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What is Biometric identification

Biometrics is the use of automated methods to recognize a person
based on a physical characteristic.

Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of highly
secure identification solutions.

Examples of biometric technologies include fingerprint, face, retinal,
and iris recognition

Why the fingerprint

Fingerprinting is the oldest & most mature biometric science.

Fingerprint technology provides the most cost effective biometric
solution on the market.


M2SYS Biometrics

How Biometrics Works

Enrollment process

During student enrollment, the software extracts a unique fingerprint
pattern from the scanned image. This data is referred to as the
Biometric Identity Template.

The unique fingerprint pattern is made up of minutiae points. The
orientation of these points within the pattern is what differentiates one
fingerprint from another.

Meal Service

As students pass through the lunch line, their scanned finger is
recognized by the biometric identification system to access their meal

Biometric Privacy Concerns

What are the


Essentially, there are no


The M2Sys solution does not store an image of the student/adult

The captured data is secured using a 128
bit encryption scheme.

It is impossible to recreate a fingerprint image.

What are the


Parents or guardians may object to having their child “fingerprinted”
relating to privacy infringement.

Parents may be concerned that the biometric ID can be stolen or shared
with other authorities.

Parents may create a public relations issue for the district if not given an
option for an alternative method of identification with the POS system.

Things to consider:

15 seconds to enroll a student/adult (240 people/hour).

Enroll students in batches

similar to school pictures.

Be sure to communicate the enrollment plan to all faculty.

Have alphabetized printouts of all students & adults (and their ID #s) at
each enrollment location.

Instructing each student on how to properly place their finger on the reader
will cause some delay.

All students should use the same finger (index finger) when enrolling.

Provide an alternative method of identification for the students whose
parents do not want their fingerprint scanned. (Pinpads, Barcode scanners,
Name Search, etc.)



Integrating Biometrics at the Serving Lines

Identifying students can take anywhere from 1
5 seconds
(depending upon quality of print).

Identifying Elementary students may take a few seconds longer compared to
Middle/High school students.

Biometrics is

a faster method to identify students.

Computer Speakers at the Serving Line are highly recommended
for positive/negative read feedback.

Student Pictures can be incorporated for additional identification

Misidentification at the Serving Line is almost non
existent due to
the sensitive nature of the Biometric reader.

Dry, coarse hands are very difficult to identify. Some fingers may
never be able to be read.

Biometric Identification

Community acceptance

Notification to families should be communicated early. Media coverage?

Network connection not required while serving breakfast/lunch

If network connectivity is lost, system still operates stand alone.

A very small percentage of prints may not be able to be enrolled

There is room for human error during enrollment process

Enrollment can be time consuming

An enrollment schedule needs to be created

and communicated to coincide with roll
out of system.

Miscellaneous Information

System Requirements


2000 (Hamster Only), XP

512 MB Ram or greater

1.2 GHz CPU or greater

Network Requirements

Windows Domain User Authentication

wired Connection

Technical Specifications

Sample Notification Letter to Parents

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