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UNIT VII: HEAT AND ITS USES Instructor ______________

ACTIVITY: Difficult Decisions, Human Hour _____ Date ________


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Question To Consider:


How freezing followed by legal death and later reanimation should affects the
status of a per
son’s spouse, children, estate and debts?


Do you think Laura Kay should legally be considered a new citicen agter she is


Who will love Laura Kay when she reappears? Who will take care of her? How
will she get along in a future society?


If it ta
kes 100 years for a treatment for Laura Kay’s heart defect to be found,
should her great, great, great grandchildren have to be responsible for her after
she thaws?


Is freeze preservation of living humans an acceptable practice for any of these
groups of
people: astronauts on space flights requiring many years of travel time;
terminally ill people who hope the future will bring a cure for their ill nesses;
depressed people who choose freezing instead of suicide; curious people who
want to criminals for who
m there are now no proven methods of rehabilitation?
What other groups might you consider?


What might be some of the problems facing a society that has the technology to
successfully freeze and later revive humans? What might be some of the
advantages of
human cryonics?


Do people have the right to achieve “immortality” and thus add to the global
population later?