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Hey Baby

Launch Date: June 1, 2010

Platform: Mac and PC

Genre: First Person Shooter

Available to play at

Youtube Channel:


ame Description:

Hey Baby
is a playful and provocative video game about street harassment.
Through a 3D
game and website
, Hey Baby
is designed to spark discussion about women's experiences of
public space.
Play the game at

The Player encounters a series of creepy men who confront her with real comments as she
navigates through the game world. The Player can choose to shoot or to shower them with
Hey Baby
is based on hundreds of real s
tories, collected from women throughout the
world. Using an ironic mix of humor, violence and over
top graphics, this unsettling game
encourages open access to public space.

Key Facts & Figures:

Suyin Looui, an Interactive Producer, initiated
Hey Baby
while working at a social
change game lab based in New York City.

Hey Baby
began in March 2008 with an initial posting on Craigslist in the Rants & Raves:
Women’s Issue section that simply asked for experiences of street harassment.

Within 3
minutes we
received our first comment, and within 24 hours, the posting was flagged
and removed from Craigslist as inappropriate. We knew immediately that this issue was
both widespread and extremely controversial.

Over a period of two years, Looui collected comment
s from personal conversations,
emails and Facebook messages, and received hundreds of personal stories about street
harassment from friends and family from New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal,
Paris, London, Beijing, Rome, and more. Many of these r
eal stories were mapped onto
the 3D game world, seamlessly integrating documentary and fiction.

Every comment heard in the game is real, and is re
enacted by a voiceover actor.

Built on the Unity 3D Game Engine and Maya Animation software,
Hey Baby
the Unity Web Player download (http://unity3d.com/webplayer/).

The Player navigates through an urban environment, and encounters a series of men
who confront her with real comments, ranging widely from innocuous, funny, and
complimentary, to aggres

If Player presses the mouse button to shoot and kill the creepy men, a virtual graveyard
pops up and she effectively buries the comment.

If Player presses 2 to say thank you, she releases a flutter of glowing hearts and the
men walk away.

There is
no game goal and it is unwinnable by design. There is no end state for the
game. The Player continues to navigate through the game world, and creepy men
continue to spawn. This acts as a commentary on real world interactions, and forces the
player to t
hink critically about the nature and intention of the experience.

In an informal survey of over 800 women in 2008, conducted by author Holly Kearl, 99%
confirmed they had experienced some form of street harassment. A 2007 study by the
Manhattan Borough
president, Scott M. Stringer, showed 63 percent of respondents had
been harassed on the subway

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Suyin Looui


(646) 502

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