Cut Software Appliance Development Time from Months to Weeks

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ISV Case Study
Cut Software Appliance

Development Time from
Months to Weeks
partner BitRock is leveraging the power


to create appliances that allow
their vendors to deliver software in easy-to-install
packages. Now, BitRock can provide more

deployment choices—cheaper and faster—

than ever before. That’s a competitive edge.
BitRock provides tools and services to
package, deploy and update software—
shipping more than 30 open source appli-
cations and development platforms. Using
SUSE Studio from Novell, BitRock has
gained a valuable competitive advantage

for its ISV customers.
“Even with simple native installers, there

are variables that can impact performance
on the user’s system,” said Erica Brescia,
CEO for BitRock. “Any time you introduce new

variables, the chances of running into issues
increases. Appliances resolve this problem.
They make the deployment process fast
and smooth, especially for trying out a

new piece of software.”
BitRock was looking for a cost-effective
way to create appliances without having to
build different iterations for each software
package. After evaluating numerous tools,
BitRock selected SUSE Studio from Novell.
“We looked at several alternatives and had
concerns about maintainability with some

of the other options,” said Brescia. “Some of
the available tools aren’t updated, or when
they are, system problems are introduced.
We knew that as SUSE Studio evolved,
Novell would ensure compatibility; and that,
along with proactive Novell support, was
important to us.”
BitRock now participates in the SUSE

Appliance Program, which provides tech-
nology, support and go-to-market resources
for software developers looking to build fully
supported and easy to manage software
solutions. The company uses SUSE Studio
to create a base image and combines this
with self-contained installers called custom
stacks. Soon the company plans to achieve
this work in real time, so that ISVs can enter
different configurations and deploy images
in minutes.
“If we didn’t have access to SUSE Studio,
we would have been forced to use a more

complex combination of tools,” said Daniel
Lopez Ridruejo, founder and CTO of BitRock.

Novell Business Partner:
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Software packaging and deployment

Spain, United States
Products and Services:
SUSE Appliance Program

SUSE Studio
– Accelerate time-to-market from months
to weeks
– Reduce proof-of-concept creation time
from weeks to hours
– Gain a competitive edge by offering

more deployment options to ISV


“Using SUSE Studio from Novell
allows us to generate appliances in
weeks that would have otherwise
taken months.”
Erica Brescia
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“Now our clients can ship BitRock appliances

for open source applications such as

SugarCRM, WordPress and Alfresco

to their users.”
BitRock enables ISVs to offer users a choice
of either self-contained installers or virtual
appliances, so they can select the deploy-
ment method that best meets their needs.
Both BitRock Custom Stacks and virtual
appliances enable users to have their
software up and running in just minutes
while dramatically reducing the number of
support requests. Initially, the company is
focusing on openSUSE
appliances and will
soon deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise versions
for commercial production customers.
“End users deploy software in different
ways based on their business requirements
and operating environments,” Brescia said.
“Providing multiple deployment options is
critical for our ISVs because it allows them to
serve a larger group of customers. The more
options we provide and the easier we make
it for ISVs to deliver evaluation software,
the better.”
BitRock now has a way to streamline
appliance creation. “With SUSE Studio,

we can provide virtual appliances much
more cost-effectively than we could on our
own,” Brescia said. “It has accelerated our
development and sped our time to market.
Using SUSE Studio allows us to generate
appliances in weeks, rather than months.”
Since moving to SUSE Studio, BitRock has
been able to port 20 products in less than
a week and has experienced a 15-percent
increase in downloads.
BitRock developers are also very pleased
with the software. “Our development team
has found SUSE Studio very easy to work
with,” said Lopez Ridruejo. “We’re extremely
happy with the support from Novell—quite a
contrast to other vendors. Having a tested
platform you can easily replicate has helped
us get to market faster than ever before.”
BitRock has found the SUSE Appliance
Program beneficial. “SUSE Studio makes it
much easier to create your first appliance,”
says Brescia. “Now we can create a proof
of concept in a matter of hours instead of a
week. By far, SUSE Studio is the best tool
we’ve found for ease of use and support
of different formats.”
“Our development team has found SUSE Studio very easy to work
with. We’re really happy with the support from Novell, which is
quite a contrast to other vendors.”
Daniel Lopez Ridruejo
Founder and CTO
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For More Information
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