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[TOOL] Hping3 (alpha1) - TCL Scripting Support
Added To Hping
From: SecuriTeam (
Date: 06/22/04
Date: 22 Jun 2004 20:06:21 +0200
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Hping3 (alpha1) - TCL Scripting Support Added To Hping
<> Hping3 is a network tool able to send
custom TCP/IP packets and to display target replies like ping does with
ICMP replies. hping3 can handle fragmentation, and almost arbitrary packet
size and content, using the command line interface.
Since version 3, hping implements scripting capabilities. Hping3 fully
supports the TCL scripting language, and packets can be received and sent
via a binary or string representation describing the packets. In practice
this means that a few lines of code can perform things that usually take
many lines of C code. Examples are automated security tests with pretty
printed report generation, TCP/IP test suites, many kind of attacks,
NAT-ting, prototypes of firewalls, implementation of routing protocols,
and so on.
Scripts can generate and read packets, but there are also commands to read
and manipulate interface lists, arp tables, routinging, and firewalls.
Hping3 is not a packet generation extension for a scripting language, it
is a scriptable security tool. Of course hping3 scripts can access all the
Securiteam: [TOOL] Hping3 (alpha1) - TCL Scripting Support Added To Hping
[TOOL] Hping3 (alpha1) - TCL Scripting Support Added To Hping 1
features of the Tcl language, so for example your hping3 script performing
a port scanner can save the result in a MySQL database, draw a graph with
open ports, and many other things.
Hping should work without problems on the following unix-like systems:
?* Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, MacOs X.
Hping3 requires libpcap, gmake and the TCL development source (tcl-dev).
The information has been provided by <>
Salvatore Sanfilippo.
Visit the tool's homepage at: <>
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Securiteam: [TOOL] Hping3 (alpha1) - TCL Scripting Support Added To Hping
[TOOL] Hping3 (alpha1) - TCL Scripting Support Added To Hping 2