CMPCD3024 Mobile Computing

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Mobile Computing

Runs in: Semester 2

Module Leader:

Dr. Paul Fergus

Who is involved?

Dr. Paul Fergus


Tel: 231


Course overview

To develop an in
depth understanding of the theory and
practice of mobile computing.

To discuss current developments in mobile computing

To provide an in
depth study of mobile devices,
applications and middleware services for the support of
mobile systems.


Analyse and evaluate the structure of various mobile
computing architectures such as mobile telephony
and mobile Internet.

Demonstrate an in
depth awareness of the
approaches and practices used to build mobile
communication infrastructures.

Analyse and evaluate, critically, the provision of
mobile computing and their impact on mobile
systems design

Learning outcomes

After completing the module you should be
able to:

Explain what mobile computing is and how
it differs to fixed computing systems

Understand and distinguish what the
differences are between wired and wireless

Critically evaluate what the important
issues are in mobile computing

Discuss applications that can be developed
using mobile computing technologies and
why and in what ways are they important


The Mobile Environment

Limitations of Mobile Computing

Advantages of Mobile Computing

Mobile Networking (high
level focus)

Networking models such as GSM, GPRS

Wireless Application Protocol

Mobile IP

Context Awareness


based Services

Mobile File Systems

Caching strategies

Disconnected Use

Ubiquitous Computing

Networked Appliances

Embedded Internet

Assessment details

25% Coursework

A practical application

75% Exam

‘3 out of 4’ style

5 past papers available


Any detailed questions, please contact me at