Bioinformatics Cyber-infrastructure for Genomics and Proteomics in ...


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Bioinformatics Cyber
infrastructure for Genomics and Proteomics in
Systems Biology


This presentation covers my efforts and projects on cyber
infrastructure establishments in
the Computational Systems Biology Center at the University of Virginia (
UVa) and in the
funded Administrative Center for the National Bio
defense Proteomics Program
on Human Pathogens at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute.

This t
alk includes the
sections: (1) Introduction of concepts on systems biology and

infrastructure, and their correlation for cutting
edge life science research and discovery;
(2) Strategies of genomic sequence annotation, based on the example instances of UVa
based genomics knowledgebases; (3) High performance and throughput

for systems biology data processing, computational process integration,

and search
engine comparison for peptide and protein identification on mass spectrometry
raw proteomics data; (4) Computational software systems and strategies fo
r proteome
quantification and proteomics profiling studies, data mining and target discovery based
on networks and systems biology concepts; (5) Methodologies on implementation of
relational database management system and complex biological knowledge wareh
for proteomics data management, systems biology data integration, biology knowledge
generation and augmentation based on genome
scale systems biology datasets