Java SIG conference call August 22, 2002

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Java SIG conference call August 22, 2002


Gunther Schadow

Peter Hendler

Geoffry Roberts

Todd Freter

Skirmantas Kligys

Jeff Gunther

New participant

We welcome Jeff Gunther from Intalgent Technologies in Dulles, Virginia. Jeff is
also involved in the
jEngine project <
>. Here is what the web site says under the "Who We Are" rubric:

jEngine is a co
development effort by two independent software development firms, Intalgent
Technologies, LLC and Shasta NetWorks LLC. Both firms have long
time roots in the integration
business in healthcare. We decided to bring a measure of
power, freedom and cost savings

hospital systems by building a publicly owned message brokering system

Data types

Now that the third version of the Version 3 ballot is out, we hope we can make greater progress
implementing the data types for which we have the automatically generated interfaces. In email with one
chair, Venkat Sharma of Life Sciences Co
mputing suggested that someone in his organization may be
able to implement on or more of the data types.

We also discussed ways to implement the CD, CE, and CS data types.

Message factory

Geoffry has begun implementing a message creation utility based on
his implementation of RIM objects.
These “EJB” RIM objects may not be the same as our final RIM objects but will allow us to continue in
developing the message creation techniques. Gunther believes that Geoffry's work can be entirely
compatible with the A
PI we are developing.

Some data types in Geoffry's implementation will have getters but not setters as they can not be changed.
They are set in the constructors.

Geoffry is currently using mySQL, J2EE, JDK 1.40 and JBoss 3.0. He has a swing
based GUI to
emonstrate the formation of the XML message from the RIM graph.

Geoffry also noted that he was not able to run JavaDocs with the Java 1.4.0 compiler due to our use of
generic data types. The JavaDoc generator throws errors and dies; apparently it doesn't l
ike the bracket
characters in generic types. Todd agreed to ask his JavaDoc contacts in Sun about this.

We may want to demonstrate Geoffry's implementation at the HL7 Working Group meeting in Baltimore
(September 30 through October 4, 2002). Geoffry antici
pates that he will have no difficulty in being
authorized to show this code at the HL7 meeting, and possibly to release it. His implementation is simply a
.jar file with deployment descriptors. It should run on any Java
compliant server.

We also continue t
o be interested in hearing from Matthew Dollacker, who previously expressed an interest
in joining the effort to develop data factories to support the message
building and message
capabilities of the API and tool set.

HIMSS demo application

Todd re
grets that he did not contact Liora Alschuler previously to discuss our laboratory application
proposal for the HL7 interoperability demo at HIMSS. He will do so before the next meeting. He will also
inquire after any potential demo scenarios to help us an
ticipate the messages our demo application would
receive and generate.