Voice Recognition Basics

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Voice Recognition Basics

Dragon Natural Speaking 8

Not compatible with Microsoft Office 2007

Dragon Pad
to do all exercises

Use headset provided or bring your own

Enunciate clearly

Train the system properly

With proper training, mot can achieve
accuracy at speeds between 100
200 words
per minute

Do not correct mistakes until you learn the
proper technique

correct each and every mistake in the
proper way

Do not use your mouse to correct mistakes

Trains your computer to understand your

Creates your personal profile

Save your personal profile to your “H” drive

Open your personal profile from your “H” drive

Speak clearly, naturally, and consistently


Imagine that you are reading a story to a
group of 3


Read aloud in the exact way that you intend
to talk to the computer in the future

Follow the instructions from the teacher

Do NOT work ahead