Voice Processing (Ch. 11)

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Voice Processing
(Ch. 11)

ENGR 475


September 8, 2006

Jonathan White

What Voice Processing is

When you interact with an automated
telephone system using your voice.

2 major applications:

Directing calls (hated)

Message manipulation (loved)

Voice processing has a long history

voice mail was actually invented in the

Voice/Touch Tone Recognition

Most voice processing systems depend on touch
tone input from callers.

An alternative is voice recognition.

Still very limited.

Systems can be trained to recognize many words from
one user or a few words from many users.

Good for enrolling in classes.

Voice to text transformations.

Incredible improvements are being made in this
field using sophisticated applications of math and

Voice Dialing

You can train your cell phone to
dial a number when you say

This logic is actually stored on
your cell phone

Stored on a PBX in a shared

Automated Attendant/
Automated Distributor

Almost universally reviled.

You talk and interact with a machine.

Performs these functions:

Answers telephone.

Announces options.

Accepts touch tone/voice input.

Forwards calls to proper human.

Plays music while you are on hold.


Skype / Asterisk do this already

Voice Mail

Many uses


answer many phones at the same time

store incoming voice messages in personalized mailboxes
associated with the user's phone number

enable users to forward received messages to another voice

send messages to one or more other user voice mailboxes

add a voice introduction to a forwarded message

store voice messages for future delivery

make calls to a telephone or paging service to notify the user
a message has arrived in his/her mailbox

transfer callers to another phone number for personal

play different message greetings to different callers.

Is this an excuse to never answer your phone again?

Voice Mail Architecture

Voice mail is stored on a server

Typically connected to your PBX

On your cell phone, your voice
mail is not stored on your

Voice is compressed when it is