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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Adventures with a High School Library Club

presented by

Janet Jenkins

Robinson High School Library

ISLMA Conference 2005


Library Cadet

a student worker who is
getting a credit for a “community service”
class (not related to juvenile probation).

Activity Period

a 25
minute period built
into the daily schedule for clubs and
homework assistance.


Four 87
minute classes per
semester schedule.

“But I Don’t Have Time For One
More Thing…”

Once upon a time, there was a busy
high school librarian…

Concerns About the “Club”

What to call it

Who would join

How would it be monitored

How to write a charter/constitution/AUP

What did the group want this to become

Learning about online discussion boards

Where would I find the money and time?!

Our Beginnings

Our Mission Statement:

To build a community of readers and writers
that shows respect for diversity of opinion
while promoting a lifelong love for
literature, drama, and learning.

Our Motto:

Read responsibly.

Write creatively.

Think independently.

Two Clubs in One

Online Forum

Registered students
using pseudonyms
post their poetry, short
stories, book reviews,
art, or opinions and
respond to other
members through a
monitored online
discussion board.

Campus Forum

Members meet for fun,
free activities of their
choosing, usually
twice a year.
Members supply
refreshments and
games. Meetings are
held about 5 times per

A New Vocabulary








Scripting Codes

My TechGuy’s “Simple”

“The file extension .php is a server
side scripting language that
interacts with the SQL
databases on the server. All
posts and other dynamic
information that makes up the
message board is maintained in
a database on the server. The
scripting language (.php)
interacts with the SQL
databases to display the
information to the users.”

Hosting Services vs. Freeware

My TechGuy’s “Simple” Explanation:

Companies, like phpBB and InvisionBoard, make
their scripting code freely available so that the
application can be hosted on your OWN server.

Hosting services, like Hyperboards, may be free
(with ads) or fee (no ads) and you create a
discussion board on THEIR server.

Getting School Board Approval


Don’t use the word
“Chat Room” ever!

Don’t focus on the
negative things that
“could happen.”


Do take
students with you.

Do have copies of the
charter and AUP.

Do show them how
this supports the

Our Activities

An Evening at the Forum

Mystery Theatre

Poetry Reading at Palestine (IL) Wine & Arts Festival

Logo & T
shirt Design

Memorial Service for the Old Library

DDR Parties

“Veritas” (Our literary magazine)

Forum Picnic (rained out)

Booked for Breakfast Sessions (Abe Award Books)

Future Activities ??

Renaissance Picnic/Faire

Archery Sessions

Poetry Break at Elementary Schools

“Books for Kids” Volunteers

Scrabble Tournaments

An Evening at the Forum

On April 13, 2005, the

RHS Library Forum hosted its


annual “Evening at

The Forum” event for

members and invited guests.

Original poetry reading and

skits were performed by various

Forum members. Refreshments

In the “Grand Foyer” ended an

evening of fun & entertainment.


Mystery Theatre

What do a chalk body outline,
hidden notes, and donuts have in

The Library Forum's
"Mystery Theatre", of course!

On the evening of Oct. 19, thirty
students in 10 teams matched wits
to solve
"The Case of the
Murderous Melodrama."

Congratulations to the Lady
Leprechauns: Traci W., Jessica B.,
and Rachel W. They won the
coveted Looking Glass Trophy,
free movie passes to Eagle Theatre,
and a meal at McDonald's.


Saying Goodbye

On Dec. 20, Library Forum members gathered for a memorial service

for the RHS Library. There was a welcome, short poetry readings, a

farewell message to the library's "benefactor" named Clara Mullen

(a former RHS librarian who left $70,000 to the library in her will in
1992) and a moment of silence. Hillary R. played “Taps” on her trumpet
in the candlelit darkness.


Library Chick’s Last Birthday

For Mrs. Jenkins 39

birthday, the

Library Forum hosted a Dance, Dance

Revolution and Karaoke Revolution

Party on March 23. (Mrs. J. can’t


with or without arrows!)