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SCHOOL & Sixth Form

Cashless Catering

June 2013


A new system that gives students and staff the ability to
purchase from the canteen at breakfast, break and lunch
time without needing to pay in cash

A computer system which works together with our
existing finance system used for recording income from
trips, music tuition and purchases from the ‘shop’ in

Enables parents/carers to pay for dinners online in the
same way as other items


Provides a quicker, more efficient service for you in the
canteen and Pit Stop

Reduces the risk of money being lost or stolen

Ensures your dinner money is spent on your dinner!

Promotes healthy eating

Enables your parents to see what you have eaten

Helps cut down on the administration required in
counting, banking and recording all the monies collected
via the canteen

Lots of schools now using the system

we don’t want to
get left behind

How ?

New computerised tills installed in the canteen

Every student has an online account set up using information
from SIMS

This information has been transferred onto a proximity fob.
This is not the same as the biometric system used in the
library. It works by scanning the fob over a reader at the till
and is much quicker and safer than biometrics

How (2) ?

The information held on the fob will be unique to you
and include:

Your name

Year group/Tutor group


Any food allergy information

Daily spend limit

Students entitled to a free school meal or breakfast
will have their account credited on a daily basis


What you need to
do now…..

Ensure your account is registered with the school’s online
payment system

Emails have been sent out

information is available on the school website

Please ask the person who normally pays for your dinners
to ensure this has been done.


Ensure your account is in credit ready for Monday

By Friday 14


You will be issued with your unique fob via your
tutors ready to go live on Monday 17


Remind your parents when you go home that
your account needs some credit



Remember to bring your fob with you!

Simply select your purchases

as normal from the canteen

or Pit Stop and instead of

handing over cash at the till

you will need to present

your fob to small reader


Is my name on the fob?

No, the fob is plain with the

logo and Post code. It will be
linked to your SIMS record by a unique and unidentifiable number

What happens if I forget my fob?

The canteen staff can access your account name

Can anyone else use my fob if I loose it?

No, when you present your fob your photo is displayed on the screen
and your identity will be verified before the purchases are made

Can I lend my fob to my friend?

No, due to photo recognition. We do not encourage students to buy
food for their friends

I have an allergy, what happens if I try to buy something
that I am allergic to?

An alert message will come up on the screen and you will not be able
to proceed. You will be asked to select something different

FAQ cont

What happens if there is no money in my account

will I miss out on lunch?


If you realise your account is empty before break time we can
contact your parents and ask them to top up your account
ready for lunch time

if you have cash with you, you can convert your cash at the
cash till

In emergencies we can issue a temporary card to allow you to
buy lunch but we would contact your parents

Access to the internet at home is not always available.
How can I top up my account

There is a limited availability to top up using cash in school.
You will need to visit the Finance Office to put your cash onto
your account



How much can I spend each day?

A limit of £5 has been set by the system which will include
breakfast, break and lunch time sittings.

If your parents request a lower limit the system will be
amended to reflect this so please check at home before
Monday 17th


Parents must activate your online account as soon as

Fobs to be given out Friday 14


Accounts must be in credit by Monday 17


Enjoy the faster, more efficient service which will be
available, and

Remember to eat healthily….