BAP 70 Macroeconomics & Institutional Context (IBA)


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RSM SR is an independent organization within RSM Erasmus University

70 Macroeconomics & Institutional Context


Date of midterm meeting

02 May 2012


T.H. Reus

(Course Coordinator)

Jan Wallner

Student Representative

Liselotte Jongejans

Student Representative


Xu Bo Khaw

Student Representative

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We received feedback from personal

conversations and through

surveys about this course.

have had a meeting with Dr.

to discuss the studen
t opinions on the course
Macroeconomics and Institutional Context

The first five weeks of the course are covered by
Macroeconomics. Therefore the main focus of this meeting was on Macroeconomics.

Looking back

During the previous year

oeconomic lectures were taught by a different
professor than this year. There were no major changes needed. Students enjoyed the
course, although the case exam was considered to be tough, especially as it covered twelve
chapters in three weeks time.
Also d
ifferent that this year was that the professor organized
workshops during previous year in order to
prepare for the case exams.


The first five lectures were lectured by Dr. Roscovan.
very much enjoyed the way
Dr. Roscovan
teaches. The professor was interactive and showed past exam questions,
which the students found to be very useful.

This is the first year that Dr. Roscovan teaches this course. Therefore
he still needs to find a
way to teach the course well. He used PowerP
oint slides from the book itself, with the same
examples and definitions as mentioned in the book. Hence, the lectures were regarded as
being a summary of the book. Unfortunately, for that reason several students did not attend
the lectures. Dr. Roscovan s
hould consider using different PowerPoint slides, as to include
different information than mentioned in the book.

Best practice


is enthusiastic

and grabs the attention of students
the lectu
res are interactive

The practice exam q
uestions are regarded as useful

Fields of improvement

real life


(different examples than mentioned in the book)

RSM Student Represen

Tel.: (+31)
10 408 2209

RSM SR is an independent organization within RSM Erasmus University

PowerPoint slides should differ from the book. Because the slides are
basically a summary of the book, many students do not see t
he value of going
to lectures

Institutional Context lectures

Up until the midterm meeting, there have only been two Institutional Context lectures, taught
by Dr. Reus. Therefore, we could not collect a lot of feedback. However, students seem to
enjoy the
lectures as they are interesting and informative. Dr. Reus also includes past exam
questions, and interacts with the students.

Best practice

Interactive and informative

Professor is enthusiastic

Macroeconomics l

The book ‘Macroeconomics’ explai
ns well and is easy to read and understand.

Institutional Context literature

For this part of the course, the students do not have a book, but additional articles they
should read.

These articles are seen as complex. The level of English is sometimes too
According to Dr. Reus, students have complained about this for several years, however,
there is no book available to replace these articles.
Students will have to deal with more
articles in courses further on in their IBA programme, so Dr. Reus sees
this as good practice
for them. Furthermore,
Dr. Reus will try and find a way for students to make reading the
articles a bit easier. He mentioned that students can read the articles together with the
lecture slides, and use the slides as a guide/directory

when reading the articles.

Fields of improvement

Dr. Reus could try and explain how students can use the lecture slides to help
read the articles


Student are satisfied with Blackboard.
The content is neatly organized, and the professors
y quickly to issues posted on the discussion board.

Best practice

Quick reply on discussion board


Both professors are enthusiastic and provide examples in order to explain the content.

Best practice


and helpful (available for q

Fields of improvement

For the Macroeconomic part, students would prefer to see different examples
than the ones used in the book in order to get a better understanding

RSM Student Represen

Tel.: (+31)
10 408 2209

RSM SR is an independent organization within RSM Erasmus University


Since this year, the course gives students the possibility to particip
ate in bonus exams.
Students enjoy this very much, as it gives them the opportunity to practice and add 0.5 points
maximum to their grade. However, Dr. Reus will most likely change the format of the bonus
exam in upcoming years.

The midterm case exam was c
onsidered to be reasonably doable. There were no major
complaints about this exam, and the grades were on average higher than the previous year.

General Characteristics

erall, students are interested in the course. This course is considered to be more
intellectual and more in depth than other courses. Students have the feeling that they really
learn something during this course.


There are no major changes needed in the course. For next year, our suggestion would be to
change the lecture sl
ide of Macroeconomics, in order for the lecture to be of additional value
next to the book.


would like to thank Dr.

for his time, interest in hearing the feedback, and

to cooperate.