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Game Idea

Based off 1984 Nintendo Duck Hunt

Aim and shoot ducks for points

Miss 3 ducks and you LOSE

All scores will be placed into high scores table

You WIN by getting the highest score

Game Art

Using basic shapes for testing

Have .png of ducks

Creating background image in Unity

Using picture from Slide 1 as start screen

Game Graphics

There are duck elements

Back ground elements


Score board

Event animations

Notifications for actions

Start Screen and End Game

Game Audio

Gun shot

Bird noises


Achievement noises

Game music (create in garage band)

Game Play

Point and shoot

Use mouse

Try to score as many points without missing

If you miss 3 ducks its game over

Ducks will progressively come faster and get

Game Website

Game website is complete

Contains blog

Has game art

Few screen shots on our progress

No link to executable



Using Unity 3D game engine

Placing camera flat for 2D plane

Collision detection and animation used

Score board and timer

No version control. Just emailing updated project
to each other. (Hate GitHub)

What’s next?

Still working on collision detection

Update graphics and game art

Add timer

Detect duck misses

Make aimer more accurate

Make a few changes to website