Collaboration and Content Management with Alfresco Enterprise & JBoss Portal

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Collaboration and Content Management with
Alfresco Enterprise & JBoss Portal
Phil Robinson
Director of Strategic Channels, Alfresco
Mike Vertal
President & CEO, Rivet Logic Corp.

Too Much Content?

Introducing Alfresco

Alfresco & JBoss Portal

Case Study: CRIX International

Alfresco and the Government

For More Information…
Open Source is the 
●Updated Feb 2007 –"Exceed $3.9 billion in 2008 with 19% CAGR"
●Yet only ~10% of employees are using ECM
●Collaboration / Web 2.0 technologies only add to the content problem
●How to address the remaining 90%?
●Open Source is now acceptable (Gartner: “95% of G2000 by 2008”)
The ECM Market
“More content created in the
next two years than in the
entire previous history of
humankind. And over 93% of
it will be electronic.”
Accenture, 2006
Alfresco ‐At a Glance


To be the world’s best ECM
platform, 5 x faster and 10 x
more cost effective

1 Million Downloads

39,000 Registered
Community Members

21,000 Active Installations

400+ Customers

Governments, Banks,
Media, Education,
Professional Services
Alfresco –
A Proven Management Team

John Newton–Founder of Documentum

John Powell–COO of Business Objects

Kevin Cochrane–VP Web Content Management at Interwoven

Dr. Ian Howells–VP Marketing at SeeBeyond

Matt Asay–Organizer of Open Source Business Conference

Documentum Java Web Development and Portal Team

Interwoven Team Site and Open Deploy Engineers

Investors -Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund & SAP Ventures
Alfresco –
Sample Customers
OtherProfessional Services
Publishing & Media
Education & NFP
Financial Services
Commercial Open Source

Alfresco Community

Free to download and use

GPL Licensed

Daily Builds, Fast Paced Development ("Bleeding Edge")

No support from Alfresco or partners

Only major releases (no maintenance releases)

No third party application support

Ingres & Alfresco Community Bundle available today for download

Alfresco Enterprise

Annual Subscription Model

Product, Support
, Maintenance

Commercial License with Indemnification

Q&A, Testing, Certification

Alfresco Customer Portal, Alfresco Call Tracking (ACT) Case Management

Training & System Integration Services
The Model

Core Pricing Philosophy:

Charge ONLY for support & maintenance
Large Upfront License
Large Upfront License
No Upfront License
No Upfront License
& Maintenance
& Maintenance
& Maintenance
& Maintenance

Traditional Enterprise Software Vendors

Alfresco’s Open Source Approach

Alfresco must focus on providing a high quality product and customer service to
Simplifying Document Management
Mass Deployment
●Replace shared file drives with
Virtual File System

Automatic Metadata Extraction

Simple Rules Automate Manual

Portals Integration

Google-like search, Yahoo-like

Folder-Based Workflow


Folders, Content, Rules

Zero Footprint Client
Simple Office Integration
Work Entirely in Office


Space Browsing



Create New

Version History


Workflow Tasks



Transform PDF

Email out URL
Records Management

Designed to DOD 5015.2

Automated metadata extraction
and classification

Easy records scheduling and file
plan maintenance

Drag and drop capture with easy
Outlook integration

Complete auditing and workflow

Automated conversion to PDF and

Easy export for archival
Alfresco –The Most Scalable 
Standards Based ECM


Conducted by Unisys Corporation

100 million objects

140 objects per second

Sub-Second Access -CIFS, Web Client

Linear Scalability Search

No Artificial Limits

Multiple Site Collections

Performance Degradation

New APIs

New Web Services extensions

REST: ATOM Publishing

New SQL-based Query Language
Rivet Logic Overview

Award-winning professional services focused on enabling:

Enterprise Collaboration and Communities

Enterprise Content Platforms

Using Leading Open Source Software

Certified technology partnerships




Other leading open source vendors

Headquartered in Reston, VA

Founded in 2005

50+ clients throughout North America

Fortune 1000 and Federal/State government clients
2008 Innovator of the Year
Partner of the Year -2006, 2007
Alfresco / JBoss Portal

Portals -Features & Benefits

JBoss Portal overview

Alfresco / JBoss Portal integration

Case study: CRIX International
Portal Features & Benefits

Basic Features

Application & information aggregation


Collaboration & communities

Automated business processes

Straightforward integration


Streamlined operations & improved productivity

Minimal IT involvement & support requirements

Adapt to evolving business requirements

Leverage and enable emergent behavior
JBoss Portal Overview


Zero-license fee platform

Flexible & scalable yet cost effective

Dynamic information easily accessible

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform assures performance & scalability

Enterprise-class reliability & scalability

Clustering, caching, fail-over, load balancing, and distributed deployment

Themes & personalization

Create & destroy portlets at runtime

Ability to change themes/layouts and portlet behavior at runtime
JBoss Portal Overview

Features (cont.)

Single sign-on support across portal

Web-based administration

User and group creation, editing and deletion

Layout modification

Email validation

Interoperability & Flexibility

JSR168 specification

Integration of dynamic web pages & applications within reusable portlets

Open Internet standards support (WSRP)

SOA deployment

Agility at the presentation layer with WSRP support
JBoss Portal Overview 

Features (cont.)

Supported standards






JEE compliance

Content Management

JSR-170 specification

Directory & file management with configurable maximum file sizes

Version management

HTML editor with WYSIWYG, preview & source editing support

Custom error pages
Jboss & Alfresco Integration
Why Integrate JBoss portal and Alfresco?

Alfresco for Enterprise Content Management

Rich meta data modeling

Sophisticated workflows

Full-text & meta data search

All MIME types supported

Media, documents, audio, video

Automated rules & actions on content

Content as a “service”
JBoss & Alfresco Integration
How to integrate JBoss Portal and Alfresco?

Alfresco supports numerous interfaces into its repository

Web services

Java API

Web dev

File system


REST API (Web Scripts)

REST API is preferred approach

Out of the box Web Script portlets

Easily customizable

Both Java & Javascript development supported

Rapid development cycles
CRIX International

Clinical Research Information Exchange (CRIX)

Providing a collaborative application platform as a service

Streamline clinical drug trial processes and approvals

Collaboration and information sharing with FDA and other government agencies

End users

Pharmaceuticals and other new drug product sponsors

Research institutes


Health authorities (e.g., FDA)

Accelerate development and delivery of new therapies to patients
CRIX Platform Vision
CRIX Platform Architecture
CRIX Platform: A Use Case
A registered user forms a
team of other registered
users, regardless of
organization membership
Creates a collaboration space
for the team
Supports workflow based on a
team-specific configuration
Electronic signature of content
Zero footprint client
My Teams Across the Business

A Sponsor-Investigator-IRB relationship is a team that can use the
collaboration space for exchanging investigator/site documentation

A Regulatory Submissions team is a team that can configure the
content management collaboration space to use XML authoring
software, traditional document authoring, workflow, PDF
transformation to develop submissions

A sponsor/research-laboratory relationship is a team that can use
the collaboration team to transmit lab data
My Teams In Action
Legal Property
Initiation Configuration
Submissions Authoring
Submissions Team
IP Exchange
Different Team Goals, 
One Solution
Alfresco and the Government


GSA Contract

Carahsoft / Alfresco Webinar –Thursday, April 24
@ 11am EDT

Alfresco Open Source Barometer: A Global Survery of Trends in the Use of Open
Source Software

Partner Ecosystem

System Integration Partners

Reseller Partnerships

Red Hat / Jboss -

Ingres -

Federal / State / Local Government
Customer Quotes
Public Sector
“Alfresco was the only ECM suite that met our
requirements…Open Source and Open Standards were
critical to our decision.Alfresco was not only open source
but supported key Government directions such as PDF,
ODF and JSR-170.”
Daren Gillespie, Network Administrator
“We could clearly see the benefits of Alfresco over our
existing system. We now have the ability to manage our
process and workflows in ways we could only do after
placing a call to our developers. This represents a major
opportunity to change and enhance the way we work.”
Geoff Pettifor, Director of Development
“Alfresco saved AVS millions and provided a flexible
licensing model while meeting and exceeding our
technical, functional, ease-of-use, and support
requirements. We are excited to be a part of open
source ECM and confident in Alfresco’s commitment to
customer satisfaction and ECM innovation.”
Jennifer Frye, AVS Technical Project Manager
Resources and Contacts

Alfresco Content Community:

Documentation / White Papers / Webinar Recordings / FAQ's

Alfresco Enterprise –30-day Download Trial:



Contact Information:

Phil Robinson –Director of Strategic Channels, Alfresco
-303.495.2744 / 303.842.1439 (M)

Mike Vertal –President & CEO, Rivet Logic Corporation
-703.234.7761 / 703.627.7462 (M)