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Black Box Corporation.
Black Box Corporation • 1000 Park Drive • Lawrence, PA 15055-1018 • Tech Support: 724-746-5500 • • e-mail:
Connect a small office to the Internet.
Key Features
onnect up to 10 LAN users to a secures all of the stations on your Upgradable
Cremote central LAN or to the local network while still allowing Order the SOHO-to-Branch-
Connects small offices
Internet. Once connections are up access to the Internet. Office upgrade to add support for
with up to 10 PCs.
and running, users can remotely NAT and DHCP “hide” your IP 15 more users to your router. With
Links to your
access transfer files, send print address from the Internet, adding the upgrade, your router will
jobs, and send and receive email. another layer of security. support up to 25 connections.
enterprise LAN or to
Small-Office ISDN Routers
the Internet.
Tight-fisted Manageable
enable users to send and receive
To minimize ISDN charges, Small-Office ISDN Routers
Provides bridging,
data at 64 or 128 kbps.
routers automatically disconnect support SNMP, Telnet, and a
IP routing, and
Each router is a fully
from the ISDN connection during NetWizard Configuration GUI that
functional 802.3 Ethernet protocol
compression over a
idle periods. The router uses can be used from any Java-
transparent MAC layer bridge
PPP ISDN connection. spoofing to suspend the call and enabled Web Browser.
with a 10K MAC address table.
“spoof” the line when inactivity is
For additional functionality
Supports an ISDN BRI
Each is a DHCP Server with ICMP
detected. The router then
Choose the router with PPP
interface with two Echo verification (and BOOTP
automatically re-establishes the
and Voice (LR1520A-US-R3) to
Relay for handing off DHCP client
64-kbps B-channels. ISDN connection when demand
reduce the number of analog
requests when the DHCP Server
for data transfer is identified. This
phone lines in your office. The
Choose the
is other than this router).
is fully transparent to network
router’s two voice ports enable
LR1520A-US-R3 for
Secure users.
you to connect voice and fax
additional voice, fax,
For security, the router Compression boosts the
features PAP, CHAP, and XID as volume of data sent on the ISDN
and modem support.
It saves the cost of installing
well as NetSAFE firewall security. B channels by as much as 600%.
and paying ongoing charges for a
The NetSAFE firewall prevents This reduces the time needed to
separate analog business
intruders from entering your send data.
telephone line to handle voice and
network via the Internet. NetSAFE
fax traffic.
1/27/2003 #19008
ISDN Router
Link 1
Link 2the ID, and a predefined secret Internet Protocol connects transmitted over a network and
code known only to the peer and gateways at OSI Network Level 3 compared to a table of name-
Router Protocols
the client, and calculates a one- and above. password pairs. The table is
ARP (Address Resolution
way hash. The hash value is sent typically encrypted.
IPX (Internetwork Packet
to the authenticator, which in turn
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)
A TCP/IP protocol which
builds that same string on its side,
A Novell standard. The term
Enables two computers to
associates an IP address to a
and compares the result with the
“IPX” is also used to refer to the
communicate using a serial
hardware address called MAC
value received from the peer. If
family of protocols usually found
interface. PPP is typically used
address. It identifies the correct
the values match, the peer is
on Novell networks, including
for modem connections.
recipient of a data stream by
authenticated. See PAP.
PPP/MP (Point-to-Point
broadcasting a packet containing
DHCP (Dynamic Host
NAT (Network Address Protocol/Multilink Protocol)
the IP address the sender is
Configuration Protocol)
A Point-to-Point Protocol for
interested in communicating with
Assigns IP addresses (TCP/IP)
Translates the source header
ISDN connections which enables
to all PCs attached to your
to stations in a network.
of IP packets, making them
use of both B channels for remote
Ethernet network. The target PC
routable across WANs. This
DoD (Dial on Demand) access to the Internet.
recognizes that the IP address in
enables many users to share a
Automatically drops a
the packet matches its own and
SAP (Service Advertisement
single external IP address at the
connection when there is no data
returns an answer. Protocol)
same time. It also enables your
to pass, reestablishes it
BoD (Bandwidth on Demand) A Novell IPX protocol through
Intranet to use addresses that are
automatically when network
which network resources such as
Automatically uses the
different from what the outside
traffic resumes.
servers make themselves known
standby port to dial out when
Internet thinks you are using,
to clients.
ICMP (Internet Control Message
WAN traffic becomes heavy.
providing an additional layer of
TCP/IP (Transmission Control
BOOTP (Boot Protocol)
A TCP/IP protocol used to
Protocol/Internet Protocol)
Used to obtain TCP/IP
NAPT and reverse NAPT are
report errors. ICMP also includes
A family of protocols that
configuration information from a
features of NAT sometimes
an echo request/reply function
defines the format of data packets
central location on startup.
referred to as Address and Port
that tests whether a destination is
sent across a network, and is the
CHAP (Challenge Handshake Translation.
reachable and responding.
communications standard for
Authentication Protocol)
PAP (Password Authentication
data transmission between
IP (Internet protocol)
CHAP is a heavily encrypted
different platforms.
A TCP/IP protocol which
user authentication scheme. It
A basic form of password
defines how information gets
uses a random value that’s used
authentication in which a user’s
passed between systems across
only once and an ID. The peer
name and password are
the Internet or between networks.
concatenates the random value,
Analog Interfaces: Network Management: SNMP, Humidity: 20 to 80%,
LR1520A-US-R3: (2) RJ-11 ports, In-band management (Telnet), noncondensing
DTMF dialing, Ringer Out-of-band management (Built-
Maximum Altitude Tolerance:
equivalence of 5 (total) in console)
Link Speed: 128 kbps
10,000 ft. (3048 m)
WAN Interface: BRI (U interface for Internet Security: NetSAFE Firewall
Protocols: Routing: IPX™, RIP,
Power: Wallmount power supply,
North America, S/T for Europe
Certifications: FCC Class A; Type 115V (230V power supply
Bridging: 802.3 Ethernet- and International) 2 x 56/64 kbps
Approvals: NI-1 (North America), available on request)
transparent MAC layer
WAN Services: ISDN NET3 CE mark (Europe); 115V
Size: 1.7"H x 5.9"W x 4.3"D
bridging, 802.1D-STP; ®
Switched/permanent channels power supply: UL and CSA
(4.3 x 15 x 10.9 cm)
Security: NetSAFE Firewall, PAP,
(for example, German Monopole approval; 230V power supply
Weight: 0.7 lb. (0.3 kg)
64S and Japanese Super Digital) complies with TUV and VDE
Wide Area: HDLC, PPP/MP, IPCP,
Wide-Area: Data compression Operating Temperature: 35 to 122°F
increased throughput by 600%; (2 to 50°C)
Spoofing: TCP Session
Stac LZS Compression
Keepalives, IP RIP
Broadcasts, IPX Watchdogs,
Bandwidth Management:
IPX SAP Advertisements,
Transparent link activation, time-
IPX RIP Broadcast,
of-day activation, IP destination
Ordering Information
IPX Serializations
address, IP & IPX session traffic,
IP & IPX protocol spoofing
Small-Office ISDN Routers
Black Box offers the best warranty program in the IP with PPP ................................................LR1500A-US-R3
industry—Fido Protection . For more information,
IP with PPP and Voice.............................LR1520A-US-R3
request FaxBack 22512.
SOHO-to-Branch-Office Upgrade ...........LR1500A-UPG