SEN 970 Object-Oriented Programming in Objective- C Assignment #6

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SEN 970 Object
Oriented Programming in Objective

Assignment #6

Project Description:

Create a GUI


application of your choice. This is your opportunity
to create your own application that runs on OSX. Do NOT create an
iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile de
vice app, this needs to be a traditional
style Mac applicatio
n that runs on OSX, any version (not mobile

Use multiple Objective
C classes that demonstrate concepts of
inheritance as well as other object
oriented concepts presented in this
Be creative and expressive. Create something you can be proud
of and maybe use in the future.

How to turn your work in:

Compress the entire XC
ode project folder as a single zip, rar or other
file format using an “archive file” or compression utility like

Submit the generated file to the ITU EMS under the link for the project