R5000 Series Routers

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R5000 Series Routers
Cost-Effective Frame Relay Connectivity for T1 and DDS
• Built-in firewall to protect LAN
resources from Internet intruders
• Secure VPN options to
interconnect remote offices,
mobile workers and business
The Netopia R5000 Series Routers for CSU/DSU or modem. R5200 models
• Built-in 8-port 10-BaseT
Leased Line connections integrate easy- feature a built-in CSU/DSU for 56K or 64K
Ethernet hub with uplink switch
to-use, powerful business-class features DDS connections, while R5300 models
and a built-in growth path to provide come with an integrated CSU/DSU for
• NAT and MultiNAT for secure yet
small to medium size businesses with a Fractional and Full T1 connections up to
flexible IP configuration
dedicated, high-bandwidth connection to 1.54 Mbps.
• Dial backup options
the Internet or corporate intranet.
Dial backup can be provided through either
The Netopia R5000 Series Routers are an external analog or ISDN modem
compatible with major WAN and LAN connected to the auxserial port, or through
protocols including Frame Relay, PPP, an integrated WAN module installed in the
Cisco-HDLC, TCP/IP and IPX. Secure VPN second WAN port. Integrated dial backup is
provides advanced tunneling and available for DDS on the R5220 (V.90) and
encryption that offers remote users, for T1 on the R5320 ( V.90) and R5331
branch offices and business partners (ISDN). Netopia 5000 Series Routers can be
secure access to the resources on your upgraded to integrated backup by installing
LAN. Dial backup options to analog or an optional V.90 (TER/20) or ISDN
ISDN lines provide redundancy and (TER/31U) WAN module.
ensure the reliability of the connection.
Part Numbers
Netopia’s unique modular architecture
results in unmatched flexibility and a
The R5100 offers connectivity to
R5100 Serial Router
higher return on investment (ROI).
R5200 DDS Router synchronous and asynchronous serial
R5220 DDS Router w/V.90 backup
interface WAN device, such as an external
R5300 T1 Router
R5320 T1 Router w/V.90 backup
R5331 T1 Router w/ISDN backup
TER/AT1 AppleTalk Kit
TE6/DB25 Aux Port Modem Cable Kit
TER/20 V.90 WAN Module
TER/51 Serial WAN Module
8-port Ethernet Hub Optional V.90 or Aux Console DDS or T1 Power
TER/52 DDS WAN Module
Backup Port
w/uplink switch ISDN Port Port
TER/53 T1 WAN Module
PortTechnical Specifications
P Ph hy ys si ic ca al l C Co on nn ne ec ct ti io on ns s A Ad dv va an nc ce ed d F Fe ea at tu ur re es s P Pr ro ot to oc co ol l S Su up pp po or rt t
W WA AN N I In nt te er rf fa ac ce e • D Dy yn na am mi ic c H Ho os st t C Co on nf fi ig gu ur ra at ti io on n P Pr ro ot to oc co ol l • N Ne et tw wo or rk k P Pr ro ot to oc co ol ls s: : IP and IPX routing
( (D DH HC CP P) )N Nu um mb be er r S Se er rv ve er r C Cl li ie en nt t a an nd d R Re el la ay y A Ag ge en nt t: : D Da at ta al li in nk k P Pr ro ot to oc co ol ls s: :
• W WA AN N 1 1: : As a • PPP, Cisco-HDLC and Frame Relay.
DHCP server (RFC 2131), the router allows LAN clients C Co om mp pr re es ss si io on n: : IP Control Protocol (RFC1332), PPP Stac
R R5 51 10 00 0-Serial port for connection to external CSU/DSU
to get their IP address configuration automatically. As LZS Compression Protocol, Ascend LZS Compression
R R5 52 20 00 0
-Integrated CSU/DSU with RJ48 interface for
a DHCP client (RFC 2152), the router can acquire IP Protocol, Van Jacobson Header Compression.
DDS connections up to 64 Kbps
configuration information from a remote server. As a
• A As sy yn nc ch hr ro on no ou us s M Mo od de e: : Serial Interface can be connected
R R5 53 30 00 0-Integrated CSU/DSU with RJ48 interface for
DHCP Relay Agent (RFC1542) the router can forward to an analog modem or digital ISDN TA to get your
fractional T1/T1 connections up to 1.5 Mbps
DHCP requests from LAN clients to a centralized DHCP
connection up and running until your leased line is
• W WA AN N 2 2: : Second WAN interface for integrated V.90 or
ISDN dial backup
• M Mo od du ul la ar r A Ar rc ch hi it te ec ct tu ur re e: : Flexible hardware design lets you • I IP P A Ad dd dr re es ss si in ng g: : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
• A Au ux xi il li ia ar ry y P Po or rt t: : HD15 serial interface to connect to an
add or change connection types by swapping out WAN (DHCP) and BootP servers. Supports up to 8 different
external modem for remote configuration, backup to
module cards. pools of IP addresses (one per subnet) with a
external analog or ISDN modem, or for adding optional
maximum of 512 addresses.
• D Di ia al l b ba ac ck ku up p: : Backup to analog or ISDN modern
features such as LocalTalk-to-Ethernet routing.
connected to auxiliary serial port. Requires Aux Port • S Se er rv ve er r L Li is st ts s: : Allows Web, mail and other hosts on the
L LA AN N I In nt te er rf fa ac ce e
Modem Cable Add-On(TE6/DB25). LAN to be accessible to clients on the Internet when
• 8-port 10-BaseT Ethernet hub
NAT is enabled.
M Ma an na ag ge em me en nt t I In nt te er rf fa ac ce e
• R Ro ou ut ti in ng g: : Transmit and receive RIPv1 and RIPv2
M Ma an na ag ge em me en nt t F Fe ea at tu ur re es s
• Console Management port for direct console (RFC1723) and RIPv1 compatibility mode, up to 16
connections to PC (DB9) or Macintosh (mini-DIN8), static routes with default route and the option to not
• S Sm ma ar rt tS St ta ar rt t: : Application for easy initial router
cables included. advertise routes, configurable with up to 8 subnets on
configuration over an Ethernet network.
LAN with DHCP pool associated with each subnet.
• Remote out-of-band management available over
• E Ea as sy y S Se et tu up p: : Menu-driven console screens step through
modem connection, requires add-on Aux Port Modem • W WA AN N I IP P I In nt te er rf fa ac ce e: : Numbered or Unnumbered Interface.
required configuration of basic parameters.
Cable (TE6/DB25).
C Co on nn ne ec ct ti io on n p pr ro of fi il le es s: :
• T Te ex xt t- -b ba as se ed d C Co on nf fi ig gu ur ra at ti io on n: : Enables configuration files • Specify configuration information
• Inband management via Telnet, SNMP or Web. for up to 15 Virtual Private Network Tunnels in addition
to be uploaded remotely via TFTP.
to a primary WAN connection.
• W We eb b B Ba as se ed d M Ma an na ag ge em me en nt t: Web-based tool displays
current router activity including most recent
S Se ec cu ur ri it ty y F Fe ea at tu ur re es s
connection statistics and more.
• B Bu ui il lt t- -i in n F Fi ir re ew wa al ll l: : Pre-configured firewall to disallow all
• M Ma an na ag ge em me en nt t S Se ec cu ur ri it ty y: : Password-protected with up to 4
F Fe ea at tu ur re e A Ad dd d- -o on ns s
inbound traffic originated from the Internet; NetBIOS
user names and passwords.
• A Ap pp pl le eT Ta al lk k K Ki it t: : Interconnect remote AppleTalk networks
filters pre-configured to optimize performance of DSL
• L LE ED Ds s: : 21 diagnostic lights for at-a-glance management
using AURP or provide Internet access to older
link. Includes IP & IPX (RIP and SAP) filtering; Filter
of Ethernet, WAN and power connections.
Macintosh networks via Mac IP and LocalTalk to
packets on WAN or VPN tunnels for source/destination
• F Fi ir rm mw wa ar re e: : Upgrade firmware in flash memory via TFTP
Ethernet routing. (TER/AT1)
address, service and protocol. Up to 255 rules in up to
or X-Modem transfer using modem or direct cable
8 filter sets.
• A Au ux x P Po or rt t M Mo od de em m C Ca ab bl le e: : Use to connect DB25
connection; configuration retained with upgrades;
• S Se ec cu ur re e V VP PN N: : Set up encrypted Virtual Private Networks
connector on analog or ISDN modem to router for
battery backup to protect configuration across power
for building intranets and extranets to serve remote
backup or remote management. (TE6/D25)
users, branch offices and business partners. Integrated
• I IC CM MP P P Pi in ng g: : Tests IP connectivity from router to local or
PPTP Access Concentrator (PAC) and Network Server
remote site.
(PNS) functionality compatible with Microsoft Windows
• T Tr ra ac ce e R Ro ou ut te e: : Determines routing path to particular host
95/98/NT Dial-Up Networking clients and NT Servers. W WA AN N M Mo od du ul le es s
name or IP address.
Can replace NT server to provide VPN access to remote
• T TE ER R/ /2 20 0: : V.90 Integrated Backup Module
• T Tr ri iv vi ia al l F Fi il le e T Tr ra an ns sf fe er r P Pr ro ot to oc co ol l ( (T TF FT TP P) ): : Allows remote
users. Also includes ATMP for interoperability with
• T TE ER R/ /3 31 1: : ISDN Integrated Backup Module (Requires
upload and download of firmware and configuration
Ascend routers and 56-bit DES Netopia extensions for
firmware upgrade available Q1 2000)
files directly to the router.
an efficient, secure VPN connection between remote
offices using Netopia routers. • T Te el ln ne et t C Cl li ie en nt t: : Provides remote management access to
Telnet hosts on the LAN or WAN.
• N NA AT T/ /N NA AP PT T: : Network Address and Network Address Port
Translation: maps multiple IP clients to ports of one or • S Sy ys sl lo og g C Cl li ie en nt t: : Maintains ongoing activity log on a
P Pa ac ck ka ag ge e I In nc cl lu ud de es s
syslog server.
more externally visible IP addresses. "Hides" all IP
• Netopia Router
addresses on your LAN behind one Internet IP address • S SN NM MP Pv v1 1: : MIB I(RFC 1157) and MIB II (RFC1213),
• One 14.5 ft. RJ45 10-BaseT Ethernet cable
by translating IP addresses on LAN to a single static or Ethernet MIB and enterprise MIB for remote
• Console cable
dynamically assigned IP address on WAN. Allows management using console applications.
mail, Web, PPTP and other servers on LAN to be • CD containing complete documentation, useful
accessible from the Internet (RFC1631). setup programs, Internet browsers and other
• M Mu ul lt ti iN NA AT T: : Sophisticated NAT (RFC 1631) extension that valuable applications
F Fr ra am me e R Re el la ay y
provides security of a NAT "wall" to hide LAN IP • 2 user License of Timbuktu Pro collaboration
• Support for point-to-point and multipoint
addresses on LAN while providing flexible use of all software
networks, either fully or partially meshed; up to 16
addresses offered by an ISP.
Data Link Connection Identifiers (DLCIs).
S Sc ch he ed du ul le ed d C Co on nn ne ec ct ti io on ns s: :
• Connection profiles (ISP
H Ha ar rd dw wa ar re e S Sp pe ec ci if fi ic ca at ti io on ns s
• L LM MI I T Ty yp pe es s: : LMI, ANSI (Annex D) and CCITT (Annex A).
connection or VPN tunnels) can be initiated on a
• M Me em mo or ry y: : 4 MB DRAM memory
• M Ma an na ag ge em me en nt t: : Standard and buffered transmit injection
schedule to define full-time, on-demand, or periodic
management supported; configurable data flow • E En nv vi ir ro on nm me en nt ta al l R Re eq qu ui ir re em me en nt ts s: : Operating: 0° to +40°
connections. Up to 16 connections can be scheduled
parameters for default and on per DLCI basis; C. Storage: 0° to +70° C (20 to 80% non-
including blackout periods and on-demand connection
congestion management enable/disable.
• F Fr ra am me e R Re el la ay y S Sm ma ar rt tM Ma at tc ch h: : Auto discover configuration
• P Po ow we er r R Re eq qu ui ir re em me en nt ts s: : AC 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz; 1.2A
parameters of Frame Relay partners through LMI.
• D Di im me en ns si io on ns s: : 9.45” (240 mm) wide X 2.25” (57.2
InverseARP to automatically configure IP and IPX
mm) high X 7.95” (202 mm) long
routing tables.
• W We ei ig gh ht t: : 1lb, 14 oz (851 g) (unit carton)
• UL Listed, CSA Approved, FCC part 68 and part 15,
Class A
C Co or rp po or ra at te e H He ea ad dq qu ua ar rt te er rs s E Eu ur ro op pe e A As si ia a P Pa ac ci if fi ic c C Cu us st to om me er r S Se er rv vi ic ce es s
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