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IndIa’s Game
sTUdIO dIrecTOry
The gaming forum came into existence six years back to provide a common platform where best
practices and knowledge, both from the business and the development perspective could be shared.
The Gaming Forum has five active city chapters – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Bengaluru
– each of which regularly hosts developer meetups. It also organises the annual NASSCOM Game
Developers Conference which is the premier industry event in India.
India’s Game
Studio Directory
In this collaborative endeavour, the NASSCOM Gaming Forum releases the Indian Game Studio
Directory. By doing this, we hope to create better awareness for those individuals who have no base
of reference but want to know more about the Indian gaming organisations ever-so present in our
flourishing industry.

The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. NASSCOM
disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information. NASSCOM
shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein, or for
interpretations thereof.
The material in this publication is copyrighted. No part of this report can be reproduced either on paper
or electronic media without prior permission in writing from NASSCOM. Request for permission to
reproduce any part of the report may be sent to NASSCOM.
Usage of Information
Forwarding/copying/using in publications without approval from NASSCOM will be considered as
infringement of intellectual property rights.
It was 16 years ago when a games evangelist from Intel convinced a young entrepreneur in Bengaluru
to shift his small multimedia start-up into the ‘cool and exciting’ field of games, giving India its first
games developer. Two years later, in 1999, another young entrepreneur in Mumbai founded a VC
funded games portal during the dot-com boom, and in Delhi a young team began hosting the first
game servers in India. These were clearly early days and these organisations were fuelled more by
passion than business opportunities. While there was no denying that India was potentially a huge
market with 1 billion people, in which over 350 million were below the age of 18, India then had no
gaming culture and low social acceptance, and very few had access to gaming consoles or to the PC.
Things started changing with the Mobile revolution which started in earnest in 2003, and the advent
of Java based phones with colour screens gave gaming the first real opportunity to connect with the
mass market consumer. In 2006, the Xbox360 was launched in India, followed closely by Sony with
its PS2, PSP and PS3 launches, that were supported with locally made games. In 2007, riding on the
growing internet base, a large corporate house launched a gaming site with big ticket investments
and TV commercials during prime-time exhorting Indians to play games. But it was really the coming
of social networks and proliferation of economic ‘feature’ and ‘smart’ phones that gave gaming its
biggest boost in India. The industry has been growing at a CAGR of 36 per cent since 2009, and it is
expected to grow even faster in the next five years with growing smartphone penetration, cheap 3G
and 4G services and continued exponential growth of social networks.
The developer community grew slowly during the 1997 to 2005 period, with game services
and mobile games being the focus areas. Global players started setting up back-ends in the
second half of the decade. 2009 saw a few organisations getting into PS2 development with
Sony’s support, but it was the ‘Angry Birds’ effect that really triggered the growth of the
ecosystem, with a number of startups blossoming across the country developing smartphone
and tablet games.
The Nasscom Gaming Forum was formed in 2006 to support and nurture the growing ecosystem, and
today it has city chapters in seven cities with quarterly meetups, a ‘must attend’ conference that’s
doubling in size every year and a very active Facebook group with over 2,100 members. NGF has released
reports and whitepapers on the Indian games industry, and it lobbies with the government to get the
sector the support it needs.
This year, we are proud to present the very first Indian Game Studio Directory. All the entries and
information have been provided by the respective organisations through an online survey, and it
generated some interesting data. As of today, we have around 125 developers in India, with over 35 per
cent being startups or Indies with team size less than 10 people. 34 organisations have between 10 and
50 people, and there are 28 organisations with over 100 people. Mumbai – Pune region is the biggest
hub, followed by Bengaluru and Hyderabad. There are organisations all over India, and in small cities
like Kanpur and Patna. 21 are purely into providing services, 30 are purely creating their own IP and 62
organisations do both.
These are truly exciting times for the Indian Gaming Industry, as it discovers and capitalises on the
market opportunities both in India and abroad. Many of these organisations will go on to become
super successes,yet many will fail, that is the very nature of a dynamic and fast growing industry. As
for me, I more excited now than I was 16 years back when I got sold on the idea of getting into games.
I hope you find this directory useful.
rajesh rao
NASSCOM Gaming Forum
Founder and CEO, Dhruva Interactive.
India’s Game
Studio Locations
[x]cube GAMES 08
3 Quavers 08
7 Levels Studio 09
7Seas Entertainment Limited 09
Adobe Systems Incorporated 10
Amitech Business Solutions 10
Ani2Pix 11
Animantz Creative Animators Private Limited 11
Artemy Studios 12
Ashoka Information Systems 12
Autodesk 13
Axham Games 13
Axis Entertainment Limited 14
Babel Media (Quatrro Interactive
Entertainment Services) 14
Bhalerao Enterprises 15
Bhramm Technologies Private Limited 15
Bixenta Info Technologies Private Limited 16
BlueGiant Interactive Technologies Private Limited 16
Bright Ants 17
CGManifest 17
ChaYoWo Technology Solutions Private Limited 18
Citrix 18
Codelinegames 19
Csharks Games & Solutions Private Limited 19
Dew software inc./Mobility group 20
Dhruva Interactive 20
DigiKhel 21
Digital Chocholate IT and Gaming Solutings 21
Digital Vector 22
DSK Supinfocom International Campus 22
Dumadu Games Private Limited 23
Electronic Arts Games India Private Limited 23
Ennovations Techserv Private Limited 24
Epoch studio 24
Frozen Digit Technologies Private Limited 25
Fun Element 25
GameTantra 26
Gameshastra Solutions Private Limited 26
Gamineazy Entertainment Private Limited 27
Gamooga SoftTech Private Limited 27
Global Institute of Gaming and Animation (GIGA –
A division of Centum learning Limited) 28
GoLive Gaming Solutions Private Limited 28
HashCube Technologies Private Limited 29
Hashstash Studios 29
Hedgehog lab 30
Hungama Game Studio 30
Ibexis studios 31
Idealabs Interactive 31
Immersive Games 32
Indiagames 32
Indusgeeks Solutions Private Limited 33
InoXapps Mobile Solutions Private Limited 33
Intelliob Technologies Private Limited 34
InventVALLEY Software LLP 34
IronCode Gaming Private Limited 35
Ironjaw Studios 35
Jawmask Studios 37
Lakshya Digital 37
Love Handle Developers 38
Maharaja Games 38
Manthan Studio 39
Mech Mocha Game Studios 39
MediaTek India 40
Medma Infomatix Private Limited 40
Milestone Interactive Group 41
MIT Institute of Design 41
Mizcoin 42
Mobox Labs 42
Nextwave Multimedia Private Limited 43
Ofio Labs 43
Orange Byte Studios 44
Pacnet 44
Pichuka Labs 45
Pinaka Interactive 45
Pinigames 46
Pixelloid 46
Pixeltek Gaming Solutions Private Limited 47
PlayBuff Studios Private Limited 47
Playpower Labs 48
Playright Studios 48
Pyrodactyl Games 49
RJ Softwares 49
Rolocule Games 50
RZ2 Games Private Limited 50
S.A.G.E. Studios 51
Shephertz Technologies Private Limited 51
Shivam Sai Gupta 52
SKJ Technologies Private Limited 52
SmartCloud Infotech Private Limited 53
Source Animation Private Limited 53
Spiel Studios 54
SQS India Infosystems Private Limited 54
Systematix Infotech Private Limited 55
Tata Elxsi Limited 55
Tavant Technologies 56
Technicolor India Private Limited 56
The Awesome Game Studio 57 57
This Way Up 58
Toonz Animation India Private Limited 58
Trine Games 59
Tuttifrutti Interactive 59
Ubisoft Entertainment India Private Limited 60
UnderDOGS Gaming Studio 60
VectaGames 61
Virtualinfocom 61
VirtualSoft 62
Vril Interactive 62
Xaxist Arts LLP 63
Xoriant 63
Xtreme Gaming Private limited 64
Yellow Monkey Studios Private Limited 64
YesGnome, LLC 65
Zatun 65
[x]Cube GAMes
3 QuAvers
Game design in the social gaming space is a whole new beast, and
we are one of the few organisations to have genuine expertise in
this area.
Social games need high quality, consistent art and a continuous
supply of new content. Our experience in developing some of the
most successful social games makes us the preferred partner for
anyone looking to enter this spae.
Each mobile platform has its own unique challenges. With our
in-house technology, specially developed for social games, we
can take your idea to market quickly and to multiple platforms
simultaneously. We offer continuous, long-term QA support that
focuses on delivering a stable, bug-free game which is also fun,
well-designed, and internally consistent.
At the core of it, we are a bunch of creative heads. Our team
is a freelance pool of composers, sound designers, artists,
photographers and videographers. We identify the right talent
and bring together a unique blend of skillset which best suits the
purpose and project.
Sound design for video games is our flagship vertical and we are
a one-stop solution to all your game audio needs. Right from
compositions for menu and in-game music to creating custom
sound effects and sound design across various different platforms;
we do it all. An absolute 360 degree production entirely freelance
and artist-based, virtually employing a wide array of talented
people whether a game needs a full audio teams support or just
one person. From working onsite for AAA productions to a one man
gig operating from a remote corner of the world – we want to work
for all kinds of games.
ravi Korukonda
Banjara Hills, Road No. 2, Hyderabad
Contact No.: +91-9849243445
santosh chowgule
102, Primrose, Esteem Gardenia, Sahakar Nagar,
Bengaluru – 92
Contact No.: +91-9632766287
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: 301-500
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
7seAs entertAinMent
7 LeveLs studio
7 Levels Game Studio develops casual, social and serious games on
mobile and web platform.
It makes original IP games for the personal development and
wellness market. Our mission is to make games that are fun, easy
to learn, that educate, entertain and engage players for healthy
lifestyle and self-growth.
It also offers third party game development services that include
art, design, engineering and production support.
7Seas Entertainment Limited is India’s first unique Independent
Games Development Organisation to achieve the prestigious ISO
9001:2000 certification. The organisation based at Hyderabad,
focuses on developing Online, PC, Mobile and Console games and
releasing them into the international market. 7Seas has 100%
subsidiary in USA – Fortune7 Inc. for publishing and distribution
of PC, Console and Mobile games. 7Seas is traded in the
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) under ticker symbol 7Seas (Scrip
code-590116) & listed in the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange (ASE).
7Seas’ unique online casual gaming portal contains hundreds of free online games
and puzzles for all ages and single-player, multi-player games of
all genres. consists multi-language games
including 18 international languages and Indian official languages.
Its online product ‘3D Sudoku World’ released through Trymedia.
com has hit the game box office. It has won laurels with 5 star
ratings from many online distributors. Since its inception, 7Seas
is an active member in prominent IT/Trade bodies viz.NASSCOM,
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Indo-German
Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), ITsAP (Former HYSEA) &FAPCCI.
rudrasen sitoleh
Magarpatta City
Contact No.: +91-8888844470
L maruti sanker
6-3-1239/2/A, Third Floor, Kotis Court, Rajbhavan
Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500082
Contact No.: +91-40-30686161
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
Spiritual games
Year of Establishment: 2006
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
FICCI (Best of Animation Frames – BAF) award for
the year 2011 for its online game The Dark Man
under ‘Best Online Game’ category.
The organisation’s educational games have won
‘India Innovate Contest 2010’ award presented
by Intel.
International St.
India’s Game studio directory
Adobe systeMs inCorporAted
Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media
solutions. Our tools and services enable our customers to create
groundbreaking digital content; deploy it across media and devices;
measure and optimise it over time and achieve greater business
success. We help our customers make, manage, measure and
monetise their digital content across every channel and screen.
Hemanth sharma, shantanu narayan
No.5, Salarpuria Infinity,
Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru
Contact No.: +91-8041939633
Year of Establishment: 1982
Employee Base: 501 and above
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Since 1995, Fortune has ranked Adobe as an
outstanding place to work. Adobe Systems India
was ranked 19
of great places to work in India.
47th In October 2008, Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
was named one of ‘Canada’s Top 100 Employers’ by
Mediacorp Canada Inc.
AMiteCh business soLutions
Amitech is a product-based technology organisation. At Amitech,
we build innovative mobile and web-based products, based on our
own ideas. We have built more than 10 Apps for iOS and Android.
We have a product called All Events, an event portal on which you
can find and share event happenings in the city. In just one year, All
Events became one of the largest event portals of the world having
more than 4M events from 12,000 cities across the world.
amit Panchal
Top Floor, Rangkrupa Complex, Opp. Parimal
Garden, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380006
Contact No.: +91-9909428196
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
In just one year, All Events has got more than
4M events. And now it is one of the largest event
portals of the world.
All Events won the finalist award at mBillionth
South Asia Mobile Awards.
India’s Game studio directory
Our greatest value is felt when it differentiates us from our
competitors sufficiently that customers prefer our offers to theirs
and pays to support that preference. This difference comes out of
our innovation.
Banani Bhattacharyya
203, Solace Plaza, HB Town, Sodepur,
Kolkata – 700110
Contact No.: +91– 9231566434
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC
awards and achievements
Second Prize Tata Udyogparbo and NEN 2008
AniMAntz CreAtive
AniMAtors privAte LiMited
Animantz is as an Animation and Gaming Organisation since 2005.
We have developed around 1,000 minutes of animation and have
created around 300 online flash games. Games like Jurassic Drive,
Year 2012, Donkick were some of our popular games .
Currently, we are working in a 3D animated unity-based video
games in joint venture with Candella, a UK gaming organisation.
We are working on a racing game ‘CHARIOT WARS’ and a first
person shooter game ‘BLOOD GUTS and GLORY’. The teasers of
Chariot wars game was released in March 2012. The mobile version
will be released this November 2012.
Also, we do create games in flash and unity 3D to various clients
world over.
Prabakar T
159, KP Towers, Arcot Road, Vadapalani,
Chennai – 26
Contact No.: +91-9840929191
Year of Establishment: 2005
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Animantz creation FUN RUN, an animated episode,
is one of the nominees in FICCI BAF Award 2012.
India’s Game studio directory
ArteMy studios
AshokA inforMAtion systeMs
Artemy Studio is a Pune-based studio specialising in Animation,
Games and Simulations. The services we offer include Industrial
Simulations, Architectural Walkthroughs, 2D/3D Animation and
visual effects for films, television, commercials, cartoon series
and games. We can also offer services to create serious games for
education and medical applications and education. Further, we can
also help you with product design, catalog designs, presentations
and website design. Our team comprises professionals who are
both creative and technical to design and produce any digital
content you can imagine.
Managed and promoted by group of technically qualified
professionals to ensure that all our buyers get the best deals and
best service at the prices highly competitive in the market.
aniket s Jain
‘Vardaan’, Plot No.1&2, Second Floor, Aranyeshwar
corner, Pune Satara Road, Pune – 411009
Contact No.: +91-8237786702, +91-20-24210027
ramakant Holani
CTC/379, Block’C’, Third floor, Park Lane,
Secunderabad – 500003
Contact No.: +91-9885124607
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 1999
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: PC, Console
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
Autodesk Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and
entertainment software. Customers across the manufacturing,
architecture, building, construction, and media and entertainment
industries – including the last 16 Academy Award winners for
Best Visual Effects – use Autodesk software to design, visualise
and simulate their ideas before they’re ever built or created. From
blockbuster visual effects and buildings that create their own
energy to electric cars and the batteries that power them, the work
of our 3D software customers is everywhere you look.
Axham Games is the umbrella moniker used to describe the games
development division of Axham Technologies, located in Chennai,
India and publishing division of Axham Corporation, located in
Seattle, WA, USA. We are privately funded.
Our focus is the conceptualisation and development of original
games featuring intuitive game play, competitive skill-based
challenges and tight controls.
Our current title (code name: Karmic Pickle) is a turn-based tactical
combat game of plunder with RPG elements. Karmic Pickle has
been in pre-production since January 2012 and is nearly design
complete. Production is expected to begin in Q3 2012.
carl Bass
201-202, Durga Chambers, 386, Linking Road, Khar
(West), Mumbai
Contact No.: +91-1146077200
Vijay Varadan
A-2, First Floor, Rosy Tower, No. 7, Mahatma Gandhi,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034, Tamil Nadu
Contact No.: +91-9940013652
Year of Establishment: 1982
Employee Base: 501 and above
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Multimedia Producer
2005 Making The Cut Award, Bob Turner’s The Cut
Autodesk Flame
2004 Best Compositing System/Best of Show
Award, Digital Video Professionals Association
2003 Editor’s Choice Award, Macworld
Year of Establishment: 2010
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
Axis entertAinMent LiMited
bAbeL MediA (QuAtrro interACtive
entertAinMent serviCes),
Axis Entertainment Limited is a three-year-old India-based gaming
organisation which was formed to create original and innovative
games for a global audience of casual gamers with a specific focus
on creating games which impart learning in addition to having fun.
The casual game titles created by our games studio have been
played by millions of gamers all over the globe on various game
We operate from our 5,000 sq ft game studio located in the heart
of Navi Mumbai. Our 100-seater game studio is located near
Millenium Business Park, Mahape, in the city of Navi Mumbai.
Babel is a division of Quatrro, combining 13+ years of games testing
with 20 years of large scale process outsourcing (BPO) experience.
We are recognised as one of the leading outsourced service
partners to the world’s major games publishers. With facilities at
Montreal, Brighton and Gurgaon, Babel is uniquely positioned to
deliver high quality, fully managed, end-to-end services, focused
solely on the games and interactive market. We are an experienced,
multinational partner with a proven track record delivering within
dynamic business environments.
We offer the following services across PC, Console, Handheld,
Online and Mobile platforms :
QA Testing – Evaluation/Gameplay, Functionality, Localisation, 1.
Compliance, Online/Network, Onsite Hit Squads, Approved Labs
(Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo)
Translation – Translating games into 35+ languages (In Game 2.
Text, Audio Scripts, Marketing Materials, Packaging)
Audio – English or Localised (Casting, US/UK English, 3.
In-country Recording, Audio Direction), In-house Post Production
Print – Design, Layout and Production of Manuals, 4.
Packaging, POS
sapna shah
502, Greenscape Technocity, Near Millenium Business
Park, Mahape, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400701
Contact No.: +91-22-67104816
richard Leinfellner, navdeep rajendra
67, Udyog Vihar, Phase – II, Gurgaon – 122015
Contact No.: +91-124-4561033 Ext.1033
Year of Establishment: 2010
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
SPIL Games, which is a world No.1 leader in the casual
gaming industry acquired the Sara’s Cooking Class
series of games from Axis Entertainment Limited.
We have also recently started releasing games on
Android platform and will soon start developing
games for iphone and ipads.
Year of Establishment: 1999
Employee Base: 301-500
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Microsoft, EA, Sony, Nokia security approved
Xbox 360® approved test house, XBLA® approved
test partner, Sony QAAP – CTS certification partner,
Nintendo approved partner, Vodafone, Nokia and
Java Verified mobile certification partner.
India’s Game studio directory
bhrAMM teChnoLoGies
privAte LiMited
bhALerAo enterprises
Bhalerao Enterprises is a post Sound Hub. We deal with sound
design for games across all platforms, i.e - iOS, Android,
Windows, etc.
We had been working on game development and other animation
and gaming-related services.
abhishek Bhalerao
Virat Dham – 16, 18, Swami Vivekan and Nagar,
Kulgaon Badlapur (E), Thane, Mumbai – 421503
Contact No.: +91-9823624358
Utkarsh shukla
708, Damodar Nagar, Naubasta, Kanpur
Contact No.: +91-9936339580
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Winner fifth prize in MOFILM 2010
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Incubation at IIT Kanpur
India’s Game studio directory
bixentA info teChnoLoGies
privAte LiMited
bLueGiAnt interACtive
teChnoLoGies privAte LiMited
We are a gaming organisation interested and involved in gaming
products in Mobile, Social and Web markets. Our first gaming
portal is going to launch in the first week of January.
Based in Hyderabad, India, BlueGiant Interactive is an independent
developer and publisher of strategy (RTS) games for the PC via
Digital (Steam, Gamers Gate, Game Stop, etc.)
BlueGiant Interactive so far has developed and published two real-
time strategy games ‘APOX and Tryst’ on Steam. APOX is a real-
time strategy game set in a near post apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque
universe; whereas Tryst is again an RTS game set in the distant
future where humans find themselves at war with a mechanical
alien race known as the Zali.
Our core focus has been on IP so far; but we are always looking to
new opportunities and partnerships.
rajendra rowthu
Level2, iLabs, The Oval, Madhapur, Hyderabad
Contact No.: +91-8885152888
Venkata reddy G
3A, Third Floor, Raghuma Towers, Madhapur Main
Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081, Andhra Pradesh
Contact No.: +91-40-23117080
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 2006
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Developed and self-published two titles Worldwide
via Digital (Steam, Gamers Gate, GameStop, etc.) –
APOX and Tryst
India’s Game studio directory
briGht Ants
We have been working on Battle T20 game on Facebook platform.
We have some interesting ideas in pipeline.
CGMANIFEST is an innovative multimedia project consulting unit,
operating from several areas of India with tonnes of creative ideas;
supported by a group of highly experienced professionals with solid
exposure and clear understanding of local Indian and international
market trends.
We render professional multimedia consulting services specialised
in Concept Building, Script/Screenplay Writing, 3D & 2D Content
Creation, Visual FX Animation, High-end Commercials creation,
Designer & Dynamic Web Technologies, Documentation and HTML5
and AS 2.0/3.0 Interactive Games.
Team CGM is committed to deliver the best quality in-time,
focusing on client satisfaction as our primary work factor. We
offer unmatched dedication for getting the best results to achieve
specific goals and target markets of each individual client.
dharamveer singh chouhan
Bright Ants, Hotel Rajputana Palace, Jodhpur
Contact No.: +91-9918464162
Isn Pradeep
8-25, Mangamur Road, Ongole, Prakasam Dt.
Andhra Pradesh
Contact No.: +91-9966770011
Year of Establishment: 2010
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 2006
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Social, PC
awards and achievements
24 fps and Delhi CG awards
India’s Game studio directory
ChAyoWo teChnoLoGy
soLutions privAte LiMited
ChaYoWo Games (ChaYoWo) is India’s leading game development
outsourcing provider, providing innovative solutions in Game
Development, Game Art & Animation, and Game Testing to
the leading game studios in the world. The professional talent
at ChaYoWo through its game architects, software engineers,
coders, testers, artists and animators have among them years
of experience in developing the best of Online, PC/Mac, iPhone
and Social Media games. ChaYoWo’s mission is to enable game
development teams to create more games, more content and more
emotions for their audience while keeping costs under control and
meeting delivery time lines. The organisation incorporated in India
and with office in the US, undertakes both offshore projects and
onshore assignments as per the client requirements. Bulk of game
production work is carried out from its state-of-the-art facility in
Kochi, just one hour south of Bengaluru. ChaYoWo is also backed
by a network of international gaming professionals in the US and
Europe, allowing the organisation to benchmark its practices
and delivery models to the constantly rising global standards of
game production. ChaYoWo’s offshore gaming team has vast
experience in the computer games industry having developed many
games for its clients across the PC/Mac, Web, iPhone and Social
gaming platforms.
Citrix Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS) is the organisation transforming how
people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud
era. With market-leading cloud, collaboration, networking and
virtualisation technologies, Citrix powers mobile workstyles and
cloud services, making complex enterprise IT simpler and more
accessible for 2,60,000 enterprises. Citrix touches 75 per cent
of internet users each day and partners with more than 10,000
organisations in 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2011 was
USD 2.21 billion. Learn more at
Jugul Thachery
Fifth floor, Leela Infoapark, Phase 3, Kakkanad,
Cochin, Kerala
Contact No.: +91-484-4059440
rakesh singh
No. 33, ‘Prestige Dynasty’ Ulsoor Road,
Bengaluru – 560042
Contact No.: +91-99728 79000
Year of Establishment: 2007
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Parking Lot Series Top listed in Apple Stores
Dark Hills of Cherai Top Listed in Big Fish Games
Year of Establishment: 1989
Employee Base: 501 and above
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Zinnov award for reaching out to a large number of
start-ups and successfully evangelising, mentoring,
partnering with them to establish platforms,
filling product portfolio gaps, or fostering new
technology innovations.
India’s Game studio directory
CshArks GAMes & soLutions
privAte LiMited
Codelinegames® is an independent game research and
development studio established with dedicated artists, designers
and programmers. We are located at Visakhapatnam, Andhra
Pradesh, India.
We conduct independent researches on real-time computer
graphics and artificial intelligence.
We deliver high quality concept art, 3D art and animation content
for next gen games, mobile games, TV and home DVDs.
Csharks is game development organisation from Kerala with
talented team of creative people and years of experience. Csharks
manages game development for many platforms that includes
flash, HTML5 and unity for Web, iPhone, iPad and Android for
Mobile and Facebook for social games. Csharks also developes
Advergames, e-learning games and other interactive entertainment
applications. Csharks manages clients from many countries around
the world.
Csharks published more than 130 flash games and distributed
through a number of gaming portals worldwide. Also, Csharks
published iOS games in AppStore and Android games in Google
Play and other portals.
V n subbaraju Varma dandu
D.No. 53-23-4, Chaitanya Nagar, Maddilapalem,
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – 530013
Contact No.: +91-9490035265
eldhose P mathew
25/817, Classic Tower, Kothamangalam, Ernakulam
District, Kerala
Contact No.: +91-485-2825030
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC
awards and achievements
We got membership certificate from Intel® Software
Partner Programme.
We develop our own visual scripting tool
‘Mitochondria™’ for our bots.
We are developing our proprietary game engine
independent frame work, VarmaFxnAI®.
Year of Establishment: 2004
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Platform Golf flash game won award in Sports
Games Competition by MouseBreaker.
We have ported the same game to iOS and Android
Eldhose won Start Entrepreneur Award at Indira
International Innovation Summit.
India’s Game studio directory
deW softWAre inC./
MobiLity Group
dhruvA interACtive
Dew Software Inc. (California) is a US-based corporation focusing
on consulting, staffing and mobility solutions. Dew Mobility is one
of the top world-class leader in software design, development,
integration (for client/server model) and QA services for Android,
iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Nokia Series 40 and Samsung
bada platforms.
Under Mobility Group, Dew has been helping Tier I game publisher
for testing and QA.
These are online, mobile and desktop games.
Dhruva is India’s oldest games organisation and is a leading
provider of game production services to the global games industry
today. Since 16 years, Dhruva has been working with major global
players since its inception and has built unparalleled experience
and expertise in developing games and game content across
multiple platforms. Having worked on over 50 ‘AAA’ titles, Dhruva
is regarded as one of the top service providers in the space. The
organisation has two state-of-the-art studios in Bengaluru.
services offered
Game art: Full range of content creation services: concept art,
asset creation, in-game integration (all platforms)
Game development: Full game development on iOS, Android,
Flash, HTML5
clients: Microsoft, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, THQ, Disney,
Codemasters and many others
suresh deopura
983 Corporate Way, Fremont, CA-94539-6118
Contact No.: +91-510-4909995
rajesh rao
67, First Cross, Fourth Main, Domlur Second Stage,
Bengaluru – 560071
Contact No.:+91-80-25508255, +91-80-25356644
Year of Establishment: 1997
Employee Base: 151–200
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 1997
Employee Base: 201–300
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Dhruva developed games have won five FICCI
BAF Awards, the most won by any game studio
in India.
Secured India’s first million dollar outsourcing
contract on a single game title in 2009.
Featured in Tom Friedman’s bestselling book ‘The
World is Flat’.
India’s Game studio directory
diGitAL ChoChoLAte it And
GAMinG soLutions
DigiKhel is more a sole proprietorship as of now, rather than an
organisation/studio. The organisation’s primary aim has been to
develop casual games for online and mobile audiences.
DigiKhel is so new, that it has not finished its logo yet, leave alone
a prototype!
Digital Chocolate is a leader in social games across rapidly growing
social networks and mobile platforms. Focused on bringing high
quality social games with virtual goods across growing platforms,
the organisation has been known for different award winning
games and works with leading web and mobile channel partners.
The organisation is best known for games including Millionaire
City, Zombie Lane, Army Attack, Tower Bloxx and Rollercoaster
Rush. Digital Chocolate was founded in 2003 by Trip Hawkins and
has operations in San Mateo, Helsinki, Barcelona and Bengaluru.
Cross-platform casual games
Mobile games
Joel Johnson

Contact No.: +91-9663375213
Trip Hawkins/dayanidhi m G
#35, Third Floor, Potential House, JP Nagar Third
Phase, First Main Road, Bengaluru – 78
Contact No.: +91-80-40442000
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 2003
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
‘Best Developer’ and ‘Wireless Game of the Year’
in the 2006 Game of the Year awards
Best Games Developer in ME Awards 2009
Several Pocket Gamer Gold awards for their
mobile titles.
Built a strong presence in the social gaming
environment within a short time.
India’s Game studio directory
diGitAL veCtor
dsk supinfoCoM
internAtionAL CAMpus
Digital Vector is a research and consultancy firm offering services
to leading clients across the world which includes executives,
researchers, analysts and consultants. The analyst team of
researchers and consultants has expertise in various aspects of
industries such as animation, media, retail, life sciences, mobile
technologies, telecommunications and transportation.
Digital Vector publishes research reports that help the clients
formulate and implement strategies by offering expert analysis
and forecasts. It provides key insights into the entire value chain
including market sizing, forecasting, segmentation, competitive
benchmarking, industry and market analysis, product analysis,
trends analysis, organisation profiles, supplier analysis, distributor
analysis and product launch strategies.
DSK Supinfocom International Campus is a high-end vocational
education institute in the futuristic fields of animation, video
game and industrial design established in a 20-acre campus
which is an infrastructural marvel. The institution is a global
collaboration between DSK Group India and Chamber of Commerce
and Industries, Grand Hainaut, France. It is a venture that was set
up with the aim of providing world-class professional education
and a vision of bringing the most advanced equipment, technology
and best of talent together to train the future global citizens in
creative careers.
Contact No.: +91-9886293918
d s Kulkarni
Survey No. 55/54, Tarwadi, Pune-Solapur Road,
Near Loni Toll Naka, Pune
Contact No.: +91-20-66784300
Year of Establishment: 2007
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: PC
awards and achievements
Digital Vector’s custom consulting services are
much valued by clients for its clear, accurate and
executable strategies aimed to increase firm and
customer value and producing measurable results.
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: 151–200
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Best Short Animation film, Pardesi won the Indo-
Canada Student Innovation Awards-ICSIA 2012 at
Pune Design Festival 2012 – Winner and Runner Up
NASSCOM 2011-BuILD Your Own Game-First and
Second Prize.
Tokyo-2011 – Best Creativity Award.
India’s Game studio directory
eLeCtroniC Arts GAMes
indiA privAte LiMited
duMAdu GAMes
privAte LiMited
Dumadu Games is India’s leading mobile game publisher based
in Bengaluru. Expertise in popular smartphone mobile platforms
varies to Windows Phone 7®, Apple® iOS and Android®.
Dumadu’s current employee strength is more than 120. And it
is showing rapid growth with the talented pool of resources and
owning IP rights for over 180+ games in less than two years.
Dumadu Games went global with its presence in Philippines.
We’re EA - we’ve been making games for decades but you wouldn’t
know that walking through our studios. We’re still buzzing with
the same innovative spirit we began with, though we’ve learned
enough to earn our rank as a leading developer, publisher and
distributor of the world’s best games. If you’ve played The Sims
3 lately, you know exactly what we mean. And if you’ve played
Battlefield 3, maybe you’d say that we’ve done real life one better.
Whether you’re plotting a course for SpyMouse on your mobile
or your palms are sweaty from clutching your controller during
intense games of FIFA 12, chances are you’ve played an EA
game. And if you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? In an
industry that’s changing every day – whether it’s through new
social channels, advancing technology, new audiences or unique
opportunities for monetisation – EA is positioned for growth.
Thanks to smart business plans, strategic acquisitions, and most
importantly, our creative people around the world who gather
each day to unite the world through play. We take that last part
very seriously, so if what you’re reading excites you as much
as it does us, spend some time here, get to know us better and
apply today.
narasimha reddy
99, Jakkasandra Industrial Layout, Koramangala
First Block, Bengaluru
Contact No.: +91-9980324430
amol Gurwara
7 Vega, Ascendas The V, 17 Software Units Layout,
Madhapur, Hyderabad
Contact No.: +91-40-40365200
Year of Establishment: 2010
Employee Base: 101-150
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
More than 180 titles went live in two years
Achieved more than 10 million downloads,
on Appstore.
Many of its games have reached top 25 rank in
many countries.
Year of Establishment: 1982
Employee Base: 501 and above
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
FIFA 13, Medal of Honour, Crysis, DeadSprace, Mass
Effect, etc.
India’s Game studio directory
ennovAtions teChserv
privAte LiMited
epoCh studio
Ennovations Techserv Private Limited has got a diverse range
of experience in games development (flash-based, java-based)
for mobile.
Epoch studio is a cutting edge full digital agency.
We deliver the creativity and technical expertise to turn your ideas
into increased business. Whether communicating with potential
customers or your employees, it takes savvy communication skills
to get your ideas across effectively and accurately.
Partho Ghosh
E 57, First Floor, Sector 63, Noida
Contact No.: +91-120-2406287
Email: partho@ennomail.con
mayank Gupta
B-5, Second Floor, Dwarka
Contact No.: +91-9818073878
Year of Establishment: 2007
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC
awards and achievements
ISO 9001: 2008 certified
Year of Establishment: 2003
Employee Base: 11-25
Nature of Business: Social
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
fun eLeMent
frozen diGit teChnoLoGies
privAte LiMited
Frozen Digit started as a game and application porting organisation,
partnering with leading international and local mobile games
publishing and development organisations. By the end of 2008, we
had ported 50+ J2ME games on more than 1,000 handsets for each
game. With the release of iPhone in the year 2008 and later Android
coming into the market, we started conceptualising solutions for
enterprises and provided consultations to Small, Medium and
Fortune 1,000 organisations.
Fun Element is engaged in developing games on Flash, Mobile and
Social platform. We have developed games like Urban Assassin,
Private Hardman on flash and games for brands on social networks.
Our first cross platform mobile title for one of the international
brands in coming out soon.
santoshvyas Joshi
5, Brady Gladys Plaza, 1/447, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013
Contact No.: +91-9820372302
saagar dhoke
44-45/A, Ground Floor, Welfare Chambers, Plot 73,
Sec-17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Contact No.: +91-9324873332
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC
awards and achievements
Frozen Digit was recommended to Mahindra
and Mahindra’s corporate IT as Mobile
technology partners.
Year of Establishment: 2010
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
GAMeshAstrA soLutions
privAte LiMited
Gametantra publishes digitally distributable games for iOS, Android
and the PC. It works closely with game developers to publish top
quality casual and social game experiences for both Indian and
International markets. Based in Bengaluru, India, Gametantra is a
spin-off of Dhruva Interactive, India’s oldest games organisation.
published Games:
Spooky Treats (2012, iOS) free-to-play puzzle game
for Halloween.
Glo – Flo (2011, iOS) Distributed by Capcom Mobile in USA, the
puzzle game reached 43rd in USA paid charts.
Bazzle (2011, iOS) physics based platform game.
Find Your Own Way Home (2010, PC) featuring the rock band
REO Speedwagon.
Conga Bugs (2009, PC) match 3 style game, GameZebo
rating 4/5.
Gameshastra is a video games organisation headquartered in
Hyderabad, India, with offices in Japan and Europe. The organisation
tests, develops and publishes games for dedicated gaming consoles
including the Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo
DS, Wii, as well as other platforms including iOS, Android, Mac
OS X, and PCs. We are currently working on building dedicated
offshore development centres for a few leading game publishers
in identified development areas to meet constraints of cost and
growth. We provide flexible partnership models that allocate teams
to work on your projects at short notice. We become a strategic
component of your operations, working as an integral part of your
long-term plans.
rajesh rao
67, First Cross, Fourth Main, Domlur Second Stage,
Bengaluru – 560071
Contact No.: +91-8025356644
Prakash ahuja
Gameshastra Solutions Pvt Ltd, 1009, Indu Fortune
Fields, 13
Phase, KPHB Colony Hyderabad – 500072
Contact No.: +91-40 4466 1188
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: 1-10
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Two time winner of FICCI BAF Awards.
Glo-Flo reached 43rd in USA paid charts.
Find Your Own Way Home featured in the
New York Times.
Year of Establishment: 2006
Employee Base: 151–200
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Gameshastra won the prestigious Red Herring
‘Global 100’ Award in 2007.
India’s Game studio directory
GAMooGA softteCh
privAte LiMited
GAMineAzy entertAinMent
privAte LiMited
The Gamineazy team strives to promote gaming as a healthy
lifestyle choice among Indians, by focusing on the ‘entertainment
+ recreation + exercise’ advantage that motion-sensor technology
provides. Motion gaming or active gaming involves a level of
interactivity between gamers and the game in an immersive,
sensory experience that is both entertaining and healthy. Our
organisation hopes to bring this to people in various settings and
help them understand the multi-fold benefits of exergaming. We
make it easy for people to access the technology and experience
it first-hand through our innovative lounge/retail/event-
management model.
Exergaming – Part exercise, part gaming, ALL FUN!
Gamooga is a highly scalable cloud-based real-time backend which
can be used to develop multi-player games. You can offload all
your communication needs onto Gamooga and concentrate on
just building your app/game. We host the servers, manage them,
scale them and strive to maintain high uptimes so you dont
have to. Only upload your server side scripts on to our cloud and
everything just works!
We are present across the platform and provide unified APIs for
multiple frontends that can communicate with the backend.
Currently we support Unity, iOS, Android, HTML5, Flash,
Marmalade, Scirra.
navin rajendran
C-217, Ittina Abha Apts, 104/3A, Munekollala Road,
Marathahalli, Bengaluru – 560037
Contact No.: +91-9845809235
Kishore annapureddy
C4, Surya Teja, Panjagutta, Hyderabad – 500082
Contact No.: +91-9550815107
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: PC, Console
awards and achievements
Gamineazy stood second in an entrepreneurship
competition held among IIM alumni from all over
India in 2011.
Gamineazy was one of 25 promising start-ups to
be selected for the first ever Reverse-pitch event
in India, where investors pitched to organisations,
instead of the other way around.
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
Gamooga was selected for Seedcamp New York
for one-full-day mentoring sessions from worlds
best entrepreneurs.
Finished sixth in the world for developing
e-Meeting application using Gamooga in Box
developer challenge.
India’s Game studio directory
GLobAL institute of GAMinG And
AniMAtion (GiGA – A division of
CentuM LeArninG LiMited)
GoLive GAMinG soLutions
privAte LiMited
Global Institute of Gaming and Animation (GIGA) is an extended
arm of Everonn, the world’s largest networked education
organisation. GIGA studios, is an upcoming animation, gaming
and VFX studio dabbling in executing national and international
projects as well as providing extensive and well-equipped
training aimed at making animation students ready for instant
employability in the industry.
GoLive Gaming Solutions Private Limited provides gaming solutions
with a focus on the ‘Indian content’. We build Indian games for the
global audience. The organisation’s Global Delivery Model provides
for the best resources to be drawn from its vast talent pool across
the globe to offer optimal solutions. We are working on creating an
integrated gaming platform – the GoLive Portal for schools, cafés
and colleges under, immersive learning solution
in the form of GoLearn, making shopping easy via GoShop.
sanjeev duggal
GIGA, Everonn House, Industrial Estate, Perungudi,
Chennai – 600096
Contact No.: +91-44-42968736
ravi Kiran
GoLive Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd, 326, BII, IIIT
Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Contact No.: +91-9849518880
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: 101-150
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
The producer of award winning 3D IP, ‘THE
Animation Super pitch 2009)
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Winner Proto 2010, HeadStart ITsAP 2010, Intel
Ultrabook developer contest 2012
India’s Game studio directory
hAshstAsh studios
hAshCube teChnoLoGies
privAte LiMited
We focus on developing proven classical games on
social platforms.
We are an indie game development studio based out of Delhi/
NCR. We have one published title on the Play Store - Zap the
Knight. We focus on the Mobile and PC games domain, with
our second mobile title in works while we have one PC game in
pre-production. We have also experimented with social games
and have an interesting social game alpha to demo behind
closed doors.
We work with a range of technologies that support PC, Mobile
and Web platforms and are also comfortable with cross-platform
deployments. We also work with digital agencies to build campaign
solutions and applications for them.
deepan chakravarthy
Contact No.: +91-9945702482
Kinshuk sunil
A207, Parsvanath Majestic, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad,
Uttar Pradesh
Contact No.: +91-9910024895
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
We own the most popular sudoku game on
Facebook. We have more than two million users
across our games.
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Publishing our first game is an achievement we are
very proud of.
India’s Game studio directory
hedGehoG LAb
hunGAMA GAMe studio
We are basically a Mobile Agency, which specialises in development
of applications for Mobiles and Tablets. But we do have a special
love for gaming and look at opportunities to make games. We
currently have two games on the App Store and have plans for
more games, further in the pipeline. Our games are:
Epic Dive
Hungama Game Studio, a part of Hungama Digital Media
Entertainment Private Limited, is India’s first gaming studio which
aggregates, develops and publishes gaming content across multiple
digital screens – Mobile, PC and Television. The studio owns IP to
400 flash games till date for over 100 brands and has pioneered 100
Bollywood games for numerous production houses. Partnership
agreements with leading publishers, distributors, Telcos, ISP’s, DTH
providers such as Tata Sky, Connect 2 media, Hollywood Player,
BSNL allow the studio to form strong relationships with local and
international brands. In addition to the partnerships, Hungama Game
Studio owns and operates the internationally acclaimed Ghost Town
Mysteries making it India’s most successful downloadable game.
Through its own universal Short Code 54646, Hungama Mobile is
accessible to over two billion consumers across the world. For more
information, please visit
Krishna Pediredla
Flat No. 12, Bathina Apartments, Ameerpet,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Contact No.: +91-40-23412744
neeraj roy
F 1, First Floor, Laxmi Woollen Mills Estate, Shakti
Mills Lane, Off Dr. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Contact No.: +91-9821124989
Year of Establishment: 2012 (Hyderabad Branch)
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements
Listed in the UK Top 50 Innovator in Mobile.
Nominated for Best Enterprise App Developer.
Year of Establishment: 1999
Employee Base: 501 and above
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
2009: FICCI – BAF Awards, Best Online Game for
2012: WAT Awards & PMAA, Best Online Game, Best
in India Campaign & Best Innovative Concept for
Cricket Stock Xchange.
2012: PMAA for Best Use of the Internet in a
Promotion Marketing Campaign.
India’s Game studio directory
ideALAbs interACtive
ibexis studios
An integral part of Insite Digital Private Limited., Ibexis Studio is a
game and app development studio that works on a single philosophy:
entertain and engage every user, every time, across platforms. We
are an eclectic mix of ideators, designers, strategists, and developers
who are passionate about designing and developing games and apps
that offer superior quality, great entertainment and absolute fun.
Our expertise lies in creating multi-platform games and apps
that are user-friendly, aesthetically designed and provide highly
enjoyable entertainment experiences to people across geographies.
So, whether you’re a game enthusiast or an app lover, our creations
will help you de-stress, unwind, kill time, socialise, and have fun
along the way. Don’t take our word for it. Download our games and
apps and put them to a test yourself!
We are also bringing the tradition of high quality entertainment to
the rapidly growing world of social games. Ibexis Studio is committed
to establish mobile as the definitive mass market entertainment
platform of the world.
Apps, Games, Widgets and More!
We’re a platform-agnostic interactive studio, developing apps and
games for PC, Web, Facebook, smartphones, tablets, etc.
Our vision is to use the power of interactive technology to create
distinctive content.
As long as it is digital, we’re game for it!
Visit to see our expanded services,
our recent work, or spend some time on a trippy game of Pong!
ajay Tripathi
Level 5, Reliable Pride Building, Near Heera Panna
Mall, Oshiwara, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400 102
Contact No.: +91-9833191817, +91-22-61578888
Pratik murarka
342, Kewal Industrial Estate, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013
Contact No.: +91-22-4004 4481
Year of Establishment: 2008-09
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
First-of-its-kind, a Multi-Genre Virtual World Game
on App Store: Doozy World
Year of Establishment: 2007
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
iMMersive GAMes
Immersive Games is a licensed developer of games for Sony
PS3, PSP, PSN, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii and iOS
platforms. In addition, we are a licenced publisher of games
for the Sony PlayStation Network. The titles developed by us
include Chandragupta: Warrior Prince (PSP, PS2), Battle Royal
(PSP), Yamaha Supercross (NDS) and Cursed Mountain (Wii). We
have also provided outsourced production services to several
external titles.
The titles developed and published globally by the organisation
are L.A. Gridlock (PSN), Fort Commander: King’s Gambit (PSN),
Fort Commander: CounterAttack (PSN) and Beam’em Up (PSN), all
playable on PS3 and PSP consoles.
Indiagames is primarily engaged in publishing and developing
games across various platforms like Internet, PC, broadband,
mobile phones, PDAs and handheld gaming devices. It is India’s
largest integrated game developer-publisher across mobile, online
and the Interactive Television.
dr santosh Pillai
205 Ashoka My Home Chambers, SP Road,
Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500 003

Contact No.: +91-9995940431
Vishal Gondal
Vashi International Info-Tech Park, Above
Raghuleela Mall. 11th Floor, Sector 30 A, CIDCO
Contact No.: +91-22 6771 0700
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, Console
awards and achievements
Our team won the Golden Cursor Award in 2009 in
the best console game category.
Year of Establishment: 1999
Employee Base: 301-500
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Movers & Shakers of 2010 award, Maharashtra
Information Technology Award’2009, IDC Enterprise
Innovation Awards 2010, ‘FICCI BAF’ Award for
Mobile Gaming, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior By
Indiagames and Digital Legends Wins at The
International Mobile Gaming Awards, FPS 2009
Award, NASSCOM Innovation Award 2008.
India’s Game studio directory
inoxApps MobiLe soLutions
privAte LiMited
indusGeeks soLutions
privAte LiMited
Indusgeeks creates fun, interactive gaming products – for learning,
marketing and collaboration. Ages 4-100.
We make android apps and games.
siddharth Banerjee
507, Morya Classic, Lokhandwala,
Andheri West, Mumbai
Contact No.: +91-9833885202
nikunj Jain
E-106, Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092
Contact No.: +91-9873164469
Year of Establishment: 2007
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Unite (Unity 3D Awards) Nominee for
Best Non Game 2011.
Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner, 2010.
Hottest Product Start-up –, 2010.
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements
Over 25 million downloads so far.
India’s Game studio directory
inteLLiob teChnoLoGies
privAte LiMited
inventvALLey softWAre LLp
Intelliob Technologies Private Limited is an innovation-driven
organisation. Intelliob Technologies has built an industrial
grade software manufacturing facility equipped with high
quality infrastructure. This facility houses a family of qualified,
experienced and smart working professionals. Our core values
and the principle of unflinching adherence to strictest quality
control mechanisms are instilled into these professionals as early
as initiation.
Intelliob has come to be identified with innovation, quality and
reliability over its 10 year existence. Intelliob is all about breaking
new ground and setting ever-higher standards by reliably delivering
robust, scalable and secure InfoTech solutions.
Casual games development for Mobile, PC and Online platforms.
Mobile application development for iOS and Android.
mohideen mustafa
13-C, Sixth floor, Techniplex-II, IT Park, Off Veer
Savarkar Flyover, Goregaon West, Mumbai – 400 062.
Contact No.: +91-22 28778265
Omprakash sonie
B-1002, Willows, Near STP Software,
Balewadi, Pune – 411045
Contact No.: +91-9881370390
Year of Establishment: 1999
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements
ISO 9001:2008 compliant, NASSCOM Member
and Microsoft Certified Partner in ISV Software
solutions competency.
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
ironjAW studios
ironCode GAMinG
privAte LiMited
IronCode Gaming is a game development studio focusing on
developing and publishing innovative games. Our games are
completely developed in-house and we are into end-to-end
game development cycle from game design and development
to publishing.
IronCode is an authorised games developer and publisher for
Apple Inc.’s iOS/Mac OSX, an Intel Inc. ‘Elite Software Partner’ and
developer of games on Android devices as well.
Successful games require great design and execution and over the
years, IronCode has built up the ability to do both.
IronCode has to its credit some very successful casual games. e.g
Pahelika Series: Secret Legends and Revelations, Angkor, Riotball,
Turbogem, Last Man Standing.
Currently, we are working on the next generation of games for
smartphone/mobile devices.
Games are the conduit of emotions and ideas between the players
and the games creators. We believe that they are experiences that
should entertain through involvement and our objective is to meet
this by going back to the roots of gaming, while keeping the scope
of our market at its broadest.
We are Ironjaw Studios, a Game Development Studio based in
Manipal, Karnataka. We are a team that consists of seasoned
professionals from the IT industry, experienced artists and
game designers.
Game titles released so far:
1. Super Rollers (iPad)
2. Super Numbers (iphone, iPod and iPad)
Pallav nawani
C-4, Dhruv IT Hub, Sector 63, NOIDA – 201301
Landmark: Near Fortis Hospital.
Contact No.: +91-120-4164903
niroop mohandas
707, Shambhavi Habitat, Vidyaratna Nagar, Manipal-
Perampalli Road, Manipal – 576104, Karnataka
Contact No.: +91-9980060402
Year of Establishment: 2009
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC, Console
awards and achievements
First commercially successful PC game studio
in India.
Our game Riotball was the first ever best selling
game from India.
Our game Pahelika: Secret legends is the most
successful game created by an Indian studio
till date.
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements
Released two iOS titles in a short span of two
months which are highly polished titles:
Super Rollers (iPad)
Super Numbers (iPhone, iPod and iPad)
India’s Game studio directory
a world class gaming location invites you to join
and many others.
12.5% corporate tax
Skilled, flexible and multilingual talent
Thriving eco system and cluster
Government support and a welcoming government
et the winning hand by:
We are here to help you:
Tanaz Buhariwalla
T: 0091 98201 69708
IDA Ireland, Mumbai
Competitive costs
R&D Support and an excellent IP regime
jAWMAsk studios
LAkshyA diGitAL
Jawmask is basically a game development organisation, ever since
its inception. Jawmask has the strength to create high quality
games for all major platforms to the various audiences across the
world. Our innovative games are more impressive and no doubt
this would be liked by everyone.
Lakshya Digital is one of the largest game development and
interactive entertainment organisations in South Asia having a
cross verticle presence in Art Services, Game Development and
Learning Games. Lakshya is the authorised developer for Microsoft
and Sony PlayStation Home and has worked with major game
publishers and developers such as Naughty Dog, EA, Ubisoft,
Rockstar, Disney, Yukes and Vivendi (now Activision Blizzard) on
over 100 game titles across genres, platforms and technologies
including PC, MMOGs, Consoles, Online, Casual, Social, Mobile (iOS
and Android), etc. With offices in Gurgaon, San Diego, Tokyo and
development studios in Gurgaon, Pune and Singapore, Lakshya is
leading the game development movement in India.
earnest arockiaraj
137/ 160, Ram Nagar Seventh Street, S.S. Colony,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Contact No.: +91-9843033406
manvendra shukul
D32, Infocity 2, Sector 33, Gurgaon – 122001
Contact No.: +91-124-4102086
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, PC
awards and achievements
We have done more than 30 games including our
home products and client products for iPhone
and Android. Currently, we are working for Intel
Ultrabook games, we are the registered partner for
Intel development.
Year of Establishment: 2004
Employee Base: 301-500
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
SWAT (Services Workflow Automation Technology)
is Lakshya’s proprietary ERP application for
managing game production workflow. Its
deliverable-centric approach lets a client track the
progress, review the deliverables and manage
deliveries seamlessly.
India’s Game studio directory
Love hAndLe deveLopers
Love Handle Developers, that’s exactly what we develop,
working long hours lovingly and untiringly, providing high-end,
state-of- the-art products and solutions – Game Development
Studio (iOS, Android & Facebook).
Ultimate Flick Cricket for iPad - 2 Player Turn Based Game
Ultimate Gin Rummy for iOS - 2 Player Online Multi-player Game
Gin Rum Revenge for Facebook - 2 Player Online Multi-player Game
Super Santa for iPhone
Crazy Birdies for iPhone & Intel App up Store
Founded in 2004, Maharaja Games is the premier online games
development studio based out of Mumbai, India. Servicing
clientele which includes some of the biggest names in media &
entertainment industry internationally (Warner, Cartoon Network,
Disney, etc.), Maharaja Games has carved a niche for itself and is
a trusted name for quality online games development worldwide.
Developing games on various platforms such as Flash, HTML5,
iOS and Android among others, MG’s multi-faceted team prides
itself in being early adopter of cutting-edge technology and being
at the forefront of the game development ecosystem in India. Be
it social games or hardcore MMOs, games for PCs, smartphones
or tablets, or all of them cross playable, MG’s porfolio has plenty
of each.
Vishal Golia
321, Prabhadevi Industrial Estate, 402, V. S. Marg,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025
Contact No.: +91-22-24327215
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
We have been able to initiate and formulate
internationally acknowledged processes to our
clients in USA, UK and Canada. We have worked
with YTV Canada, Microsoft/MSN, T-Mobile,
Paramount Vantage, DreamWorks Pictures,
Nintendo, Code Master, Kunoichi and Collideascope.
Year of Establishment: 2004
Employee Base: 26–50
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
One of the very few in the world to develop cross-
platform online games (cross playable between
various platforms and a multitude of devices).
Amongst the first studios in India to develop games
on Facebook (way back in 2007).
Kirupa shankar L
69/1, Rubicon Manor, Lindens Road, Kilpauk,
Chennai-600010, Tamil Nadu
Contact No.: +91-9884287321
India’s Game studio directory
MAnthAn studio
MeCh MoChA GAMe studios
Manthan Studio is a four-year-old gaming organisation based out
of India. Focused in making Interactive, Multi-player high quality
user interface games, Catalogue of over 40 games. (Augmented
Reality, NFC, BBM, OTA) integrated interactive games in the
catalogue, Present in App stores worldwide. Over 10 million
downloads of games.
One of the leading gaming alliance partners of RIM (BlackBerry). Our
games ‘Pong Shot Reloaded’, ‘Brain Academy’ and ‘Doodle Dude’
were at the No. 1 position in the paid app category of BlackBerry
Our games are pre-embedded in Karbonn Mobile (an Indian OEM).
Manthan Studio was covered in the ‘Business World Magazine’ in
the Jan second week issue. Manthan Studio was also covered in
Business standard. One of our games ‘Pong Shot Reloaded’ was
reviewed by ‘My Mobile’, the leading Mobile Magazine of India with
85 per cent rating Please click on the link below to check it out. It
was also published in the BlackBerry Advt. in ‘The Times of India’
on December 6, 2011 a leading newspaper in India across all the
metro cities.
Mech Mocha Game Studios is an independent game development
studio, founded by two students of IIIT, Gwalior. Incubated under
the student start-up accelerator programme of IIIT, Mech Mocha
believes in teaming up with talented and passionate programmers,
artists, animators, musicians to create high-end quality products
and IPs. Currently working on their first iOS title ‘PABLO and the
Puppet Punch’, the team is working like Mechs to make it an
awesome audio-visual experience.
ranjit singh
215, HB Estate, Sonegaon, Nagpur

Contact No.: +91-9049997193
arpita Kapoor
IIIT, Gwalior
Contact No.: +91-9752954812
Year of Establishment: 2008
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Our Games ‘Pong Shot Reloaded’, ‘Brain Academy’
and ‘Doodle Dude’ in the top paid downloaded
BlackBerry games from the BlackBerry Appworld.
Manthan Studio covered in Business World,
Business Standard, Times of India, My Mobile.
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
MedMA infoMAtix
privAte LiMited
MediAtek indiA
MediaTek Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor organisation
for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions.
MediaTek is a pioneer in cutting-edge SOC system solutions for
wireless communications, high-definition TV, optical storage, DVD
and Blu-ray products.
With the acquisition of NOIDA-based Pixtel Media Technology in
2004, MediaTek established its operations in India. By introducing
the concept of total solution by providing not only mobile chipset
but also completed hardware and software reference design,
MediaTek broke the unfair competition model in which international
giants monopolised key parts, and helped to establish India’s own
domestic supply chain.
Medma Infomatix Private Limited is one of the fastest growing IT
organisation in the region which provides quality web and mobile
solutions to its clients worldwide. No matter in which part of the
world you are located, we provide you our expertised services by
utilising the power of next generation technologies. Till date,
we have completed hundreds of projects in USA, UK, Australia,
Canada, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Fiji, Thailand, Mauritius, Austria,
Switzerland and in many other parts of the world.
Grant Kuo
A 4&5, Third Floor, Logix Park, Sec-16,
NOIDA – 201301, Uttar Pradesh
Contact No.: +91-120-4343900
Harsh Jaiswal
6 La Place Bunglows, Hazaratganj, Lucknow
Contact No.: +91-522-4005700
Year of Establishment: 2004
Employee Base: 151–200
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements
MediaTek has been awarded ‘Best Innovation in
Mobile Video Technology’ at the sixth National
Telecom Awards 2012 and ‘Best Technology for
Mobile Phone’ at the fifth National Telecom Awards
2011 by CMAI Association of India.
Year of Establishment: 2005
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
IT Supplier of the Year 2010 by an Australian organisation
Game Development Services:
Location Based Games (Mobile Platform)
Card Games (Mobile Platform & Facebook)
Quiz Games (Mobile Platform & Facebook)
Fun Casino Games (Mobile Platform & Facebook)
Kids Games (Mobile Platform & Facebook)
India’s Game studio directory
MiLestone interACtive Group
Mit institute of desiGn
Milestone Interactive Group was founded in 1997 with a vision to
create a multi-faceted business, catering to the Indian gaming
industry. Milestone’s divisions include Game Distribution – a
pioneer distributor for console and PC games in India and engaged
in marketing and distribution of interactive game software, game
peripherals and hardware of dominant global game publishers;
Information and Communication Technology – is engaged in
distribution of prominent brands; Game4u – India’s premium
multichannel retailer of PC and video games, game consoles and
related accessories and Publishing and Digital Services – offers
compelling casual games on digital mass formats including;
mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile), PC Casual/Social
platforms, Digital iTV and Smart TV applications.
MIT Institute of Design is one of the premier institutes for Design
Education in India. MITID started its operations in August 2006.
MIT Institute of Design is an initiative started under the guidance
of today’s leading minds of Design Education in India, and we plan
to develop its identity as a research and training institution of the
highest international quality. Eventually planned to be a Design
Habitat in a couple of years from now, MIT Institute of Design, is
offering programmes at both, Graduate and Post-Graduate level.
MIT Institute of Design is based on the philosophy of ‘Sadhan’,
‘Sadhana’ and ‘Sadhya’ under the able guidance of the senior-
most faculties of design in India.
Jayont r sharma
First Floor, Nimbus Centre, Off New Link Road,
Andheri (W), Mumbai
Contact No.: +91-22-42764000
Prof. anant chakradeo
Rajbaug, Loni Kalbhor, Pune – 412201
Contact No.: +91-20-30693615
Year of Establishment: 1997
Employee Base: 151–200
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 2006
Employee Base: 101-150
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Saloni Kacholia won the Vedanta Creating
Happiness Design Competition.
Anurag Sarda for his international achievement
in winning the First Place at the Time to Care
Sustainable Design Award held by Victorinox Swiss
Army, Switzerland.
India’s Game studio directory
Mobox LAbs
We at Mizcoin create great mobile products (games and
applications) for iOS, Android and Windows platforms which are
unique in their own way. We wish to set benchmark and promote
game development in India.
Mobox Labs is a games development outfit currently focusing on
casual iOS games. Bleeding-edge technology, fresh, innovative,
different and creatively different are some keywords we use to
describe Mobox Labs. Our studio consists of about 15 people who
work in sync to create fun and addictive iOS games. Android and
Windows 8 will soon follow.
nikhil aneja
New Delhi
Contact No.: +91-9990288388, 8130417747
ankush Gupta
702 Concord CHS, NS Road No. 10, JVPD Scheme,
Mumbai – 400049

Contact No.: +91-9820091347
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile
awards and achievements
Games developed by team Mizcoin reached in Top
10 free apps on iTunes store.
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: 11–25
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
nextWAve MuLtiMediA
privAte LiMited
ofio LAbs
Over 10 years in the industry, delivering digital presence,
entertainment, e-Learning, Catering to clients in India, Europe,
USA in digital media creative and technology solutions. Product
development expertise gained through unique experience and
depth of domain knowledge
Content development and Content Creation Tools – Comics and
Presentation (for Tablets, Mobiles and PCs)
Game development – Created over 100 apps/games for Mobile
and Tablets
Comics, Audio novels and Music, through own production
and alliances.
We are an early stage game development organisation based in
Bengaluru, India and are working on developing games for the
Mobile Gaming market across all platforms.
rajendran P r
No. 1A, 2nd Street, Dr. Tirumurthy Nagar,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Contact No.: +91-9841020231
Kiran Lingaraju, rahul mansabdar,
Vasudev masur
#710, Eighth Main Road, RT Nagar, Bengaluru – 560032
Contact No.: +91-9738185991
Year of Establishment: 1995
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements
Nextwave’s Bowling wizards among Techsparks
2012’s APP4INDIA Top 10 apps.
Won the Intel AppUp Developer Grand Prize Award
in the ‘Most Innovative Application Category‘ for
their app ‘Comics Creator’.
Hit21 Deluxe wins at ‘Nokia Calling All Innovators
2011’ for Nokia N8.
Year of Establishment: 2012
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
Two titles releasing in Q4 2012.
India’s Game studio directory
orAnGe byte studios
Founded in 2010 by Eric Dillen, Rahul Singh and Lambert
Shadap, Orange Byte Studios is a professional sound production
studio which provides exceptional sound services to the video
games industry.
Both composers, Eric and Rahul are musically trained and have
degrees in audio engineering.
Orange Byte Studios’ core experience and expertise lies in the creation
of custom music composition, sound design, character voiceovers,
consulting, implementation, mixing and mastering.Our team of
composers, audio engineers and sound designers are well-versed
in audio production, implementation in the game environment and
are able to work with game developers of different sizes, budgets
and needs.
Using online collaboration tools, we are able to provide total remote
audio assistance and solutions to our clients based anywhere around
the globe.
Pacnet is Asia’s leading communications provider delivering
integrated high performance data delivery and hosting services on
a unified platform. Pacnet has recently launched its CDN services
For more information, please visit:
eric dillen, rahul singh, Lambert shadap
Winsway Complex, Flat 601, A Wing, Court Lane,
Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400069 Maharashtra
Contact No.: +91-9869118781/9619138015
sunanda das
Unit 2, First Floor, Innovator Block, International
Tech Park, Whitefield Road, Bengaluru – 560066
Contact No.: +91-8066166425
Year of Establishment: 2010
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
To list a few, here are some of the games studio to
which we have provided music, sound design and
character voiceovers:
Jump Games, EC Interactive, Mango Games, This
Way Up, Irojaw Studios, Indusgeeks, Gamianaw
Year of Establishment: 1999
Employee Base: 51-100
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
2012: Pacnet named Best International Wholesale
Carrier at Telecom Asia Awards 2012.
2011: Pacnet won Best Pan-Asian Wholesale
Offering at Capacity Awards 2011.
2009: Pacnet won Organisation of the Year for
Excellence in Growth at Frost & Sullivan Awards.
India’s Game studio directory
piChukA LAbs
pinAkA interACtive
Exclusive gamification division to help those clients, who are in
non-gaming applications/process by integrating game dynamics
and mechanics to drive a desired user behaviour towards
business objective.
Pinaka Interactive is an independent game design studio, founded
in June 2011, based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, that handles
Game and App Design for iOS, Android and Flash.
Our motto: To Design, Create and Entertain!
G raghavendra achari
No. 79/32, Second Floor, Balakrishnan St Extn,
Seventh Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 83.
Contact No.: +91-9790903247
Purnima Iyer and deepti raavi
Navi Mumbai
Contact No.: +91-7303713377
Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC
awards and achievements

Year of Establishment: 2011
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements

India’s Game studio directory
Started in 2003 as a PC game developing organisation, after some
unsuccessful attempt switched to service sector (programming
games and engines for PC/consoles). In 2009, again started
independent development. While all the games are waiting for a
serious launch on a popular platform, all were profitable due to
awards and funding from Intel. We develop through our own multi-
platform game engine. Keeping native game code we achieve high
efficiency with technologies like Android NDK, Adobe Alchemy.
Our team is expert in 3D game development and cool features like
3D physics/rag-doll, shaders and various effects with render-to-
texture techniques.
Pixelloid is an award winning animation, visual effects and gaming
studio. We delivered over 75 feature film visual effects and create
assets for games.
mahendra Pilania
372/36 Sikar, Rajasthan
Contact No.: -
yugandhar Tammareddy
#1098, Third floor, KPR Building, Road 36
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500033

Contact No.: +91-4023540632
Year of Establishment: 2003
Employee Base: –
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social, PC, Console
awards and achievements
Intel AppUp Developer Challenge 2011,
Digit MeeGo AppMania (Grand Prize),
Winner of some categories in Intel LevelUp 2010
International and India, and finalist in many.
Award winning games: Journey to the Poles, Balloon
Aliens, Make My Home.
Year of Establishment: 2005
Employee Base: 101-150
Nature of Business: Mobile, Social
awards and achievements
Young Creative Entrepreneur – Screen 2010 by
British Council.
Best VFX Nandi – 2006
India’s Game studio directory
pixeLtek GAMinG soLutions
privAte LiMited
pLAybuff studios
privAte LiMited
Pixeltek is a premier game art outsourcing studio based in
Mumbai, India. In the past eight years, Pixeltek has delivered
on an array of AAA titles, as well as multiple social and
casual games.
In the last year, Pixeltek has teamed up with US-based
Phoenix Online Studios to develop original content for
international markets.
PlayBuff Studios Private Limited was incorporated with the aim
of developing thrilling mobile games of global standards on iOS,
Android, Symbian and Windows platform under the brand name
of PlayBuff.
We have 20 game titles on Nokia Store, three on BlackBerry
Appworld, two on Google Play, two on Windows App Hub and
three high quality games on Apple Appstore.
Vitek Goyel
Ground Floor, Samundar Point, Behind Samundar
Mahal, Dr Annie Besant Road, Mumbai – 400018
Contact No.: +91-22-43114611
Tarun Kumar
Tower-B, Third Floor, DLF Building,
IT Park, Chandigarh
Contact No.: +91-172-4024771