Foundations of Individual Support Plan Development

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Enhancing the Quality of the ISP Series Part 2: Foundations of ISP Development
August 2010
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

Office of Developmental Programs

Enhancing the Quality of the ISP Part 2:
Foundations of Individual Support Plan Development


Below are resources available to those involved in the Individual Support Plan (ISP)
development process.

• The approved Waivers and Service Definitions contain current information on services,
limits and special considerations. To access bulletins and related documents:
o Go to Department of Public Welfare website (
) and
choose “Publications, Forms, and Reports” in the right hand menu, then click
“Newsletters and Bulletins,” and “Bulletins and Management Directives” to
access the bulletin search engine.

• ODP Alerts, Informational Announcements, Packets and Memos contain updates
regarding services and practices. They are available on the ODP Consulting website
) in the right hand menu.

• Also available on the ODP Consulting website:
o Everyday Lives: A Framework for ISP Planning provides guidance to teams in
determining the extent to which the Principles are present in ISPs.
o The Annotated ISP contains ODP’s instruction for each section of the ISP.
o Guiding Questions: Uncovering Outcomes in Everyday Lives contains thought-
provoking questions to expand teams’ perspectives.

 The Family Guide to the Individual Support Plan in Pennsylvania is available on the
Pennsylvania Training Partnership website: