Chapter 1


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Chapter 1: The History and Scope of Microbiology

Chapter 2: The Study of Microbial Structure: Microscopy and
Specimen Preparation (Harjoitukset)

Chapter 3: Procaryotic Cell Structure and Function

Chapter 4: Eucaryotic Cell Structure and Function

Chapter 5: Microbial Nutrition

Chapter 6: Microbial Growth

Chapter 7: Control of Microorganisms by Physical and
Chemical Agents

Chapter 8: Metabolism: Energy, Enzymes, and Regulation

Chapter 9: Metabolism: Energy Release and Conservation

Chapter 10: Metabolism: The Use of Energy in Biosynthesis

Chapter 11: Genes: Structure, Replication, and Mutation

Chapter 12: Genes: Expression and Regulation

Chapter 13: Microbial Recombination and Plasmids

Chapter 14: Recombinant DNA Technology

Chapter 15: Microbial Genomics

Chapter 16: The Viruses: Introduction and General

Chapter 17: The Viruses: Bacteriophages

Chapter 18: The Viruses: Viruses of Eucaryotes

Chapter 19: Microbial Taxonomy

Chapter 20: The Archaea

Chapter 21: Bacteria: The Deinococci and Nonproteobacteria
Gram Negatives

Chapter 22: Bacteria: The Proteobacteria

Chapter 23: Bacteria: The Low G + C Gram Positives

Chapter 24: Bacteria: The High G + C Gram Positives

Chapter 25: The Fungi (Eumycota), Slime Molds, and Water

Chapter 26: The Algae

Chapter 27: The Protozoa

Chapter 28: Microorganism Interactions and Microbial Ecology

Chapter 29: Microorganisms in Aquatic Environments

Chapter 30: Microorganisms in Terrestrial Environments

Chapter 31: Normal Microbiota and Nonspecific Host Resistance

Chapter 32: Specific Immunity

Chapter 33: Medical Immunology

Chapter 34: Pathogenicity of Microorganisms

Chapter 35: Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Chapter 36: Clinical Microbiology

Chapter 37: The Epidemiology of Infectious Disease

Chapter 38: Human Diseases Caused by Viruses

Chapter 39: Human Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Chapter 40: Human Diseases Caused by Fungi and Protozoa

Chapter 41: Microbiology of Food

Chapter 42: Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology