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1.089 εμφανίσεις - But it is only under the hands of our carefully selected craftsmen that our stainless steel ladders attain ther exclusive aura.

Modern stainless steel ladders are for more than just libraries.

Wine cellars could use a lift from a stainless steel


Put one in your large, walk in closet, with shelves stacked tall with your clothing
and accessories.

We have ladders that go around corners, ladders that retract up against the
wall, ladders for every use.

If you need to get up in this world, give us a call and you’ll get just the right
ladder to fit your needs.

Under the skilled hands of specialized Ge
rman Artisans, we offer the world’s
most functional and creative architectural sliding ladders.

Based on the creative ideas of our Engineering Department and state of the art
machinery and innovative CNC technology, we start our ground work.

But it is on
ly under the hands of our carefully selected craftsmen that our
stainless steel ladders attain their exclusive aura.

At Specialty Doors our goal is to assist you in every step of your planning process
with friendly, knowledgeable guidance from start to fi

MWE's sliding ladder line represents the long
awaited response to many customers' need for
flexible and elegant solutions in special interior
design scen

The SL.6010 sliding ladder model is available with
wooden or metal steps.

The SL.6020 sli
ding ladder is manufactured
entirely from stainless steel.

Beside to the standard model MWE offers
another version with a stainless steel hand rail.

SL.6040 is an innovative sliding ladder for very
high shelves that guarantees absolute
stability in
spite of its length.

No matter if ascending or descending,
SL.6040 always offers maximum comfort and
safety due to the ladder beam extensions.

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