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What’s New
Version 11
Version 1.0 (April 2012)
Plesk Panel
What’s New: Parallels Plesk Panel 11
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What’s New in Parallels Plesk Panel 11
Here are the top new features and improvements in Parallels Plesk Panel 11, Parallels Web Presence
Builder 11, and Parallels Customer & Business Manager 11.

Parallels Plesk Panel 11
Cloud-Friendly Cloning of Images into Leading Virtual Environments
Panel cloning allows you to copy the same Parallels Plesk Panel instance to different virtual machines
without compromising panel operability due to changing IP addresses and other unique entities. To
support Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloning, Parallels Plesk Panel 11 includes tools for preparing images,
automatic reconfiguration to new environments (including KVM, XEN, VMware, Hyper-V), and optional
automated delivery of a license into a new environment. Panel cloning improves resellers’ operational
efficiency and enables them to provision Parallels Panel more broadly and in new and customizable
Cloning is particularly beneficial for:

Fast Panel setup
. If you resell VPS services and want to create virtual machines with Parallels
Plesk Panel on-demand, you can streamline the process by creating an image of a virtual machine
with a specifically prepared Panel and then create new machines from the preset image as many
times as needed.

Panel back-up.
Cloning can also be used as a recovery solution since almost all panel data re
mains. Just copy an existing Panel instance to another virtual machine and then start the machine if
your original machine becomes inoperable.

New feature testing.
By cloning a Parallels Plesk Panel, you can safely test new features or con
figurations, without compromising your production server.
New Look-and-Feel
The Parallels Plesk Panel 11 user interface features an updated, modern look that is organized like, and
functions identically to, Parallels Panel 10, so hosters and end users can transition easily. It’s also easy
to revert to an older skin in Parallels Panel 11, if preferred.
Improved Web Server Performance with NGINX (Linux) Modern Architecture
Improve the performance of the web server that hosts customer websites by installing NGINX, a
supplementary web server based on high-performance architecture. A key advantage of NGINX
over Apache is that NGINX consumes far fewer resources per connection, thus improving server
With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, websites may often be accessed on relatively
slow connections such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G. This requires Apache servers to consume full
resources during the whole connection time; several simultaneous slow connections can significantly
raise the average load. NGINX effectively reduces this latency, improving website performance and user
To leverage all of the benefits of NGINX, Parallels Plesk Panel 11 configures it as a reverse proxy server
between the Internet and Apache. Thus, NGINX becomes a front-end web server that transparently
processes all incoming requests from site visitors. The requests for static files are processed by NGINX
(cache), while all other requests – such as running a PHP script - are sent to Apache servers. Since the
NGINX-to-Apache connection is very fast, Apache resource consumption is greatly decreased which
more than makes up for NGINX’s limited memory footprint.
What’s New: Parallels Plesk Panel 11
© Parallels
Improved Security
Parallels put significant efforts into improving security in order to avert vulnerabilities in Parallels Plesk
Panel 11. These include improved password encryption at all levels, including FTP, database and mail.
Optionally, an administrator can also enforce medium or strong password usage for all users. The new
version will also offer the option for password-protected backup. Additionally, Parallels Plesk Panel 11
can be configured for PCI compliance for users who want to process credit cards via their websites.
Microsoft WebMatrix Configuration
Microsoft WebMatrix provides website owners and web developers with a built-in set of applications and
templates including WordPress and Joomla. WebMatrix transparently configures and publishes this to
a hosting plan using Microsoft Web Deploy without leaving the WebMatrix tool. Parallels Panel 11 can
automatically generate a WebMatrix configuration file that can be downloaded and installed to enable
automatic publishing and updates of WebMatrix web projects to a Parallels Panel server. And,

if Microsoft Web Deploy is not already installed on your server, Parallels Panel can install it.
Uninstall Panel Components (Windows)
Administrators using Parallels Panel 11 for Windows can now uninstall either individual components

or the entire deployment of Parallels Panel via the Microsoft Windows Server Control Panel.
Enable More APS Applications with Expanded APS 1.2 Compliance
Parallels Plesk Panel 11 expands supports of the Application Packaging Standard (APS) 1.2 Standard,
as well as automated License provisioning for APS applications, providing a smoother end-to-end
experience for application installation. APS Applications can now request certain DNS configurations
for a site, or require a specific Apache module or PHP setting. With greater support for APS 1.2, the
selection of available applications will grow even more quickly, since a broader range of open source and
commercial applications can be installed into the Panel, and provided or upsold to hosting customers.
Parallels Plesk Panel Software Development Kit (SDK)
Customizing and adding onto Parallels Plesk Panel with extensions has never been so easy. Use the new
Software Development Kit (SDK) to learn how to extend Parallels Plesk Panel to meet your unique needs.

Parallels Web Presence Builder 11
Parallels Web Presence Builder is an integrated website building tool for Parallels Plesk Panel. Web
Presence Builder is developed and shipped by the Parallels Panel team, and is typically updated in synch
with Parallels Plesk Panel and versioned similarly. Here’s what’s new in Web Presence Builder 11:
Website Dashboard
Parallels Web Presence Builder 11 provides a one-stop information hub for website administrators to
view health and completeness indicators and visitor statistics (based on Google Analytics) including:
visits, unique visitors, page views, average page views, average time on site, new visitors, visitors’
demography, traffic sources, and browser statistics. Website owners can also review comments left
on their websites (based on the integrated Disqus page commenting social media service) and E-Shop
orders (based on integrated Ecwid ecommerce and shopping cart services).
More Website Design Options
Web Presence Builder 11 features new and improved page design options such as columns and
rounded corners for headers, footers, sidebars, and other content. Place drag-and-drop modules side-
by-side, up to three across, with automatic column creation, and mix both fixed-width and elastic-width
objects and columns.
What’s New: Parallels Plesk Panel 11
© Parallels
Website Optimization for Mobile Phones
Web Presence Builder 11 is optimized to ensure websites render appropriately on mobile devices.
More Templates for Small Businesses
With our newest version, choose from more than 100 topics (also known as templates) pre-populated
with relevant graphics, site structures, and text content geared toward a wide range of small businesses
and organizations. Greater design and layout flexibility enables more compelling and unique websites.
Image Gallery Pagination
Now owners of large image galleries can define gallery paging for better navigation, usability, and page
Consolidated Design Tab
Web Presence Builder 11 combines the former Layout and Style tabs into a single Design tab to improve
usability and conserve screen space.
Drag-and-Drop Logo Module
Easily add the website logo anywhere using the drag-and-drop module provided in Web Presence
Builder 11.
Header Image Flexibility
Web Presence Builder header images can now be used in any content area for greater flexibility in
website design.

Customer & Business Manager 11
Parallels Customer & Business Manager is a billing and automation tool for web hosts using Parallels
Plesk Panel. Customer & Business Manager is developed and shipped by the Parallels Panel team,
and is typically updated in synch with Parallels Plesk Panel and versioned similarly. Here’s what’s new in
Customer & Business Manager 11:
“Pay as You Go” Pricing
Keep your customer websites functioning without disruption and identify upsell opportunities with this
new feature. Configure Parallels Customer and Business Manager to automatically charge for plan
overages on a pay-as-you-use basis.
Upsell Domain Names
With Customer & Business Manager 11, you can enable customers to purchase domain names for their
website sites right from Parallels Plesk Panel. They can also select a preferred domain name service
provider, and add these to their Customer & Business Manager storefront and service plans.
Upsell SSL Certificates
With Customer & Business Manager 11, you can enable customers to purchase SSL Certificates for their
websites from Parallels Plesk Panel. The hoster can select their preferred SSL Certificate authority, and
add these options to their Customer & Business Manager storefront and service plans.
Affiliate Relationships
Hosting customers earn can revenue or service credit by advertising products and services on their
websites and by driving new customers and business to their own website hoster.