iPhone & iPad Developers Course

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iPhone & iPad
Developers Course

Course Details:

12 lessons, 5 academic hours each.

2 lessons a week.

Weekly assignments.

Final project.

Zemingo official certification for those with 70% or
more in the final project.

Course Syllabus

1. Introd
uction to Mac OS X and Cocoa Touch.

Introduction to the iPhone OS

A bit of history about iPhone, iPad & iPod

The Mac OS X Platform

The Finder, Terminal (Command line), Dock and Spotlight

Objective C programming language and the XCode development enviro

2. Using Objective
C, Foundation Framework.



IBActions and IBOutlets.

The User Interface

Developing user interfaces in iPhone OS

Mac OS Foundation framework

NSString, NSArray, NSDictionary, NSData...

UI framework and Cocoa framework.

3. Custom Classes, Memory Management, and ObjC

Objects life cycle


Memory management

4. Interface Builder, Controls, Target
Action. MVC
design pattern.

MVC design pattern

code reusability with on top of the graphical user inter

The Interface Builder

IBActions and IBOutlets.

Configuring the environment

Configuring certificate for working with real device

Debugging on Emulator

Debugging on Device

5. Views and Drawing, Animations.

Data display and user I/O

Creating views.
Views lifecycle

Images, text


View swapping using Core Animation

6. View Controller Basics.

Patterns for organizing content



Supporting Interface rotation

Auto resizing views

7. Navigation Controllers.

Navigation Controller

ping, pushing, connecting view Controllers

TabBar Controller

8. Table Views.

Display list of content


9. Final project preparation.

10. Data Management and Web Services.

Introduction to the iPhone's file

Reading/Writing to property list

Reading/Writing to disk

File path in your application

Parsing xml

11. iPad & Advanced features.

Touch events

handling, delegating

The accelerometer

how to detect device orientation changes

Location base applications

how to use the
Core Location

to g
et GPS info

Multimedia: play video/audio

Introduction to networking in Mac OS

12. Apple Appstore & Project dispatching.

The developer registration process

Testing your application

Application submission

The billing options for service applications