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didactic equipment

The system must study all the problems relevant to technologies, standards, equipment and applications concerning the connect
networks among
PCs in 'local' environments (LAN). Objectives: training of an installation and maintenance technician for Local Networks,
able to:

know the principles, the standards and the devices that are normally used in LANs

install LANs and Intranets while follo
the cabling standards

install the protocols and set the configurations in the network PCs

maintain, troubleshoot and test LANs

Educational Path: The educational path of this Training Package must cover the following subjects: Local Area Network
What is a LAN? Components of a LAN; Transmission media, Structured cabling; Network Topologies, Network protocols: OSI model,

Technologies and standards for LANs, Network devices, Network Operating Systems, Signals encoding and transmission
media, Encoding
techniques, Transmission media, Coaxial cable, Twisted pair cable, Fibre optics,; OSI model and LAN IEEE protocols, OSI refer
ence model,
OSI mode: Physical layer and Data Link layer, The IEEE 802 project: LLC sub layer, MAC sub layer and Ph
ysical layer; Ethernet, Fast
Ethernet and Gigabit, Ethernet networks, Ethernet and IEEE 802.3, MAC sub layer, CSMA
CD access method, Physical layer, Ethernet: 10
Mbps (10Base
T), Fast, Ethernet: 100 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet: 1000 Mbps; Network devices, Ether
net typical devices,
Transceiver,Repeaters, Media converters, Hubs,Switches; Structured cabling systems and EIA/TIA 568A

ISO/IEC11801 standards, What
is a structured cabling, Cabling standards, Standard contents and purposes, Structured cabling topolog
y, Components and terminology,
Horizontal cabling, Backbones Protocols: NetBIOS, NetBEUI, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX; Level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 protocols, NetBIOS interface,

protocol, Netware protocols: IPX/SPX, IPX protocol, SPX protocol, Internet protocols: TCP/I
P, IP protocol, TCP protocol; Intranet and
networks testing, What is a Intranet, Terminal Emulation, Files Transfer, Electronic Mail, World Wide Web, TCP/IP instruments
Architecture of a Peer
Peer Network Operating System, Main architecture, Redirector

and File System, Multiple networks support,
NDIS architecture, TCP/IP architecture, Client and Server Peer architecture, Programming interfaces, serial communication arc
Architecture of a Server Network, Main architecture, NDIS specifications, N
etwork protocols, Transport Driver Interface, Network
services: server, Network services: Workstation, DHCP, DNS and WINS services. List of modules: LAN structured cabling: This m
must show the structure of the cabling of the LAN according to the stan
dard EIA/TIA 568A and ISO/IEC 11801.

The system must include: a didactic module showing the structured cabling supplied with two metal stands, fifteen Sockets RJ
45 and
four optical fibre, a patch panel, Users' sockets; three Switching Hubs, IEEE 802.3

compatible, Transmission speed: 10/100 Mb/s, 4 RJ45
ports, External power supply; two media converter, at least ten conversion from RJ45 (10Base
T) to optical fibre (10Base
FL) cables,
Connections: 1 x RJ45, 1 x ST (RX/TX), Compatibility with: cat. 3,
4, 5, optical fibre cable 62,5/125 ST, IEEE 802.3 compatible. The trainer
must be supplied with a theoretical and practical manual in English language and a software package.