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By: Gilberto De La Rocha

To provide a non

profit organization who
specializes in working with youth with limited
resources the opportunity to conduct their
operation in a more proficient manner.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking software provides a
whole new way to interact with a PC, using speech
instead of a keyboard and mouse to help you work
faster and more efficiently. Dragon turns ideas into
text at the speed of thought so you can communicate
more freely and persuasively. Just say words and
watch them appear on the computer screen. On
average it is three times faster than typing and with
minimal or no typos. Tell your PC what to do, and it
obeys your commands!

Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right
out of the box

Creation of documents, reports, spreadsheets,
or messages just by speaking

Ability to compose emails or search the Web
for information faster than ever with Dragon
Voice Shortcuts

Nuance Text
Speech technology that reads
screen text in human
sounding synthesized

Dragon Voice Shortcuts that let you create
email, schedule appointments, and search your
desktop using simple voice commands

Creation of custom commands for inserting
frequently used text and graphics or
automating routine data entry

The software has three primary areas of functionality:
dictation, text
speech and command input. The user
is able to dictate and have speech transcribed as
written text, have a document synthesized as an
audio stream, or issue commands that are recognized
as such by the program. In addition, voice profiles can
be accessed through different computers in a
networked environment, although the audio hardware
and configuration must be identical on both machines.

Staff can spend more time working out on the field with the
youth than sitting in front of a computer typing paperwork

It would promote a more positive work environment do to
the fact that staff and volunteers would concentrate more on
doing their labor of joy instead of consuming their time on
clerical work

It would greatly benefit the youth because staff would be
able to take on larger case loads . Therefore, more kids in
need would get the help that they need.

Works with Most

Fast, Accurate

Control Your
Computer by Voice

Requires great skill
in order to be fast &

No voice control

Causes strain on
hands and wrists