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(Unstructured Geospatial File Indexer Distributed Dissemination)


Step 1

This project was built using Netbeans

and Maven. In order to contribute to the
project you must install and configure maven for windows. Once you have installed
maven, working on the project is as simple as opening the project in Netbeans via the
highest level pom.xml file (maven). The first
time you build, it will take a second as
maven is downloading all of the dependencies and files required for the build.

Step 2

Use maven to build the war and compile to daemon.

When in the high level directory issue the command:

“mvn clean install”

Step 3

Download and install apache solr. This just needs to be unzipped. Copy the
schema.xml file I have provided and replace the current one under the config directory.
Issue the command,


jar start.jar”

This will start up the solr database.

Step 4

Download and install glassfish. If you download the java package with Netbeans
it is provided and should be installed along side Netbeans. Current working version is
glassfish v3.

Step 5

Now that the build has completed from step 2, copy
the .war file from your target
directory and place it into the “autodeploy” directory of glassfish. This is under

Then issue the command from the glassfish bin directory:

“asadmin start
domain domain1”

This has now deployed

our .war file. You should now be able to browse to

This file defines UGFIDD’s web service interfaces. Allowing others to create clients in
different languages.

Step 6

Download SOAP UI. (


SOAPUI will allow you to test the interfaces and implementation of UGFIDD.

Create a new project in SoapUi and pass it the URL to our WSDL file above. This will
automatically generate xml files which are used to acces

Step 7

Run the daemon from netbeans or compile and run it via the command line. Currently the
monitor directory (where the files you want ingested) is set to C:
monitorDir. This can
easily be changed within the code.


You can now start a
dding Microsoft, PDF and JPEG products into UGFIDD by dropping
them into the folder.

After this you can use SOAPUI to create queries and get published data back, such as