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Python Scripting

Presented by: Matthew

What is a Scripting Language?

Wikipedia has an informative and detailed explanation, “A
scripting language
script language


is a
programming language

that allows control of
one or more
software applications
. "Scripts" are distinct
from the core code of the application, as they are usually
written in a different language and are often created or at
least modified by the

Scripts are often

from source code or
, whereas the
applications they control are traditionally

to native
machine code. Scripting languages are nearly always
embedded in the applications they control.

The name "script" is derived from the written script of the
performing arts
, in which dialogue is set down to be spoken
by human actors. Early script languages were often called
batch languages

job control languages
. Such early
scripting languages were created to shorten the traditional
run process”.

What’s It Used For?

They can be used to create specialized GUI’s and forms that
enhance the convenience of search engines (like our well
known Google). Also, web
based e
mails and e
are all created through the used of scripting languages.
According to, “Many
Web sites require that the user's browser be set to run
scripts to take advantage of all the features of the site. In
some cases, Web sites are practically useless unless the
user's computer is set to run programs locally in a scripting
language”. In a nut shell, you could say our current
economy and every
day life
styles are all thanks towards
scripting languages. Without them, we might as well be
living in the Stone
Age. It makes one wonder how the
world got by without them in the past.

Why Python

Python is largely based off of the scripting language of C++
and Java. Python has focused primarily to make the coding
and executions themselves easier than its counterparts.
Statements are terminated by end
line, and block
structure is indicated by indentation. To those familiar with
coding, Python programs resemble to that of pseudo
This makes it a basis and a must have for beginner
programmers due to its extreme ease a difficulty when
compared to C++ Java, Perl, and so forth. As explained
before, Python is dynamically typed, so there isn’t need for
variable declarations like C++ or Java. The only setback
with trying to make Python easier to write is that it takes a
hit in runtime. Python programs generally run slower than
others like Java, but take much less time to develop. In
general, Python programs are 3 to 5 times SHORTER than
equivalent Java programs.

Python Compared to C++ and Java

Python supports the use of functions and classes but does not
force it. Simple programs are made to be as simple as possible for
the programmer. For example, consider the “Hello World''
program in Python:

print "Hello World!"

C++ requires this program to be wrapped in a function and preceded
by a preprocessor directive:

#include <iostream.h> int main(){

cout << "Hello World!"; }

In Java, the situation is even worse, as all code must be inside of a

public class helloWorld{

public static void main(String [] args) {
System.out.println("Hello World!"); }}

Support in the Community

Tribon Solutions in Maritime Industry which designs ship building
processes from their very first concept to the finished ship had run into a
problem. Shipyards try to lower cost by using as much standardized and
driven designs as possible, and software vendors’ biggest
problem is that the design principles are different at each yard due to
factors like the type of ship, facilities, experience, and national regulations
and standards. The solution was to make it easy for shipyards to develop
their own functionality based on Tribon core technology. In order to
archive this, Tribon had to create an API that was platform independent,
easy to use and understand, and was extendable end embeddable. Of
course, this led them to choose Python as their programming language.
“During investigation of options, Python was discovered quite early when a
member of the development team read about Python in a computer
magazine. After some initial experimentation there were really no other
contenders. Python had it all. It was a beautiful programming language
that was extensible, embeddable, platform independent, and had no
license cost. When it came to incorporate Python into the Tribon software,
we found the integration to be quite easy and problem
free, and it was
achieved with very little effort. The result of this merge between Tribon
and Python was named Tribon Vitesse, and the first version of Python
used was 1.2”.

Where’s It Going

Python is definitely leading the way for a reform in program
languages. Although people are still used to Java or C++,
it is well past the time that writing up programs should now
be easier. Python’s language is incredibly easy to not only
write up, but can be read and understood just as easily.
The time difference in which it takes a Python program to
be written up compared to an equivalent one in Java or
C++ leaves no doubt in any programmer’s mind that
Python is the new standard for programming languages.
This will lead to new programming languages with even
better performance and understanding ratings that can
make a years worth of programming today be finished in
just a month or two. As technology and computers are
ever advancing, programming languages are the necessity
to making them all work and thus will be used and needed
for improvement for countless years to come.