Chenelle Hitchcock's Story Now I work for myself and I am loving it! I ...

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Chenelle Hitchcock’s Story

Now I work for myself and
am loving it! I believe we all are on our own journey,
each of us with our own unique lessons to learn, as we go through this amazing
and precious gift of life!

My ultimate goal each day, is to stay in the present, treat people the way I would
like to be treated, whilst being courageous, pursuing my dreams,
loving/forgiving to my loved ones, friends and most importantly myself!

Here is my Bio.

After a really st
ressful time in Chenelle’s life, which left her suffering high blood
pressure, she spent 15 years studying of stress management. She found solace in
meditation, which nourished her soul and helped her to transform her health.

Chenelle completed many accr
edited courses, in stress management, meditation,
visualisation and affirmations until finally combining all the knowledge she had
learned, to develop her own unique, successful program

The 3 Steps to Beat

was a

highly respected educat
or. Her passion and commitment and in
depth study and knowledge of meditation continued to expand, as she became
aware of the many students who needed help to reduce their stress or anxiety
levels. She was inspired by how meditation helped her students to
focus, ease
their anxiety and help them to relax and to obtain better results.

Chenelle is passionate about helping people improve their health by using
meditation, visualisations and affirmations.

She has developed a range of CDs for different health i
ssues including, cancer,
high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and stress. The CDs take the listener
through a unique guided meditation, then visualisation and affirmations all
recorded to soothing music.

Chenelle is


an accredited HeartMath® Resilien
cy Counsellor and

helps people to reduce their stress and enjoy life more by using the incredible
power of their hearts and minds. She has developed an extremely effective
program, which

uses the power of
your heart and mind

to transform your healt
vitality and achieve the goals you desire most.
Here is some information about
the program.

Live your dream life ~Using the power of your heart & mind, is a 3 Month
health and well
being program

which has,

7 Steps

to reduce stress, honour

yourself and achieve exceptional health
and well

Here is my personal vision for you, when you’ve completed my 3 month

As a result of completing my counselling program, called 7 Steps

to reduce
stress, honour yourself and achieve exceptio
nal health and well

You’ll wake every morning from a sound sleep; feeling rested and excited to do
your thing in the world.

You’ll wear clothes, which uniquely compliment you and you’ll look fabulous!

As you journey through every day, you’ll
radiate love and acceptance to
everyone and people will feel compelled to connect with you.

People will notice your calm demeanour, sense of dignity and subtle
confidence, as you walk through your life, living your dream.

You’ll honour yourself and act
in only authentic ways, with everyone in your

You’ll have a strong sense of self worth and love yourself enough to be able to
say NO to things/people/events in life, which don’t serve you.

You will only feed your body, mind and spirit with nourish
ing foods, thoughts
and feelings, which help you to journey through your life with ease, peace
and happiness and optimum health.

You’ll feel inspired to stay

on achieving goals in your life, maintain
balance, in areas like family, friends, work, finances, health, fitness and
emotional and spiritual development.


you will look amazing, feel great, be free of dis~ease, feel energetic,
calm and happy.


This highly effective course is 3 months long.

You will have one two
hour session with me and then two weeks later a one
hour session. The absolute beauty of this program is that you'll learn the
strategies and techniques you need to achieve an a
mazing life, and be supported
for three months, whilst you create and integrate the new habits and beliefs to
support your new behaviors. Most people who complete any program which
require them to change their core beliefs, do not succeed, because of one c
point, which is our bodies do not like to change.

It really is critical for you to understand, that when you get out of your comfort
zone, or adopt a different way of living, (for example start an exercise program,)
your body will produce chemicals
, which have the effect of making you feel
uncomfortable. These uncomfortable feelings are the very reason why so many
people start something new in their life, for example an exercise program, and
then after a short while, throw in the towel.

These uncom
fortable feelings are
your brains thermostat called Psycho
Cybernetics, which functions to let you
know “hey you’re doing something different here

and we think it’s dangerous”.
For your body to function at its optimum, it likes to remain in a state called

homeostasis, which means your body likes to essentially maintain stability.

To motivate you to stay on track I’ll be phoning you once a week for the first
month, then once a fortnight for the next month and in the third month I’ll call
you once, by which
time you will have created new beliefs and behaviors to
support you.

Free Initial Consultation

Come and meet me or I can come to you (if your in Sydney)

to find out how I can
help you to reduce your stress and improve the quality of your life.

Ba Educati

HeartMath® Resiliency Counsellor

Stress Management and Meditation