, Rita is fluent in German.

Steffen Gonzalez
is interning with the VBS team while attending Albright College. Majoring in Digital Media
and Marketing, Steffen’s innate sense for graphic design and strong work ethic have him poised to be an up
coming businessperson. Steffen excels in his studies, football and track earning him a spot on the Top
College Student Athletes list for his high GPA and outstanding athletic ability.
Meet the
Virtual Business Solutions Team
We are a group of creative, results
driven, skilled task managers experienced in creating powerhouse online
marketing tools. Each member is an expert in their respective fields and can meet all your company's marketing
needs from large scale makeovers to one
time projects. We are committed to help the business owner succeed
and prosper in the modern digital world.
Garden State Chiropractic
Society Facebook Page
Constant Contact Email Manager
Integration with Social Media
Video that shows you some of the benefits
Constant Contact Pricing
Discount for
prepay and
Constant Contact
Tab on GSCS
Adding a Subscription Tab
on GSCS Facebook Page
click on
the Join
List it asks
for email
it will
ask you for
and what
area of

Adding a Constant Contact
Subscription tab

Adding a Newsletter archive tab

Custom tab

Mirror a current website page

Custom page to promote
membership benefits and
membership form

Sky is the limit any content can be
created and then coded and added
to a tab. Video, Audio,
, etc.
Example of Custom Tab page that
mirrors website page
Mirrors this website page
Example of Custom Tab to
promote membership
Example of Custom Tab page
Content of any kind
Content can include text, hyperlinks to
video, audio,
Facebook changes that
are coming soon

profiles and pages will be switching to a new
look called Timelines soon.

Example of the Profile Timeline

Proposing to add the Mailing list tab on current page
at NO charge to Garden State Chiropractic Society.

Once Timelines go live Page will need to be adjusted.

Total hours donating to GSCS

4 hours
donated are for Laura Gonzalez’s services
Any additional hours or services needed by Virtual
Business Solutions team would be at a discounted rate
of $50 per hour.
Facebook Timeline

Larger Banner image
(Create GSCS banner image to
match this space)

Adjust page so that it is
complimentary and easy for the
viewer to access info about GSCS
Facebook Timeline
sneak peak for
Business Pages
Facebook Timeline
sneak peak for
Business Pages
Virtual Business Solutions
will need access to the

Constant Contact account

Facebook page add user Laura
Gonzalez as admin to GSCS
Facebook page

Contact email address to the
email account that is attached to
Constant Contact and the
Facebook page