WMCSA 2000 -- Keystone

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WMCSA 2000


Scott Kirkpatrick

CSE at HU, Jerusalem

Where we

re coming from (1994 and earlier

93 wireless, pen, and speech infancy

96 the Web takes flight

WMCSA 1994

Different structure

panels to structure a range of topics

Models, system structure, file systems, application frameworks

Wiring the campus for wireless

Will anyone make money in mobile computing?

Networks, protocols, and exploiting the Web

Privacy and anonymity

The hot clients: PARC TABs, Newton+InfoTAC+ARDIS

Where will we be in 5 years?

The Five Year Outlook (in 1994)

Five teams brainstormed and reported back:

PDAs will make the world paperless

Entertainment and advertising will pay for all of it

Vertical apps and the mobile infrastructure will be in place

Global infrastructure deployed and the killer app has been
found (but they didn

t say what it was)

One theory was that web access will be the killer app

Discussion points

Role of entertainment

Is mobile just a variant of distributed computing

What clients will be hot next (unresolved)

Where we

re going

Stylus, pen, and speech input

Critical for internationalization as well as for mobility

The English (PC) keyboard is a limiting factor, while cellphones
(speech input, right?) are the fastest
growing computing appliance.

Exploiting image

The revolution in digital cameras has now happened

Social and legal issues will be as important as communications
infrastructure in gating/accelerating progress

What happened to privacy?

Copyright and the role of the entertainment industries


My suggestion

include discussion of these in WMCSA

From the client to the cloud

Power will always be holding us back

Inductive charging?


networked surface

has inherent appeal, if it also solves power

But how to overcome introduction obstacles?

High bandwidth up

and down
loading has arrived

File transfer, not necessarily interaction

Storage is ready to revolutionize client capabilities



s web primitives

Why was this necessary?

The smart watch, triumph of miniaturization, needs connectivity for
interesting apps

Systems issues

Opportunities to optimize at the lowest levels

Payoff in power and performance

Opportunities to organize communications better

Payoff in bandwidth savings

Opportunities to make applications more
understandable and manageable

Will the


make URLs and URNs work for us?


maybe someone will actually use them

Protocols and networks


will it happen?

Even with $7 chips now available, it will take a long time

To succeed, it needs to not be PC

Is Internet II and IPv6 going to solve a whole class
of problems?

I think we will hear a great deal more about QoS and
reservation schemes. Present talks just tip of

Service and application enablers

Personal mobility

Is this just the universal personal phone number?

No, it

s open, not just automated Ernestine

But it needs a lot:

Negotiation between the sender and receiver

Where are the white pages?

Note: the culprits confessed that these are not yet in use

Will they graduate before addiction occurs?

Security proxies


t forget the



Industrial applications of wearables, and ubiquitous
computing in the bio lab are pulling very hard.

Note that the highest leverage applications are multimodal

HCI issues are surprises

Unexpected behavior is hard to recover from

Collective behavior may also surprise us

Ensure that the base function is what the user wants
to sign up; the

smart part

is an extra incentive


s get quantitative about usability and quality

Questions for the next WMCSA

Transcoder and proxy capabilities

Can system structure make major reductions in
bandwidth needs?

Feeding back the cost of surprise into the design
tools and building blocks

Impact of recognition technology in deriving context
and reacting to content

Apps, apps, apps

What are we learning from the motivated, but non
geek users?