MET CS 667 -- Enterprise Java

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CS667 -- Enterprise Java[4/29/2013 1:37:37 PM]
MET CS 667 -- Enterprise Java
Suresh Kalathur, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Dept.
Boston Univeristy Metropolitan College
808 Commonwealth Ave, Room 250
Boston, MA 02215
Course Description
The Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) architecture is explored starting with the presentation layer which
includes the servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP). Java Server Faces (JSF) are briefly covered. The
business layer is examined using the enterprise java beans (EJB). The persistence layer is studied through
the Java Persistence API (JPA) and the Hibernate framework. Jave based web services are explored using
JAX-WS (SOAP based) and JAX-RS (REST based) APIs. The Spring framework is compared as an
alternative architecture.
Course Grading Policy
The course grade will be based on active class participation (10%), assignments (30%), mid term exam
(30%), and final project (30%). Assignments and projects are expected to be submitted by their respective
due dates. Late submission grades will be scaled with respect to the minimum grade of those submitted on
Course Web Site
All course materials will be posted using BU's Blackboard site.
Click here to enter Blackboard site for this course (
The Java EE 6 Tutorial ( (Primary Reference)
Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages
JBoss Application Server 7
Hibernate (
Spring Framework (
Student Conduct Code
Please review the academic conduct code
Tentative Course Schedule
Module 1 -- Introduction (1 Lecture)
Java EE Overview
CS667 -- Enterprise Java[4/29/2013 1:37:37 PM]
Application Servers -- JBoss
Eclipse IDE and ANT
Module 2 -- Servlets (1 Lecture)
Servlet basics
Handling client requests, Generating server responses
Cookies and Session Tracking
Module 3 -- Java Server Pages (2 Lectures)
Overview of JSP technology
Java scripting elements
Using JavaBeans components
Integrating Servlets and JSP -- MVC architecture
Module 4 -- Java Server Faces (1 Lecture)
Overview of JSF technology
Expression Language
Mid Term (1 Lecture)
Module 5 -- Enterprise Java Beans (1 Lecture)
EJB Overview
Session Beans, Entity Beans, Message Beans
Module 6 -- Web Services (1 Lecture)
JAX-WS SOAP services
JAX-RS REST services
Module 7 -- JPA and Hibernate (1 Lecture)
Module 8 -- Spring Framework (2 Lectures)
Final Project