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Macroeconomics: Final Paper

June 17
, 2011

Consider some macroeconomic issue facing the country you’ve chosen, either currently or some time in the past. Your
goals with this paper are the following:


1. diagnose the problem using one of th
e macroeconomic models we’re studying this semester to

characterize your country’s situation;

2. propose and analyze a policy action or actions to help solve the problem and make life better for the residents of your
country. If your country has already t
aken action to deal with the problem, discuss how your solution differs and defend
your approach.

1. Diagnose the problem:

Put your country’s macroeconomic problem in context. You don’t need to provide specific

numbers for any variables, but do feel free
to report key statistics from your country to get

across the scale of the problem and the relative magnitude of your policy proposals.

2. Policy analysis:

Why do you suggest this policy program? What has been done in your country to address

this problem a
lready, and why or why not has it worked? Why will your suggestion help?

What are some of the drawbacks and possible negative consequences of your suggested

policies? What are the short
run vs. long
run expected results? A qualitative discussion is

ent; you don’t need to use equations with actual numbers to make calculations.


1. Title page including your name and country of interest


pages of text, double
spaced 10
point font with 1
inch margins

3. 3

or more clear, detailed graph

4. Cited references with annotations for background and context information

5. Appendix containing resources and other pertinent material with Table of Contents

6. Citations and paper format should be APA. NO EXCEPTIONS

Your paper will be graded alon
g the following dimensions:

1. Substance: thorough and accurate description of the macroeconomic problem you’re

examining as well as the economic theory you’re using and its application. What are you

assuming to make the model applicable? Are these assumpt
ions realistic and if not how does

this affect the usefulness of your analysis?

2. Organization: are the problem and policy discussions presented logically and clearly? Are the

macroeconomic model and references well
integrated into these discussions? In

introduction, briefly present the problem in the context of your country, name the model

you’re going to be using, and in a sentence or two let me know what policy tools you’ll be

supporting and which you’ll be rejecting; in other words what is your h
ypothesis and how do

you plan to support it with the models we’ve studied in this class?

3. Spelling and grammar: those squiggly lines under your text mean something. The easier your

paper is to read, the better you’ll make your point, and your grade will

reflect this.

4. Graphs: should be computer
created for clarity (messy hand
drawn graphs will lose points),

and fully labeled (all axes, lines/curves, key points, shifts, etc.). Show the state of your

country’s economy before and what you argue will hap
pen after your policy proposals take

effect. Use color to highlight what’s going on. I’d be happy to take a look at a draft of your

graphs before the paper is due.

You’re free to use any macroeconomic model in the textbook so long as you can justify its

pplication to the problem you’re discussing.