Jim Schwamb, BayCare Health System


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Jim Schwamb, BayCare Health System

Thomas Yoesle, Orlando Health

Jose Rivera, Orlando Health

Formed 2004 with support of PwC

Dynamic survey of industry KPIs

Membership Requirements

One billion in net revenue

Operating CBO

Able to identify and report representative KPIs


Share valid KPIs on annual basis

Share responses to challenges

Share best practice approaches

No benchmarking tool that was valid

Ability to collect and share data annually

Ability to discuss/agree on KPI definitions

Ability to revise KPI definitions as our industry shifts

No tool that was specific to large CBOs

Need to network

Without distractions

Need to improve performance

Share successes and “non

four CBOs

In Florida


Lee Memorial

Orlando Health


Other states represented (NE, MN, KY, MO, VA,
PA, CO, OK, LA, TN, IA, NC, GA, IL, TX, and Al).

Review of annual KPI Survey

Time to discuss KPI definition/interpretation changes

5010 & ICD
10 readiness

Patient Access quality issues

Policy & Procedure discussion

Regulatory requirements & how we have addressed them

Biometrics for patient ID

Time of service estimates & solutions

ho has implemented what vendor? How was the

Vendor discussion

Who are you using?

For what?

How is the performance?

What KPI’s define success for the vendor?

Predictive analytics for charity and form 990H

What BI systems are being used for predictive analytics?

Employee turnover & retention strategies

What training programs are being used/outsourced?

What incentive program structures are effective?

Accountable Care preparedness

What I.T. infrastructure can handle an ACO model?

Productivity enhancers

Carrot vs. Stick? Automation is key!

Selling Bad Debt

What does the market look like across the country?

Round table discussion

Each System Reports The Following:

Services billed (i.e. hospital, physician, homecare)

Systems Software Used

Cost to Collect (Total, CBO, PAS, HIM)

First Bill Pass Yield

Net A/R Days

DNFB & Hold Days

Collection % by Payer

Bad Debt & Charity Write

Uninsured and Prompt Pay Discounts


Upfront Cash Collection to gross revenue (ER & other)

FTEs per 1000 claims (by function)

Salary Survey

Things are not going to get any easier

Medicare and Medicaid spending cuts

Technology changing rapidly

Larger Health Systems

Standardization more difficult

Our patients are changing

New healthcare models

CBOs with the most outsourcing have the
higher cost to collect (FTEs aren’t bad)

Training and managing quality of registrars is

Assertive upfront cash collection translates to
lower A/R days

The annual meeting has had many wins

Learning new approaches


Seeing different shops

“best two day meeting I have ever attended”